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Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher .5 Oz

ESSIE Matte About You Matte Finisher creates a matte finish with any nail color you choose. From light sheer colors to dark creme, Matte About You leaves a smooth, durable matte finish and adds new dimension and texture. .5 oz.essie Matte About You Matte Finisher creates a matte finish with any nail color you choose. From light sheer colors to dark creme, Matte About You leaves a smooth, durable matte finish and adds new dimension and texture. .5 oz.

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  • essie matte about you 0.5 oz.

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Angelia Ponca City, OK

Essie is great

I use a lot of Essie products, I really like their formulas, this one does not disappoint, nice to have a matte finish sometimes!

Lara David, KY

Looks great

I love how it makes any of your polishes into a matte polish… A great look that you can really play aroubd with!

Pansy Mount Airy, MD

Matte about You

I loved this from the start. Something to apply on top of any polish to make it Matte. It works well, one coat will do the job and look great. The only reason I don’t give it a full five stars is because it doesn’t last as long as my polish tends to do. After about four days I see that the matte is rubbing off and the shine is coming back through. Because I normally change my polish before that four day mark it doesn’t really bother me. Besides, I suppose you could just apply another coat to make it last longer.

Lorraine Bridgeport, WA


This product is perfect. I never knew about it until this past weekend, and I’m still kicking myself in the face for two wasted years of mixing clear polish with eyeshadow to create a matte technique. So messy and wasteful! This finisher could be used with any polish, from sheer polishes to solids. On glittery polishes, it doesn’t work so well, but that was expected. This product was also relatively cheap, $4.50 for Essie. Unreal! And it arrived at my doorstep within two business days!I would definitely, definitely, definitely recommend this product if you’re interested in a matte finish. I tend to prefer it over wet, shiny nails because it keeps things simpler. It’s so easy to use, dries fast, and prevents chipping on the nails, also! Love it!

Karla Glendale Springs, NC

Great Matte Finisher

I love Essie nail products and this Matte Finisher looks great on top of any nail color. It can give a Matte finish to virtually any bright shiny color. A must have for any nail polish collection.

Marci Muncy, PA

Matte Perfection

Does exactly what it says it will. Leaves all polishes with a matte finish. Granted, not all polishes look good matte, but hey.

Leta Somerset, TX

It works like a charm at first.

Application was great and for the first few days the matte effect look nice but after a few days it seemed to wear off.

Carolyn Whiterocks, UT

I’m in Love lol

This came earlier than what was estimated
• 2 weeks early
• . I got it in my house and tried it out before I could get my jacket off. I did only ONE coat and then took my jacket off, by the time I walked down my hallway
• less than a minute in total after applying
• it was dry. My nails are very shiny
• Fuchia Xtreme Wear then a top coat
• . This took the shine right off like it was suppose to. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!!

Geneva Star, ID

Works great

This product works as described and I love the results that I get when using this polish. It works great.

Chelsea Easton, MA


it does make all nail polishes matte so it works but I just didn’t really care for the finish it doesn’t look as nice as actual matte nail polish does.

Felicia Greenfield, IN

Matte finish

Easy to use, dries faster than other matte polishes, nice brush for application, and a perfect matte finish.I use it to create contrast in manicures, or over the base color when I want the glossy designs on top to really pop.

Miriam Woodway, TX


This nail polish leaves a perfect matte finish to any polish. Absolutely love it! Essie did a great job. I prefer matte top coats like this over colored matte polishes so I can make any manicure matte.

Helga Humboldt, TN

True matte finish.

I’m so excited by this topcoat. It’s cleaner than the cornstarch trick, doesn’t “cloud” the color (a problem I had with another brand), and works on almost any polish you could think of. Although it’s not the most durable topcoat by itself (I’ve started doubling a layer ofSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coatbeneath for a longer lifespan) and sometimes loses the matte texture after a few days, it’s a classy alternative to the usual hi-gloss finish.

