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Essie Resort Collection 2013, Come Here

Essie Resort Collection 2013 is inspired by women who exude confidence, say what?s on their mind, and never forget to have fun with life! Enjoy these 4 new, imaginative, seductive colors for playful women who work and play hard!

Key features

  • Chose from 4 exciting new colors!
  • Daring new bolds
  • All Essie nail polishes are DBP and toluene free

Honest reviews


happy color great with olive skin

it’s so hard to find the perfect pink — that’s why there’s so many of this. this one has a carefree feel to it. just looking at it makes me happy. great for summer

Cara Hiawatha, KS

beautiful color

Good quality polish in a beautiful color.. this I why I love Essie.. no one else does pastel creams like Essie!

Helene Diboll, TX


I love this color and I think it is pretty unique, formula was ok, a little streaky but it was workable.

Latonya Choccolocco, AL

Great polish

2 thin coats to perfect mani! It’s a great color and has a very good spreadable consistency. Easy to apply.

Ollie Fairbanks, AK

Essie Never Fails!

I love the Essie nail polish formula because it is not thick and heavy, and usually becomes an opague color after three coats! I purchased “First Timer” and it is the perfect Spring and Summer color! It’s a green-blue. It is different and I get asked about it all the time! I love it!

Shelia Benzonia, MI

The most perfect summer color!!!! Cheaper than the store too!!

This color is amazing because its verrrry similar to "Where’s my Chauffeur" except it does NOT chip easily whatsoever! Where’s my chauffeur chipped really easily and didn’t seem the same glossy formula as this one. So this one is really perfect for anybody who noticed the same thing I did about where’s my chauffeur.*One flaw, it doesn’t have the essie sticker on the bottle so it doesn’t look the same as the bottle does when you buy it in the store. But thats not a big deal to me so it was still very worth it to get the cheaper price of amazon!

Rachael Potecasi, NC