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Esthology Salon Facial Steamer with Ozone and Aromatherapy

This portable facial steamer is lightweight and economical, yet it’s loaded with professional functions and features. The steamer features two operating modes: steam only or steam with ozone. The steam and ozone (UV) functions have their own on/off switches with lighted indicators. The funnel-shaped water inlet and rubber plug at the top of the unit makes this steamer easy to refill without drips or splashes, and without needing to remove the shatterproof acrylic water reservoir (22 ounce capacity reservoir is removable for cleaning if needed). This steamer is designed to be used with ordinary tap water and automatic circuitry turns off the steamer if the water level drops too low. Premium stainless-steel coil and 750 watts of heating power provide for superb steam production, and the curved, venture-shaped nozzle allows for even misting. This facial machine houses a premium, long-life, germicidal ultraviolet bulb. This bulb outputs a disinfectant light that kills most micro-organisms. The UV rays (commonly referred to as “ozone”) from this bulb sterilize the steam as it passes through the unit. The unit sits on 23″ diameter base with five smooth-rolling swivel casters and the height is adjustable from 35″ to 46″ (measured from the floor to the top of the steamer arm). Included is the complete steamer with stand and reservoir, grounded power cord (120 volt, 6 feet long) and instructions.

Key features

  • Can be used with ordinary tap water
  • 22-ounce water reservoir
  • 750 watts of heating power produce the steam
  • Sterile UV ozone production
  • Adjustable height with rolling base and rotating nozzle

Honest reviews


lasted 3 months

From the moment this steamer arrived, it was sensitive. The “alarm” would constantly sound off for no reason.I use this machine on a daily basis, 5 – 6 days a week. Three months in, it could not be appeased. After contacting the seller, I was advised to take the machine apart and “disconnect the black wires”. The body is welded together. Remember, I use the steamer for work.Another email to the seller and they said they would contact the distributor. It has been 6 weeks, no word, another machine from a known distributor and this steamer is in my garage.$80 @ 3 months…. It’s a better investment to buy elsewhere.

Ola Hicksville, OH

The best steamer under $80

Marsha Lexington, TN

This is the best purchase I have ever made. It cleans my pores, gets rid of all my blackheads, and feels great.

Clean skin is the most important thing to have. I know I am fighting the fine lines and wrinkles and dullness; it all begins with makine sure your skin is clean and a facial steamer is the most important tool to get the end result of clear beautiful, glowing young skin.

Elda Mcadoo, TX

Terrible beeping noise when water is low

This unit is a little rickety and sometime slightly drips. So far it hasn’t been a problem, but I can see how it might later down the road. What I dislike the most is when the water gets too low, it makes this horrible loud beeping noise instead of just shutting itself off. Some services require more steam time than others and the beep is terribly disruptive during a relaxing facial. Had I known this before purchase I would have not have bought it.*****UPDATE*****The ozone feature crapped out on me a few months ago and this week this whole unit crapped out on me only 9 months after purchase. I contacted the seller and they only warrantee the machine for 60 days, but offered replacement parts which didn’t fix my problem of what I think was a electric issue. I am careful to only use distilled water even though it says you can use tap. I work 3-4 days a week and give maybe 1-3 facials a day so it’s used regularly but not super regularly. I mentioned the base is rickety but after purchasing a $150 steamer, it came with the same exact base so I’m guessing this is just industry standard. All in all, this unit will get you through but I recommend investing in something better and more expensive if you take your business seriously.

Adelaide Birney, MT

GREAT STEAMER FOR A GREAT PRICE!!! And i even steam my hair with this!

So i got this steamer for my house so that i can lay in bed while steaming my face or giving friends or family a facial. This steamer is so powerful!!! more steam comes out than some places that ive recieved professional facials from.Very easy to assemble, The directions were not that great but u do need a rench to screw the pole into the black floor piece. The pole goes up and down so the fact that the nozzle does not move is not an issue to me at all. Only annoying things as other reviewers mentioned is that stupid alarm!!! i wish there was a way to lower it or turn it off. but other than that I am very pleased with with purchase. Oh yeah and i have natural 4c hair and didnt want to buy a hair steamer so i just aim the steam onto my head and it works great!

Samantha Poughquag, NY

great , affordable steamer

Works fantastic for the price you get about 15-20 min of steam before alarm sounds for me it works great, and he has strong steam output, great item I reccommend!

Gladys Delafield, WI