Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF30/PA++ #N02 Light Beige

Size: 60g / 2.11oz Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contains adenosine and arbutin for anti-wrinkle and whitening efficacies. Also features SPF30 / PA++ UV protection & anti-darkening. How to Use: Apply Cream to all areas of the face. Pat to finish. Made in Korea

Key features

  • Brand New. Ships from NY, USA.

Honest reviews


It’s pretty good, but not as good as Skin 79 BB Creams

After trying out a couple of Western BB creams and really liking them, I started to explosively buying and trying out Korean BB creams, which are well advertised and I mainly want to try them for finding a better color for me since I’m East/Oriental Asian. Western foundations in general do not have good skin color matches for Asian people, since we don’t have the same kind of skin undertone with Caucasian people, to whom Western products primarily target. Asian people, when they are pale (like me), have yellow-ish/beige undertones. And we don’t tan the same way either, we tend to tan beige to brownish. Caucasian people tend to have pinkish undertones, and they usually tan orangy-like to goldish. So when I use Western products, the foundations are usually either too fair or too orangy for me. I’ve also been to places like Macy’s where people help you to find foundations that match your skin color best by trying them out on your hand. They usually fail with finding a good color with me. This Asian lady who works there pulled out this foundation she said is perfect for Asian colors (she looks horrible in it herself though) and swapped it on my hand. I couldn’t tell much the difference initially due to the lighting of the place. But when I went outside, the ridiculously orange foundation that showed up on my hand was no where NEAR my skin color that surrounds it. Another difference with Asian skin type versus Caucasian skin type is that Asian people tend to have much thinner and delicate skin, whereas Caucasian people tend to have much thicker, more thin-hair covered dusty-looking skin. This means that Asian people tend to look best under dewy finish make-up, whereas Caucasian people tend to look best under matte finish make-up. And guess what most Western foundations are? That’s right! MATTE. I don’t know for sure but I also think that Asian people tend to have dryer skin in general, which with powder and Matte finish make us look even worse because it just gives us a flaky dusted-look, making it really obvious that we are wearing make-up AND it just looks terrible in general, like we’ve just came out of a dust bowl. That’s why Asian people generally strive for a more porcelain/rubber look for our face. So these things are to be kept in mind when you are trying Eastern versus Western products. The bottom line is usually, if you are Caucasian, generally speaking Western products probably work better for you, if you are Asian, Asian products probably work better for you. But of course there are lots of individual variations so if you have the resources, time and money obviously you should explore both to find your best match.Now with Etude House: this is the first Korean BB cream that I bought, and overall, it matched my skin color better than what I’ve used previously. The color is still on the lighter side so I guess if I purchased Natural Beige it would’ve been fine too. It did not break me out, and gives you a pretty good shine, not so shiny so not like if you are wearing a highlighter. The coverage is actually really great–it’s medium to full coverage. I have many post-acne red and sunspots on my face and after patting this cream over my face they’ve all disappeared, leaving my face flawless looking in terms of smooth spread. A few things to consider when you want to purchase this item: One is that, like many other reviewers have said, it comes off really really easily, which I don’t like because I prefer a cream that absorbs and into your skin and dries a bit and compacts so you don’t have to worry too much about getting it over your clothes when you are wearing it (Vichy is much better from this aspect). Second of all, because the cream is so casually wore over your face, it’s more on the matte side of the dewy finish. This means that, on your skin areas that are much hydrated and smooth, Etude House BB creams goes over great and gives a good dewy shine. But on the areas that are dryer and flakier, this BB cream would not hydrate it and it would end up giving those areas a more dusty-look. I wear this cream on top of Olay sensitive skin Moisturizer AND Hydroxatone, and it still gives me flaky lines in excessively dry and dull areas on my face. Then I purchased Skin 79 BB cream mini-set, and I discovered Skin 79’s VIP Gold BB cream which I wear on top of Skin Moisturizer and Hydroxatone. That cream is much more compact and dewy finish, but only medium coverage of my spots. So to compensate for those not completely covered spots on my face I use Etude House BB cream like a concealer–It’s lame I know but believe me, Etude House BB Cream works perfectly for a finish-touch powder/concealer. It blends into the Skin 79 BB cream really well, leaving my face flawless looking. So this so far is my perfect make-up formula especially for dry-flaky/sensitive pale skin Asian people. If you are one you should give the formula a try. You don’t have to buy Hydroxatone of course but just make sure that you use some skin product that would first leave your skin completely hydrated and silky before you use either Etude House or Skin 79-which I prefer. I haven’t yet purchased the real 40g Skin 79 VIP Gold so I want to hold off a review on that one until I do (since I know sometimes the samples/minisets you get might be fake or contaminated). That is, if I ever, since I recently purchased the Mizon Snail BB Cream which I heard is so much better, and I’ve tried the Skin 79 Snail BB sample and the snail element does tighten/compact my skin much better, although after I wash it off it seems to leave my skin with red dots that seem to prelude breakouts (I haven’t really broken out yet while using the Skin 79 Snail sample so that’s at least good news). So I hope Mizon Snail BB Cream would give me a much better skin-care package and make my face more dewy and hydrated, and basically, more flawless-looking skin. So I’m still searching!!! I will give updates on how that turned on in my future reviews.All in all, I would not purchase Etude House again, but I probably will eventually purchase the Skin 79 VIP Gold BB Cream. For those of you who have similar kind of skin as mine I would recommend that you try the Skin 79 one over Etude House. I know that some people complained about its overly greyish undertone. But again like I said, Asian BB creams in general don’t work as well for Caucasian people. The greyish undertone (at least from the sample that I tried) looks perfectly natural for me, leaving my face kind of a shiny rubber-mask kind of look with only a slight lighter shade, which changes color a bit to match my skin shade when it completely oxidizes. My Asian peers who saw me complimented me that I have “flawless skin” when in fact I have pretty terrible skin but was wearing the BB cream but they didn’t seem to notice that whatsoever 🙂

