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Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, 1.7 Ounce

50 ml moisturizing lotion idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher was launched by the design house of estee lauder, it is recommended for normal use idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher by estee lauder for unisex 50 ml moisturizing lotion.

Key features

  • Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher was launched by the design house of Estee Lauder
  • It is recommended for normal use
  • Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher by estee lauder for unisex – 50 ml moisturizing lotion

Honest reviews


Just say yes!

I happen to be a man who loves product. I have a combination, olive skintone that isn’t sensitive or prone to breakouts. I have some moderate pores on my forehead and nose. Outside of tanning 3 times/month and smoking 5 cigarettes per day, I take extremely good care of my skin and really do look 5 to 10 years younger than my current 32 aged self. I’ve tried other pore refiners but always come back to this one. It makes my skin soft, minimizes the APPEARANCE of the pores, keeps my skin matte all day…it’s really a stellar product, which I highly recommend.My equally product loving mother also raves about this and uses it under her makeup. She has about 28 more years of experimenting with product and a lot more money than I do. So, skip the rest, try this but be realistic about the fact that your pores will not disappear, they will just appear smaller. Great for combination skin, any age, male or female. (The Estee Lauder product in the brown packaging (eye cream and serum) are also top-tier products!)

Lila Underhill, VT

I had THREE bottles of this, and sorry, folks —any “minimizing” comes from the silicone, a purely aesthetic trick

I received THREE (3) bottles of this product in a goody bag, which allowed me ample time to try it and see if any pores were minimized. Sorry folks, I got no actual pore minimizing, no actual skin refinishing.What you get is the APPEARANCE of small pores and softer skin b/c of the thickish silicone film that you are rubbing all over your face, diffusing light and adding smoothness. Any type of silicone-based cream or primer will do this. But after you wash it off, your skin still remains the same. The sugar-based enzymes this product claims to have seems to be negated by the large amount of silicone.After going through 2 bottles of this and being really frustrated by the claims (which i feel are all visual perception claims, btw), i gave away the third bottle.

Ramona Eola, TX

The BEST for me

I am a black woman with oily skin and enlarged pores around my nose. I used this product for the first time in 2006 and kept using it for years. Then I stopped for some cheaper alternative. I have eventually gotten back to it. For my skin, this is the ultimate product, my skin is never as smooth, clear, as when I use this product. It is costly but a little goes a very long way. It is worth the investment and works even better now that I am using the Advanced Night Repair serum from Estee Lauder along with it. A keeper for me, as long as I can afford it and as long as they keep making it.

Gracie Whiteriver, AZ

I am a heterosexual man and I love this.

This is a very fine product if you have oily skin.Before this, I have used Alpha-Hydroxy lotions which was coarse and often irritated my skin. This was recommended to me by a female friend.This moisturizer is much more gentle and makes your skin glow. It also reduces/absorbs the oil in your skin.Pros:1)You skin will look significantly better and clearer.2)It will break-down/absorb/reduce the oil in your skin. I highly recommend this for people with oily skin.Cons:1)Expensive (but not outrageous by name-brand cosmetics standards).2)The hose of the pump is too short and the lotion comes out in blobs. It is hard to describe but this can create a small mess if not careful.3)Not recommended for bed-time moisturizer. It isn’t always gentle on your skin.

Dominique Brooks, KY

Worth the money

You get what you pay for, and in this case, if you shell out some $$$ you’ll get the benefits of an excellent serum. Idealist really does a great job of minimizing the appearance of pores, while softening and smoothing skin. It makes my makeup glide on effortlessly after I apply it. i highly recommend this stuff.

Malinda Chavies, KY