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essie nail color polish, no place like chrome, .46 fl oz

essie nail color polish, no place like chrome, .46 fl oz

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Dries fast, not stinky like other metalics I’ve tried. Lasts about a week. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes very bright polish.

Barbara Selden, KS

Swatch this!

I bought this for stamping, and it works well though it dries a little fast. Work quickly if using it for stamping! It also does give one coat coverage for painting your nails, though I recommend two or three to minimize brush strokes.Do a swatch on a piece of tape and tape it to the cap… The color in the bottle does not reflect the color on your nails well… the picture on this listing of it in the bottle does not do it justice at all! It is a light, shiny silver.

Sara Pattonsburg, MO

essie nail polish

The product was ok it was nothing special. It Was not different from any other polish that I already had.

Ida Amo, IN

Awesome color, but the polish doesn’t last.

I love Essie brand nail polish because of the bright and vibrant colors they offer, the "No Place Like Chrome" nail polish is my favorite color by far. However, I swear that this polish will not last a week on my nails. It begins to rub off (not chip off) my nails the 2nd day of wear. Using a top coat with the polish will extend it a little longer, but not by much. I’m conflicted with this seller, because I really do love their lacquer colors, but the wear is just not good.

Elma Pageton, WV

Three Stars

Nice color

Summer Port Alexander, AK