Bernadine Chelan, WA

Nothing to say, JUST BUY IT AND TRY IT. You will love it.

I used this yesterday, I washed my face, put a lotion then applied this BB Cream after I applied a face primer first. I had red spots, some acnes but this BB Cream just made them gone. This is my first time trying out Etude House’s BB Cream, and I am so thankful that I bought this BB Cream and using it. It is really milky when you pump it out, but it smoothly covers my face when I apply them onto my face. I use the light beige color, it is a bit whiter than my original skin, but it is just fine. Also, this BB Cream contains 3 effects: it essence your skin, wrinkle improvement, and sun block work. It’s like BB Cream with everything is inside! Also, I was using this first time and for experiment, I stayed for 10 hours and nothing else I did to my face but only this BB Cream. My skin became a bit oily since I was wearing it for 10 hours and nothing else (I originally have oily face so I was impressed how this BB Cream actually controls my face’s oil problem). It still looked as good as the time when I put them on, still my face was soft, looking flawless. I am so happy that I have this BB Cream.

Jacquelyn Meddybemps, ME

Amazing, medium coverage BB cream

I literally wear this everyday. It looks amazing on. It provides just the right amount of coverage and luminosity to make your skin look healthy. If I want a bit more coverage I just mix my favorite full coverage foundation into this and apply. I usually apply with my Bobbi Brown foundation brush or my fingers. I think it looks best when stippled and buffed in with a brush. If you are oily you may want to top with a powder as this BB cream is very moisturizing. Since using this product my coworkers have commented that my skin always looks so healthy. I love it! I will definitely repurchase.A bit about my skin:Age 30Fair complexionCombination oily/dryMild red patchesNot sensitive to fragrance

Bettie Sigurd, UT


I had always heard Korean BB creams and American BB creams are completely different and this product totally proves that point. I’m never using another American BB cream again. This stuff is great. Great coverage, makes my skin look great by the end of the day, and doesn’t clump or cake or crack.

Lakisha Plevna, KS

The best!

