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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 12 Desert Beige

Provides medium coverage & semi matte finish Long wearing & stay true power Ultra light & comfortable to wear on skin Leaves you a fresh, natural, flawless complexion Oil free & fragrance free Perfect for all skin types

Key features

  • New, full sized and unboxed.

Honest reviews


This is my favorite makeup ever in all of history.

This is an exceptionally fine foundation. I have fair, neutral caucasion skin, and I use this in “Bone”. I started using this foundation when I had trouble with acne and acne scars, because it covers everything, but kept using it after my skin cleared because now it looks even better! It’s a thick formula and fast-drying. I like to use a flat foundation brush, synthetic, to apply. This can and will make your skin look dry if you fail to use a good moisturizer. My favorite is Skin Nanny by Lush. I apply lightly because it’s so heavy, but it’s the best makeup base, and it improves the look of heavier foundations. The look is natural and matte. I wouldn’t use this foundation without moisturizer. It layers well, and can go from lighter to heaver coverage easily, but you must blend quickly and carefully. I also continue to use this makeup because the color is a perfect match to my pale skin that is neither pink nor yellow, just neutral I guess. I have never found a better color match from any line, even MAC. I don’t use all over my face, just where it’s needed and it just blends in. Finally, it stays put pretty much all day. I touch up around my nose and chin, red areas, but that’s about it. Doesn’t break out my skin, but it will if you neglect to wash it off. I find it washes off easily (I use Proactiv) I’ve tried pretty much every foundation high-end to low-end, and this one is the best for me based on color match, coverage, non-oily formula, durability (doesn’t wear off easily). This foundation is not playing. I’m sure many people find it to heavy in coverage, but you have to play with it. It’ll make your skin look flawless. I don’t use powder with this. I like the natural sheen/finish without an added layer of powder. the lightest powder, maybe transcluscent would go best with this I imagine. I also like that it has spf 10. I don’t enjoy wearing sunscreen, so this helps me feel somewhat protected. Lastly, I have to admit I love the old-fashioned heavy bottle with the gold cap. Hope they never ever stop making this liquid magic in a bottle. 10 Stars!

Josie Coleman Falls, VA

Not for me

I have been searching for a long-lasting, full coverage, lightweight foundation for a long time. I tried Amazonian Clay. It lasted all day and provided great, flawless coverage, but it was much too cakey and powdery for my liking. After returning the Amazonian Clay, I decided to swing by Macy’s. I had a card for a free consultation and a 10 day supply of any foundation. So I felt like I had nothing to lose, so I took advantage of that. The girl who did the consultation told me my shade is Dusk (3C1) After applying this foundation, she asked me what I thought. I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. The girl did a great job applying it, I just wasn’t crazy about how it looked on my face. Shortly after my consultation at Estee Lauder, I bought a bottle of Boots No 7 Double Wear Beautifully Matte. I’ve been using that for a little less than a week now, and I absolutely love it. I decided today to try the free sample of Double Wear.This makeup just isn’t for me. Even though the girl who applied this for me told me it was full-coverage, I don’t agree. I think the coverage is closer to medium than full. It also didn’t give me a very flawless finish. It did an okay job of covering up the redness, but you can still clearly see the bumpiness underneith this makeup. I also don’t like the way this makeup looks on my face. It doesn’t look very natural in my opinion. You can definitely tell I am wearing makeup. I also have some very fine lines. So fine you can’t even see them with the naked eye. But after applying this makeup you can see them clear as day. I’m also not sure this is the right shade for me. You can clearly see where the makeup has been applied to my skin. My skin is light/medium with cool undertones. My skin isn’t fair, but it definitely on the light side. I think a shade or two lighter might have worked out better. I also agree with a previous reviewer who said this is like applying paint to your face. That is pretty much what it looks like when its dry.This foundation is too matte for my liking as well. It looks cakey and thick on your face. But I also think that I’m allergic to something in this product. Ever since I applied it this morning, my face has been itching. It’s enough to be distracting. I also found this makeup very difficult to remove. It took a lot of scrubbing.When I compare the two, there is simply no comparison between this and the Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte. The Beautifully Matte foundation provides full, yet natural looking coverage, contains sunscreen, is oil free and hypoallergenic. It lasts until I take it off at night. It also gives my face a smooth, flawless finish. It covers both the bumps and the redness very well. Even better, the Beautifully Matte is much more affordable. It sells for $13.99 as opposed to a rather pricey $36.99 for the Double Wear. Who would have thought that I’d prefer a drugstore foundation over a high-end one? Certainly not me. But in my opinion, the Beautifully Matte is superior to the Double Wear. I will not be purchasing a full-sized bottle of the Double Wear. I’m glad I tried it out, but no thanks. I’ll stick with my Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte foundation.