Erna Plattsmouth, NE

Essie Matte about you .5 oz

I have never used Essie and beginning to realize it is a great product compared to OPI. It works as good as China Glaze. I’m very happy.

Darcy Isle Au Haut, ME

Definitely matte

Its definitely matte, I like it, it dries pretty quickly, it’s what I was looking for I think, so I’m satisfied 🙂

Deidra Conran, MO

Love it!

I’ve been intrigued by the matte nail polish trend, and I love essie nail polishes, so I figured this would be a good start. I love it! It’s such a cool effect, and I find that this top coat is better than any other top coat I’ve used. I gave myself a manicure last week and finished with this, and it lasted all week. Definitely recommend!

Jean Dawson, ND

Love it

Im obsessed with this polish. it does exactly what it says, and came in cute packaging lol shipping was fairly quick and its the best product out to add a matte finish to your nails

Lila Saratoga, AR

So-so but…

I’m giving it a solid 3 stars. It arrived before delivery date, does what it is supposed to and is cheaper here than in the stores… But it’s just not for me. I thought it’d be fun to try something different from the usual shiny, crystal clear Seche Vite top coat and tried a few different shades (have to admit the darker colors look better matte), but overall I didn’t like it and put it in the junk pile. Sorry, Essie. This just isn’t me.

Lena Castalia, NC

A lot of matte polishes look mor like a satin finish but this is truly matte

This is by far my favorite matte polish. I have tried many other brands but this one is the best. It goes on smooth and dries a lot quicker than other matte polishes I’ve used, and it gets really matte.

Briana East Rutherford, NJ

On the fence

This stuff is ok. It looks good after you initially do it, but after a day it’s almost like your nails get polished up and look shiny again, but not shiny enough that it looks like it should be that way.

Antionette Glasgow, MO

Really great matte top coat

Perfect consistency and has a really defined matte finish. have gotten compliments from doing interesting matte designs on my nails. highly recommend!!

Leanne Hill City, SD

Matte Topcoat

Love the look of a matte finish on my fingernails, and had to order 2 of these when I found them. Works great with just one coat. I will purchase more in the future.

Maryanne Arlington, OH

Love it!

It works really well and dries relatively quickly compared to most top coats. The price is a little steep for a nail polish, which is really the only reason why I took off a star.

Sharron Grassy Butte, ND

essie quality

I love essie and this was no exception. It dries perfectly and clearly. It’s matte but not muddy like some brands and it last.

Kimberley Yates Center, KS

Great for matte nails

This is great. It works just as it’s supposed to. I did not notice any chipping as the other reviews said.

Natasha Bison, OK


Works but takes forever! I love using it though! Saw it on a YouTube video and she put the name in the description box and I bought some I only use it on occasions though.

Jeanne Perryton, TX

Awesome alternative to buy individual nail polishes

I bought this based on the reviews that were already here, so I just want to tell everyone else that this is an amazing product. Instead of having to go and buy individual polishes with a matte finish, this top coat turns any regular nail polish into a totally new look.It’s fairly long-lasting and not expensive at all, so if you love the matte nail polish trend, definitely invest in this polish!

Cynthia Damar, KS


its a great product, its make my nail really matte. I,d like to say it is really great,and i like it very much.

Juliette East Troy, WI

This stuff is cool

Matte nails are suddenly a huge thing, and of course I couldn’t resist the trend. This top coat allows you to turn any nail polish from glossy to matte – and oh man, does it look cool! I’ve only tried this with a few polishes so far – one Essie and a couple of other brands, and it’s worked well with all of them (though admittedly not every color looks awesome mattified). It also works very quickly and goes on smoothly, even when you have to paint over to get in to those crevices on the sides of your nails. It also works well at minimizing chipping, so it’s nice to have your manicure last a few days and still look nice.I’d like to experiment some more and try stamping over the matte and play around with combining matte and gloss, but even by itself it is a lot of fun and a different look for your nails.

Lana Corona, NY