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Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara

With its breakthrough adjustable dial,3 Step Volumecara provides 3 settings for 3 volume looks in 1 mascara, letting you customize your own lash style!

Key features

  • Step 1: Defined, clean volume, Step 2: Full, glamorous volume.
  • Step 3: Dramatic, smoky volume.
  • 9.5 g / 0.33 oz.

Honest reviews



It’s just regular mascara. Nothing special. The turning knob just adjusts the amount of mascara that goes on the applicator. It tightens and loosens the opening is all.

Elinor Zachary, LA

Excellent for volume and curl

it will give you volume and curl but sometimes a little too much. So I only use this if I’m going out and not for the first bottle I bought from amazon worked well. the second bottle I bought from the actual Etude House store in Korea doesnt work work as well as the first bottle- too clumpy. hmmm not sure if I’ll buy again for $20+

Maribel Albany, LA

Its pretty wonderful 🙂

Arrived on time, the box was open but no harm done. This mascara doesn’t seem to curl your lashes much but boy oh boy, are my lashes ever long and dark! Dries quickly, so if you don’t move fast enough while switching steps it has a tenancy to clump while layering…. its still way better than any other store bought mascara I’ve tried and it’d well worth the price!Edit 3/26/13:I’ve been using this product for the last few days and realized that I need to retract my statement about this stuff not curling your lashes because it reeeaally really does! I’ve gotten several comments on my eyes over the last few days… some from people I know and see everyday and some from people I’ve never met/in passing. I gots me some true to life doll doll dolly eyes and I LOVE IT!ONE AND ONLY CON: I wish it was waterproof :-C

Tonya Nome, AK

It’s okay,

Fun and novel, but it’s not really worth the time to apply, I have Chinese monolids, so the shorter brush really works in my favor, staying power is decent, doesn’t melt too quickly, but isn’t there forever. Not really worth the cost.

Kelli Cardinal, VA

Impressive staying power but not perming

This does not really perm like it claims but I love it. I love having control over how much product I get and it is actually a really good formula. I wore it first for my Christmas vacation where we traveled constantly (4 countries in 8 days) and were outside for most of the day everyday and it stayed exactly where it was.It’s not waterproof but it does not budge. Even my waterproof mascara gives me circles under the eyes by late afternoon and this did not. My lashes are very flexible and light when I wear it and it is easy to remove. The formula is not too stiff but also not really wet.The brush is rather tiny but the bristles are fine and catch all of the lashes.I think the formula definitely makes up for some of the other deficiencies and I would recommend this.

Jerry Anderson, TX

Not as good as I expected it

I’ve heard many things and also read many reviews about how good this mascara is. I’ve also used other Etude House products and liked them a lot, but I guess this mascara didn’t really reach my expectation. When I first used it, it felt a bit heavy even with just one coat, so I don’t think I’ll ever put on more than one coat. Also, because it clumps a little, I have to be very careful when I put it on. On the other hand, I think this mascara works soooo much better if you use an eyelash curler, or your lashes will just look too harsh.

Lilian Allenton, WI

seems to work ^.^

I ordered this because most of the mascara I own or have bought didn’t give that full lash look that I was going 4. I got this Etude House Lash Perm 3 step Volumecara today and tried it right away 😀 , I’m happy to say it works well and am glad I bought it my lashes do look fuller and longer it was a lil goopy going on but I think that was users error >.< I think with a lil more practice on my part it will be easier to apply. It is a 1. 2. 3. process and U turn the bottle to use the 1. 2. 3. process . from what I can see setting 1. the hole the brush comes out of is closed small, u turn the bottle to 2. and the hole opens more allowing more product to add hear to the lash brush, 3. the opening is open all the way allowing even more to product to cover your brush. giving a thick lash look. All in all i’m happy with this product. another thing is I have had this on for awhile now and no eye burning has happened so far yay!!! hope my review helped ^.^

Rosemary Woodbridge, CA

Great product

Tried so many mascara, this is the one. I have long but volume-less lashes. This product provides the volume and lushness I’m looking for. Besides, it’s not clunky.

Angelia Fremont, NH