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Essie Mirror Metallic Collection Summer 2012, Blue Rhapsody

Essie began its prestigious journey by offering unconventional nail colors that eventually led to expert, fashion-forward nail color and care. Through the years they have gained popularity with celebs and nail enthusiasts alike, gaining awards along the way. With an unmatched array of hues, Essie, is synonymous with fashion, collaborating with exclusive fashion lines while still being wearable by all during all seasons of the year.All Essie Nail Polish are DBP free, Toluene free, Formaldehyde free.

Key features

  • Essie Nail Polish – 3009 Blue Rhapsody (A Jazzy Blue Metallic) – 13.5ml/0.46oz
  • This nail polish gives gorgeous wintery colors for
  • Essie

Honest reviews


Think Chanel’s Peridot in Gold

This would be the perfect Chanel Peridot dupe, minus the peridot/green coloring. The consistency and coverage is almost identical. The gold color is super close minus the green cast. It covers in just one coat, may use two to be sure or correct any mess ups. The only difference is that I do not like this color without a topcoat, and I do not like Chanel’s Peridot with a top coat. Both polishes have a tendency to streak, but it is avoidable with Peridot if you’re careful. With As Good as Gold, it seems to streak no matter what you do. So a good top coat here may be helpful as it evens out the appearance of streaks.The only draw back is that you have to make sure your nails are buffed well or use a good ridge filler. This polish is very opaque but also very thin. Even with a base coat and two coats of nail color, some major nail imperfections may show through. If you’re using with base coat or two coats, make sure the polish is completely and totally dry before you move on to the next coat. This polish will wipe off any layer that is not totally dry.Otherwise, I absolutely love it. I wasn’t too interested when these metallics came out. However, I will be rocking the Good as Gold through winter, possibly picking up the silver shade from this line as well.

Eula San Pablo, CO

Gold foil

I’ve been doing a lot of online search to look at all the different gold color swatches and this is the one I’ve been looking for! No yellow hue. Looks exactly like gold! Formula is streaky so you have to apply more than 2 coats and I suggest to wait for it to dry between each coats. This is my first purchase of Essie and I’m not quite fond of their brush vs OPI and China Glaze but maybe because the formula was streaky for me that I didn’t have a great feel for it. BUT this is the best gold color!!UPDATE: Feb 24, 2013The formula is streaking so it let it completely dry after one layer. It pulls/drags if you don’t let it dry. So this is especially really hard to use this for nail art when using it with nail brushes to do free hand art. I’ve decided to just use it for the whole nail and no nail art.UPDATE: July 2013I’ve improved on the application. Create a flood or pool on the brush and apply carefully. This will allow you to fix and brush over without streaking/pulling because the layer is still wet. Good luck!

Denice Tangipahoa, LA


I am a huge fan of Essie Nail Polish! I wanted to try this Metallic color to see if it was the same quality or better than the other metallic nail polishes that I have used in the past, but this was far more superior and this Essie Metallic color did not disappoint!! I would highly recommend this brand.

Chandra Millerton, PA

Beautiful metallic!

I love Essie nail polishes for their super short dry time, but this is my first time buying a metallic colour from this brand so of course I was a little nervous, but definitely NOT disappointed! It’s SUCH a beautiful colour and it’s so shiny! I wore it on my toes and it stood out like crazy in the sun. LOVE it.

Leona Georgetown, DE

Essie, how I love thee, shining bright in my Blue Rhapsody

All cheesiness aside, when Essie included this in their "Mirror Metallic Collection," they were not kidding! The finish on this polish, even without a topcoat, is a lustrous, otherworldly shine. It’s a beautiful shade of pale blue, and even though I’m not a Tolkein nerd, it immediately reminded me of Galadriel in LOTR as portrayed by Cate Blanchett.For me, it took 2 coats for full opacity, with touch ups in a few spots. I would definitely recommend using a ridge filler prior to applying, as the mirror shine fully enhances any imperfections one may have on their nails.