Lupe Rio Vista, CA

Started out great, then…

I visited the EL counter at my area Macy’s store. The associate color matched both my Mom and myself. My Mom has a bit darker skin than I (or at least I thought, even though my ancestry is Spaniard). The associate insisted that desert beige was “my color”. We bought our recommended shades and at first the product worked well. My skin has 1-2 pimples at a time, if even that. I have pretty dry skin and very red patches on the nose, chin, and upper lip areas. She assured me that this product would cover my issues and that the medical grade polymers that it contains would make it last all day (a major issue I have is it not lasting). I am now a few months into using the product, and can say that its WAY too light for me. When I apply it, it has a watery/milky consistency and even leaves visible streak marks all over my face. There is no way to blend this stuff in, because it dries and adheres so quickly. I am a huge EL fan and have used a shade that we bought in Europe in their Equalizer line, which I was going to that counter to buy until she recommended this one. I am wearing Equalizer now, and can definitely tell a different. They no longer make my toasted almond color, but I am using it sparingly until I can get them to find me a comparable shade. Equalizer might not last, but it sure looks natural. Furthermore, Double Wear has dried out my skin very badly and caused it to feel like it was burning at times. The product flakes/peels off my skin in layers whenever I apply it. I use moisturizer along with it, and bought a primer but have not been able to use it yet. I contacted EL and they claimed that they will be sending me a replacement Double Wear, which as of now I have not received. I plan on going back to Macy’s and either buying EL’s other like Clinique (which I used when I was in middle school, many moons ago). I just do not enjoy Double Wear and do not plan on changing from the EL company’s products, just will try another product.

Sybil Trexlertown, PA

So Grateful!

I want to thank the seller for having this product available. After wearing this shade for 10 years, Estée Lauder discontinued it. After trying numerous shades from the the new line, none of them matched me perfectly and I was literally feeling hopeless.I was happy that I got one of the 3 available from the seller and the product is in perfect condition. I also recieved it within 3 days of ordering. Thank you for your prompt service.

Leigh Lawton, PA

The ultimate foundation for oily skin.

I have tried many, many foundations out there and the only one that came close to being as good as this foundation was Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra 24HR foundation.This stuff does NOT budge! I donot need to retouch unless I want to during the day.The only thing I dislike about this is it dries quickly and is harder to blend so it takes me longer to apply. Using a moisturizer before application may fix that problem though. 🙂 Would not recommend using a sponge—I use my fingers and find that works the best for me. Also, I really wish that there was more product. Wearing it almost every day it tends to run out in about a month…wish that there was a pump atleast to help save some of the product.If you have issues with oily skin, need a good foundation that will last the entire work day, Need a good Summer foundation this one is for you. I have had it on while hiking and it still looks great!I also have acne prone skin and pores that are clogged easily and this does not break me out that I have noticed.

Teresa Wakeman, OH

Only the best makeup on earth

I’m 49 with extremely oily skin, acne-prone with large pores. This makeup applies easily and lasts and lasts! It’s the ONLY makeup I’ve ever used that doesn’t melt off. I will still use blotter sheets on T-zone about 6-8 hours in. But I can literally go all day, and I agree with others that it gives skin a porcelain look. NOTE: I was accustomed to always using a primer, and I found that I could NOT get this foundation to apply correctly over a primer. (It must have built-in primer?) The savings from not having to use a primer makes up for the priciness of this product. A little goes a long ways too–it’s worth it! A must-try for anyone with oily skin. And it has not caused me to break out at all. I am sold.

Christine Garnett, KS

BEST foundation ever. EVER!

I was looking for foundation that I could use while on vacation in Cancun, where it’s humid and hot, so I tried this and fell in love. I started using it almost everyday. It’s a bit thick, but it really covers nicely and makes my skin look flawless. I also use the concealer which also covers and stays put. Amazing foundation. I will never use another brand. It also has a tiny bit of spf!

Loretta Leewood, WV

Not that great but not the worst.

This foundation is a bit more sheer than it lets on, so, if you’re buying this to cover your acne it’s relatively ok.First, please, this foundation may break you out a bit if you’re acne prone so a good cleansing is a MUST!Second, this is by no means a pale shade! For all the very fair, super pale, near “white”,(think Nicole Kidman) people looking for great coverage. Look elsewhere, such as, kryolan, Kevin aucoin sensual skin enhancer or illamasqua…. Possible even consider investing in a good zero shade “white foundation” to lighten your existing foundation(s).Third; the color does change a bit as the day goes on, usually, people with oily skin are more a victim of this.Fourth; this is a nice matte foundation and stays mostly matte for moderately oily skin, if you’re very oily this is not a stand alone product.. It will need help to stay on the workday.Finally; less is more! Use thin layers and build up where needed remembering to blend. Less is more! This can be used to cover small imperfections and can be layered to cover larger ones as well but do that only where you must. If you need more instructions try YouTube!

Cecile Tuttle, ND