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Essie New Winter 2009 Collection Mint Candy Apple 702

ESSIE New Winter 2009 collection ~Mint Candy Apple~ 702

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  • ESSIE New Winter 2009 collection ~Mint Candy Apple~ 702

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Maybe my hopes were too high

I was very excited to see this color come out so when it did, I jumped on it. But I was really disappointed in the color and the application. The color was a matte mint green which I thought would be lovely but it just wasn’t, a bit garish for my taste and I love bright colors. Maybe it was the final look of the polish which made the color so ugly to me.My biggest problem was the terrible application of the nail color, the first coat went on watery and streaky. The second coat went on a little better but still more streaky. It took me three coats to get an opaque finish, a first with Essie colors (even the dark ones go on better in two coats than this one) It dried quickly but the color looked so bad, I had to return it.

Regina Albers, IL

Amazing pastel color, perfect for spring

A lot of beauty gurus on youtube were raving on this so I bought one off Amazon. I’m a loyal Essie fan and have at least 30 nail polishes from Essie, but I do notice that the formula of essie tends to be different for some colors. This one in particular is extremely creamy and takes much less time to dry than many other colors and I am sooooo impressed. It looks like a minty green in bottle but when on your nails it will lean towards a Tiffany blue color.I’ve never had a chipping problem with Essie since I always use a base coat by Butter London, a top coat by Seche Vite and drying drops by OPI, This combination works great with almost any nail polish.

Irma Nelson, WI


Idk how this price went from $5.15 to $15.15. I hope that’s a mistake cause that’s ridiculous. There’s more cheaper ones on amazon for around $6.50 and that’s including S&H. There’s even one for $11.15 and that’s selling 3 bottles of the nail polish.

Edith Elton, PA


This color is streaky and watery. It also does not stick on the nails, it peels off and falls off as soon as it dries. It’s like it doesnt even stick to the nail at all. I must have gotten a bad batch of this one. Such a shame because it was a beautiful color.

Gina Burnsville, WV

Love love love

This color is so nice, goes great for summer or spring wear. Very light and looks good on most skin tones Ive seen it on.

Tabatha Ollie, IA

Deceiving color pictured

It is TIffany Teal-ish. Not Minty Green…bummer!If you live by a Target or Rite Aid, check their colors first. It is a better price on this site but I will always check it before I buy it online from now on.

Alyssa Foley, MO

Lighter than expected…

Much lighter than it looks in the picture. It is a white with a hint of green. It is still a nice color and applies well, but not a favorite.

Alisha Stormville, NY

Gorgeous color

This color in my opinion is the perfect “Tiffany Co Blue” It isn’t as mint as everyone made it out to be. Looks beautiful in the spring/summer 🙂

Celina Romance, AR

new favorite color

i am obsessed with this nail polish. it lasts a long time, looks great, and the color is super fun. its my favorite color right now. perfect for spring.

Norma Plains, GA

Blue, not green.

This isn’t mint, unfortunately. It’s a pretty color, but it takes like 4 coats for sufficient coverage.The picture is a bit deceiving, as the actual color is more like a very light/pale/baby blue….again, not the color that people are looking for when searching for "mint" polish.I don’t think I’ll purchase this color again, but being Essie, at least the quality of the nail polish is decent.

Concepcion Cleveland, MN

Haven’t found an opaque green to beat this one yet!

I love, love, LOVE this polish! I first saw this polish on my sales consultant who is extremely pale (think Powder) so I didn’t think that it would look that pretty on my medium toned skin. I always try a color that I’m not certain of on my toes first. It was great! I eventually tried it on my fingers and have gotten so many compliments on it!

Nell Antelope, OR

nail polish

No complaints !!! essie is a great brand and the color is simply gorgeous !!! highly reccommend this product if you like essie

Dina Saint Albans, VT

Perfect color

So, this picture shows that this is a green-ish color. In reality, this is closer to a light blue. I would compare it to Tiffany Blue – that color that most women are trying to find somewhere. This is an extremely thin polish and it takes roughly 4 coats to not be sheer, but it is such a great color that I don’t mind the extra time it takes to put this on. I get many compliments on my nails when wearing this color.

Lilian Waco, TX

cute green

It’s a mild version of the mint green that was popular this summer. Fun color with a tan. Good product overall. Love it as a toe color.