Laverne Brookwood, AL

Great color but…

First, the color is perfection. Definitely a bright ‘penny’ tone. Super cute. With that said, I found the color difficult to paint on. Very streaky – could just be me, dunno. I use a foundation and top coat with the nail polish and was very disappointed to see the paint started to chip after 24 hours. Usually an Essie will last me through the week. The metallic option must be thinner.

Janette Cement City, MI

good product

Essie has great polish but i thought this was more chrome looking than it actually is.Check out my nail art slide show[…]

Juanita Sheffield, PA

Swatch this!

I bought this for stamping, and it works well though it dries a little fast. Work quickly if using it for stamping! It also does give one coat coverage for painting your nails, though I recommend two or three to minimize brush strokes.Do a swatch on a piece of tape and tape it to the cap… The color in the bottle does not reflect the color on your nails well… the picture on this listing of it in the bottle does not do it justice at all! It is a very shiny gold on the nails.

Autumn Saint Johns, PA


I like this color. It makes for a good accent nail polish. It’s a little tricky to apply evenly because the metallic shade is very unforgiving to and imperfections on the surface of the nail. But it’s still a good color(:

Deann Lake Fork, ID

Love it!

I’m loving the metallic polish fad, and this color is very pretty! It’s a little less of a rose color than the picture shows, but it’s pretty and shiny! I got many compliments last time I wore this shade.

Virginia Elkton, FL

Excellent true Metallic Gold Color that lasts!

I got this polish recently as a gift from a friend. They got it for me when they noticed I was checking out the entire ESSIE MIRROR METALLIC COLLECTION online.Next thing I know, I am being handed a brand new bottle of ESSIE’s * GOOD AS GOLD*If you want a true, genuine metallic gold polish, that is has authentic gold tone and does not lean toward yellow-ish? THIS IS IT!I used a base coat- and then applied the polish. The polish goes on thick but smooth.Make sure to wipe any excess off the brush-the mixture is very generous and you can misjudge how much you actually need to do your nail.You do not need much to get good coverage!No need to put on several layers to get shiny,even coverage.I did 2 coats, because using 2 coats is standard for how I do my polish.I am still wearing my first application out of the bottle and it is over a week!( I lightly touched up any slight wear to the nail tip and my nails still look freshly done. People who may do a lot of typing will find that kind of wear happening to them, but quick touch ups by this polish covers it up well)I cannot wait to try the Chrome color next.Gold and Silver polish can look gaudy if it is not the right tone or if it goes on poorly.I have confidence in Essie products and I am happy the Metallic colors are here now- as opposed to waiting for the holidays/wintertime-which is when many polish companies tend to release metallic colors.

Haley Shenandoah, PA


Love this whole collection. The colors are beautiful and it lasts quite a while. I love the way the color shines in the sun. I need to buy more.

Mari Mc Donald, TN

love this

its so pretty, its such a great metallic purple, i loooooove this. it really is an amazing polish, good quality.

Rene Greene, ME


Beautiful color and looks dazzling on but does streak. I dont mind it because it adds a bit of texture to the nail look. I would purchase this again!

Nellie Transfer, PA

Love It!

Penny Talk is kind of like a rose/metallic color that depicts the shade of a brand new penny. I am in love with this shade! I purchased this from CVS Drugstore for $8 so that’s something to keep in mind if you decide you want to pick this color up without having to wait on shipping. I would highly recommend this for any skin tone.

Lucile Amberson, PA


I love this color on my nails. It really is the color of a penny. Fun, sophisticated nail polish everyone should have. This compliments a little black dress perfectly.

Alexis Kennerdell, PA

Great for nail stamping

I bought Good as Gold and No Place like Chrome for nail stamping, and they did not disappoint. On their own, they are not crisp chrome-like finishes but are more like a buffed metallic. As stamping polishes, they are opaque and versatile.This type of finish when used as regular nail polish can highlight imperfections on the nail like ridges; I would recommend a thick, self-leveling base coat with this product like Nail Tek’s Ridge Filler.

Carolina Cima, CA

Cool looking color!

