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Essie Ridge Filler Base Coat, 0.46 oz

The ultimate nail foundation for nails with ridges. Gives natural nails with ridges or discoloration a smooth, even base. Its ingredients leave a translucent finish, the perfect base for manicures.

Key features

  • base coat
  • ultimate nail foundation
  • smoothes out nails

Honest reviews


Love this base!

I do my nails at least two to three times a week, and have tried quite a few different base coats, and have found this to be the absolute best! It completely fills any ridges in my nails, giving it an extremely smooth base. I also have never had any problems with staining on my nails when using this product, even using the my brightest yellow nail polish. If you’re looking for a great base coat, this is it!

Gayle Sudlersville, MD

Great Base Coat!

I really like the Essie ridge Filling Base Coat! First let me say that it is not the best at filling in ridges (so they should probably just change the name.) However, as a base coat it works great! It makes my nail polish last a long time, and I am really pleased with this purchase!

Jane Schofield Barracks, HI


I had read conflicting reviews before I got this filler. I am SO pleased with it! It surely does the job. Yes, as reported it goes on thin. This usually is just enough extra to fill ridges though, because it is finished with 2 coats of polish. On one nail that was damaged as a girl, I have seriously DEEP ridges. I am talking ninety year old woman like deep nail ridges!! On that nail I used TWO coats of the thin ridge filler, drying well in between coats. It dries in a FLASH! That is all it took! My nails are mirror smooth…and before even with a reg base coat & 2 OPI color coats my ridges were obvious. So I am pleased!

Loraine Selinsgrove, PA

Great Base Coat

This is my favorite base coat filler now. It works the best out of any of the ridge fillers I’ve tried before, including OPI.

Sally Schulenburg, TX


This base coat does as it advertises – fills the ridges in my nails, and gives a smooth surface for my main polish color to stick to. I’ve used it three times now with three different brands of polish and it’s worked really well. Definitely a winner!

Angeline Blanford, IN

Great ridge filler.

This is great for filling my deep ridges on my nails,and making them seem smooth and ready for polish.

Pamela Billingsley, AL

Pretty all by itself

Bought this for my toenails and it fills in the ridges nicely. Smooth enough to polish over but I wear it alone, looks nice anyway.

Tammie Center Ridge, AR

Impressive results…

I read about this product and found it on Amazon. My nails have never been great and I have neither the interest nor the patience to fuss with them, but they’ve been so bad in the last couple of years due to peeling, breaking and, worst of all, ridges and splitting down into the quick. This product was recommended for disguising the ridges and helping the nails to appear smooth again. I first tried it by using two coats and then finishing with colored polish. Wow – so smooth that it looked like I had false nails! But the polish began to come off after a couple days (I didn’t have the time or patience to apply more than one coat of polish). So I removed the polish with acetone remover, expecting to also remove the Essie base coat. I thought I was done, but there was still a thin layer of the Essie that made my nails look much better than normal. After a few days I tried putting on two coats of polish first, then finishing with the Essie as a top coat. That held up well and still looked good, but I guess I’m just not a colored nail person because I wasn’t enjoying the look. HOWEVER, I noticed that my nails were growing out better than they ever have and I was not dealing with the problems mentioned above. So I removed the polish completely and tried using just two layers of the Essie. It isn’t quite clear – has a slight peachy color, but is close enough to a natural look that I’m very happy with it. The difference in my nails is nothing short of amazing. I’ve had no ragged edges or splits, my nails look thick and healthy, and they are so long that soon I will have to cut them with a clipper. This product seemed expensive when I decided to try it, but it’s worth it to me. (I also recently switched to using a glass nail file, also found here on Amazon, and that seems to be helping my nails, too.)

Marcella Denham Springs, LA