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Essie Nail Polish Go Ginza #825

A soft cherry blossom pink.

Key features

  • This nail polish gives gorgeous wintery colors for the nails
  • Wide range from seductive reds & pretty pastels to cool metallic shades

Honest reviews


Spring 2013 perfect color!

This is THE perfect color for spring, just in time for Easter and straight through August! I’m ready to get rid of the dark winter polishes (here in NY) and put this one on, and sure enought, it’s SO PRETTY! Soft-spoken spring color. Just perfect!

Gayle Crane Hill, AL

Essie go ginza

Very light pastel lilac color. Opaque crème. Good spring and summer color. Soft color, good for lighter skin tone shades

Rose Shawville, PA

Beautiful Color.

So, I have been looking for an amazing lavender color that wasn’t horribly bright like most typically are. I found a color called Pilaties Hottie by Essie & of course can’t find the damn thing any place. But heard of this color and Googled swatches. I love the subtle pink undertones so it’s not like "hey totally have purple nails!!" LOLMy only complaint was I was under the impression the bottle was new & never used but the one I received was clearly heavily used. Two days after getting the color I saw it in stores. I think I will just pick up the one in stores and save this for back up down the road.All in all, love the color but not the fact it was clearly USED.

Emilia Poyen, AR

beautiful color

I LOVE this color… its the perfect spring color with its lavender pinkish hue. The formula for it is great as well.

Sybil Mullica Hill, NJ

Nice color

Cute color but it is a thin polish so it can streak if it’s not applied evenly. You’re going to have to apply about 3 even coats.

Lupe Wellesley, MA

awesome pastel lilac

I love it. great color, great formula, full coverage and complete opacity en 2 coats. looks like a pale lavender

Dora North Carrollton, MS