This is a neat color for cool nail designs! The color does remind me of a penny which is nice. Wear time is about 2-3 days. I would recommend if you like metallic/frosty looking colors!

Candice Goehner, NE

Very shiny, but not chrome.

This polish is very shiny, but is not mirror like. I was searching for a good chrome or mirror like polish and this one kept coming up in searches on Pinterest. I saw some video reviews on YouTube about it decided to try. It is a very pretty silver , but is not a mirror finish. I will use it, it just is not as shiny as I was going for.

June Jamestown, KY

Very nice silvery nail polish

Perfect! I was skeptical at first that this would be the right color because I ordered another Essie nail polish from a different seller and it wasn’t even close to the right color and it was very watery. But this one is perfect. It’s the same color as pictured, it’s not watery, and the shipping was fast. I painted my nails this color the day the nail polish came in the mail.

Evelyn Nashville, OH

Creatively Copper

Perfect copper penny color. I really like this shade and i use it as an accent to go with other colors when I paint my finger and toe nails. It’s really nice. I Love it.

Darlene Brandywine, WV

Great shade of blue

This is such a beautiful polish. I started off just buying the gold metallic polish because I wanted to see if it would work with my nail stamps. I’m very happy to say it worked great. This polish (as well as all the Essie metallic polishes) not only works great for nail stamping but it’s beautiful on it’s own too. It is a beautiful shade of blue. It covers in just one coat and dries very fast. I would definitely recommend this polish to others.

Shannon Eagle Lake, FL

Great color!

I bought this for myself but then my friend tried it and it looked so good – I’m giving it to her for a gift. But it was so awesome I just ordered another one for me! And the cost even with shipping was reasonable for an Essie polish. Essie polish I find to be a good product – better than most other brands on the market.

Edythe Los Osos, CA


First this order arrived so fast! Great service!Now about the product. I love Bessie polishes but I live in a rural area and cant find them.was happy to find on Amazon and at such a great price.The mirror color polishes are beautiful!One coat gives you a perfect polished nail that has great shine.couldn’t be happier.

Jane Dallastown, PA

Love this color.

I am in love with the rose gold shade of this color. It is a very shiny and pretty shade.

Jeanne Wesco, MO

Penny Talk: A pretty dusty rose color

While I do see a bit of copper, penny-like coloring I would describe this polish as more "metallic dust rose" in color.Very pretty and feminine.

Crystal Girard, IL

For “Blue Rhapsody”

This color is great…very true to the picture. It looks like ice blue colored aluminum foil. Love it.It also goes on smooth and provides great coverage. You really just need one coat – although I usually do 2 to add intensity of color.

Rachel Sandy Hook, KY

Excellent, best as an accent

This color is perfect, pure liquid gold, never streaky and glides on perfectly. The shine is like perfect gold leaf. The only problem is I guess because it reflects light so well, any exposed nail even at the microscopic edge of your nail bed looks grimy. It somehow gives the effect of a greenish dark gray underneath. Sort of like the underside of a gold ring where the light isn’t hitting. Not sure if it’s in comparison to the shimmer of the polish or what. Yet when I used the polish as a french tip over a light pink (great look btw) there isn’t this problem. Its weird because the polish is completely opaque, the issue isn’t seeing through the polish, but I’m still going to do an undercoat of light opaque pink any time I use it from now on.Other than that, the fact that it works almost too well giving the effect of a metal on your nails, this is my favorite polish. Wish they all went on like this!!

Shelby Gloucester, NC

Sweet shade!

So surprised with this shade, its a shimmery copper with a great creamy tone to it, it really pops and looks good with whatever your wearing! And it’s a eye grabber, be prepared to get a lot of compliments when you wear this! Essie, always worth the extra! you get what you pay for , with Essie its top shelf quality.

Sophia Monument, OR

Beautiful new penny metallic polish.

Typical Essie formula, and a great metallic polish! It’s the perfect new penny copper color, and just as shiny as a penny. It needs two coats and since it is a metallic it will show nail imperfections – you will need a ridge filing base coat to get the most out of this polish.

Fay Lillian, TX