Absolutely the best BB cream I have ever tried. Nothing like the liquidy BB creams here in the US which only provide light coverage. This is a very thick BB cream that offers medium-full coverage, depending on how much you use. It is my go-to product for every day. I also love the SPF 30.

Leonor Poplar Branch, NC

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

I have complete mixed feelings about this product. As a mixed person (African American and Hispanic), I have light golden skin. I picked the deepest shade of this BB cream and found it matched me very well. I really love how this BB cream covers up flaws better than a foundation. The only problem is that it can feel a little heavy, giving you that dirty feeling on your skin. It can sometimes make my pimple stand out even more too. I do think this can have a grey cast as well, which is why I took away a star in this review. It’s an okay buy, but I still would rather try out other products.

Francine Broad Run, VA

good product, not for pale people.

I didnt like this product. I am very pale and it was far too dark for me. The one thing i do like is that it is truly full coverage. It gives a dewey finish that you see in asian bb creams, andI do love that. I just wish there was a lighter option, but this is as light as it goes.

Erma Loganville, PA

BB Cream Foundation SPF 30 Sand Beige

This is a good product. It does cover well and its a good color. It is made in Korea so it took a little while to receive it but not that long, Just be careful buying product on any website… could be OLD, USED that’s very important.part.

Mai Camptonville, CA

Daily use

i have combo skin where my cheeks can get super dry and my T-zone VERY oily.Pros:- Even coverage; however, i do have to work quickly before it dries to a powder/matte finish working on one area at a time- Barely feel it on my skin once blended- Subtle glow, which i usually don’t like but for some reason can tolerate it and sometimes like it with this cream- Build-able on the spot concealing- No grey cast that the Skin79 and Missha BB creams i’ve tried had (but there’s more of a pearly white cast that i think has to do with the intention for a dewy look)Cons:- Must ensure moisturizing prior to application because this will initially accent your dry areas and the product itself isn’t very moisturizing even as the day goes on. Bad for my dry cheeks but fabulous for my Tzone. i actually stay matte for about 6 hours at work before I even have to blot. Usually it’s 2 hours. i know, it’s awesome.- Slight floral smell at first but will fade before you walk out the door. Unlike the MIssha brand which was overpowering scent which make sense if you look at all the ingredients the Perfect Cover BB cream hasOverall i rate it 4.5 because i end up using it daily and i look good. Not perfect because it accents my dry areas.

Trina Eva, TN

a new B&B cream with a touch, hint of tint color……..I choose the light shade

It arrived on time well packaged but as of yet I have not used it but antisipate that I will love it. I tried it on my hand and am pleased with the color, texture and coverage.

Sydney Udell, IA

jo jo baltimore

It came the first day promised, it matches skin tones from nw 35 upward, surprised it is the light shade number, when it is actually for medium olive to dark skinned colors! I wish more bb creams beside Missha and Etude House offered Korean creams in darker shades!

Lizzie Canada, KY

So-so product

As I’ve been to South Korea I know a lot of women use this BB Cream. Personally, it tends to just sit on top of my skin and I notice it there all day long. It isn’t my favorite BB Cream but it isn’t horrible. I use this when I just feel like switching around skin products or I use it with my skin79.

Mia Girdler, KY


I love how it blends into my skin and makes it look less heavy compared to other makeup. A little goes a long way, because I only use one small pump and it covers my skin neatly! This is a great foundation if you have fairly light skin.

Selina Denair, CA

Can be used as a base too.

I like this product a lot, it does dry really fast so you need to put it on in sections but I found that it works as a base pretty well and I have the lightest color and I am fairly fair skinned and it worked well for me colorwise too, I will buy this again.

Grace Sardis, AL

Etude BB cream

This is not very good for darker skin. I am a MAC NW 35 and it does have a grayish cast although it makes my skin look very smooth and clear. I cannot wear it now because I am a bit darker in the summer. It takes more than 10 or 15 minutes for the color to "match" my skin and even them, my face looks a bit too white and pasty. The BB cream itself is great but just not for my skin tone.

Haley Hardyville, KY