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Essie Nail Polish – Fiji

The quality of the enemal is good and does not wear off too soon. It is very easy to apply. It’s a product that makes you want to show off your nails.

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Pretty Pink

I have to get three coats of this to get it looking nice, but it’s a very pretty pink. I have gotten lots of compliments on it. Looks nice with a tan too. 🙂

Shannon Pebble Beach, CA


I’ve been looking for a perfect pale pink by essie for about a year or two. And this hits it on the head. I can get away with one coat of this polish and it be exactly what I want. If I add a second coat it’ll really be opaque.

Margo Coleman, OK

Very pretty color.

This color is a very pretty vibrant nude and the nail polish arrived a few days earlier than estimated. I love Essie brands because they hardly chip.

Eliza Dickinson, ND


I would say this is one of my favorite essie colors, it has a great formula, is opaque, is a gorgeous color, and looks beyhond heavenly with a tan

Helene Seven Valleys, PA

LOVE the color but the formula could be better, hence the 4/5 stars

This color really lives up to the hype. Like others have said, this color would look great on every complexion. I have really fair skin and normally I stay clear of "nude" or light-toned nail polishes because they tend to look washed out. Not this color (Fiji). I catch myself looking at my fingernails at various points throughout the day because I love how they look.My only complaint:I am new to Essie but I was slightly disappointed in the formula for this color. I’m not sure if all of the colors are like this one. It’s not horrible but it certainly is not the best I have tried. If you have a lot of patience and/or experience then I still recommend that you try this color by Essie. I find myself using 1-2 coats of polish in order to achieve the creamy opaque look.

Vanessa Valley Mills, TX

Gorgeous Color!

This is my first time using Essie polish and I am very pleased. The Fiji color is a gorgeous color like everyone said. It is a nice creamy pink shade. The color is classy and kind of hard to describe. It stands out without being loud. It actually makes my fair skin look tan! I had to use 3 coats as it is streaky and a little difficult to work with. If you have nails that have ridges in them this with enhance them so I recommend using a filler. This polish is worth every penny!

Iva Cropwell, AL