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Essie Spring Collection 2011 Sand Tropez 745

the seductive power of soft sandy beige nail polish is not to be underestimated. trend-setting, neutral pastel is the most alluring manicure on the riviera – or anywhere else.

Key features

  • 0.5 oz
  • 745
  • spring collection 2011

Honest reviews


great !

Essie polishes never disappoint. nice tan/nude shade. beautiful ! looks really good on lighter skin tones but still just as good on darker skin tones.

Liliana Fanwood, NJ

love the color

I wore this amazing Essie Sand Tropez nail color,and I went to a family reunion party ,I saw some of my relatives which they live in different States,the women in my side of family they notice everything about me specially my nails they all said what a pretty color,who’s is it and I said mine and they said the brand I said I know I was just having fun ,so I told them its Essie Sand Tropez nail color,and they went wow .also I told them get it at better prices.

Ladonna Pine River, MN

Love the color!

I am very glad I got this product. It goes on nicely, smooth, and last for a few days. Will be getting more Essie products!

Trina Fairmont, NE

I like it

i ordered this on Sunday and the polish came today on Friday. Essie is always good the formula is great. I can get it perfectly opaque with two coats. The nude is a darker nude than i expected .. it looks a lit lighter in the picture than it does in person & on my nails but still its good. If u are looking for a dark nude this is definitely your color.

Wendy Overgaard, AZ

Very Nice Color

I have used only Essie polishes for years and had not seen this particular color. It does take about three light coats to really get the full effect of the color. I really liked it. I have fair skin and I was leary about trying it, however, I really like it. Love Essie polish. It lasted on my nails for about 2 weeks (yes, I do housework and yardwork without gloves). Did not chip off.

Michael Weyanoke, LA

Love the color but…

I love the color but i was expecting more opacity, it took me three cots to get this opaque but once it was i got so many compliments, i dont usually like nude but its the perfect nude polish and makes your hands look so elegant.

Janet Mapleton, MN

Wonderful color

I have a very pink skintone, and this color looks so cool! I used three coats and it was creamy and nude and beautiful. Lots of compliments on this color, it really does look like sand but not a dirty brown sand, more of a grayish tone to it. It looks great.

Jody Macclesfield, NC