Gussie Cordova, NE


I really like this nail polish…good for any season and its thick and opaque looking. Its a great essie color and looks nice on everyone

Kerri Laconia, IN

Very blue

I should probably know better than to order polished based on a computer picture, but this was way more blue than green, which was disappointing to me. It really looks more like robin’s egg than mint.

Brandi Cooks, MI


Love this color – it is amazing and I get lot’s of compliments when I wear it. It’s almost a "Tiffany blue" but just a little more teal.

Selina Wyola, MT


Love this color! I got a lot of compliments on wearing it. More of a robin’s egg blue really, but very pretty! Great summer toe color 🙂 Seemed to have better staying power than the usual Essies!

Ina New Liberty, IA

winter mint candy Apple

Very pretty color this color has a bluish tint very light its not your typical mint color but the combination of this bluish green is very pretty seems to be holding up well without chipping, I am very pleased with this color!

Deann Wilbur, WA

Love the Mint Candy Apple

I bought this off Amazon marketplace for the same reason that so many other people have mentioned: PRICE. Essie, along with OPI, is a great brand. While it can be streaky at times, as other reviewers have said, make sure the polish is thin and that it coats evenly. Sometimes, to make it really POP (especially if you are tan or dark-skinned) a third coat is necessary. On toes I recommend three coats for the big toe and two for other toenails.The secret to all of this is really the topcoat. While Essie has a great color, nothing can beat the glass-hard, shiny finish of Seche Vite. Combining Essie and Seche Vite looks like professional work.This color is also like “Audrey” by China Glaze. While I like the hardeners in China Glaze better, this color is prettier in Essie. It is never dingy and does not look washed out. Keep in mind that it looks a little more blue in real life than it does in the pictures online. If you want a more Green mint green, there is Go on Green by OPI, but I like this one the best (even though my middle name is Audrey).As usual, combine with Seche Vite for best results.

Marie Stephen, MN

tiffany blue nail polish

This nail polish is that perfect Tiffany blue. It’s a nice rich color and looks good at any time of the year. I really enjoy it and get lots of compliments

Madeleine Madison, NY

Prob my No.1 Essie Nail Polish

This is such a magical color that every one loves it. Some one says it’s Tiffany blue, some one says it’s mint green. I know it’s from a earlier link from Essie but the mint color isn’t outdated. Just putting it on my fingers and staring at it makes me happy.

Sophia Winneconne, WI


I really loved this color. So pretty for summer. I would def recommend it to all. It was so pretty and I received so many nice words on it!

Naomi Spearsville, LA

Nice color.

The color is great, and the formula was nice, but it got thick really quickly. It lasted a few months before I had to throw it away.

Imelda Roslyn, SD

Essie — Mint Candy Apple

I purchased Mint Candy Apple as my first experience with Essie nail polish. I enjoy the Tiffany blue shade when it dries. The consistency seemed a little runny, with 3 coats for a completely opaque nail. I truly enjoy how unique Mint Candy Apple is.

Eugenia Endeavor, WI

My Fav!

This is my favorite color and another brand I’m in love with. The color is so soft yet bright enough to catch your eye. It spreads so nicely and if you use the right amount, you can get away with just one coat. The seller also packaged this nicely with a few layers of bubble wrap and packaging that contained a bubble wrap layer.

Rae Tyrone, PA

Love it

Beautiful color. Thick Polish. Formula is smooth with no problems whatsoever. This is a fresh spring polish. I love It.

Rose Olin, NC


I love Essie polishes, but this shade is completely astonishing. It’s the perfect mint color and as always with Essie, it lasts long.

Denice Pompano Beach, FL

love, Love, LOVE!

I literally just received this product today and have already put it on my nails. I am completely in LOVE with this mint color!!! I purchased Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos earlier this week, but it just wasn’t minty (light) enough for what I was looking for. This is Perfect!! The application of this particular polish is just what I expect from Essie – excellent opacity in just 2 coats (3 is personal preference in my opinion). I apply in smooth, light strokes, so I don’t get streaking or have the need for a third coat. I use this with a Seche base and Seche top coat and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Mint Candy Apple is seriously the perfect Spring or summer mint color!

Lakeisha Newbern, TN

Gorgeous Color!

I really love this nail lacquer. My only issue is it takes 3 coats to really get opaque color. Lasts well, easy to paint smooth, beautiful for winter or spring. <3 it.

Belinda West Alton, MO