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essie Luxeffects Nail Polish, Pure Pearlfection

Definitely not your mother’s pearls. This over-the-top top coat instantly creates decadent iridescence and a lacquered shine to rival the real thing.

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Sightly chunky pieces of glitter must be carefully placed, otherwise it won’t be smooth. Otherwise a great polish that looks great on.

Elsie Gowen, OK

not good

it is not what i expected. sorry i purchased it.hard to remove; color not dark enoughhard to get off because of the glitter

Isabelle Boulder, UT

A Cut Above, Stroke of Brilliance, and Set in Stones

I ordered 3 colours of Essie’s Luxeffects and they work as a shiny topcoat with sprinkly sparkly flakies, And Set in Stones looked perfect over my Hot pink polish (Dunno the name) and Stroke of Brilliance over Angel Red, And A Cut Above over pastel green. I never knew HOW I lived without these brilliant topcoats when I love nail art so much.Reasons why I bought these colours:-Essie is world famous, and I wanted to try how good they are.- These looked AMAZING on the picture, so I wanted these sooo badly- These came in my Favourite coloursThis is what I call ”Great”!

Brandi Nunapitchuk, AK

Beautiful, sparkling blue!

First and foremost, I am always amazed at the value for the price of these Essie polishes. I have been 100% satisfied with all of the product I’ve purchased. My Essie collection is growing by leaps and bounds, and I now do manicures on friends as well in trade for polish.Stroke of Brilliance is a gorgeous, shimmery blue. It covers evenly in 3 coats for me, with no visible nail line. With a good topcoat, the longest I’ve kept it on is 2 weeks, and haven’t noticed any cracking, chipping, or blemishing other than slight unavoidable growout. I usually get bored of the color and remove it far before there are any appearance issues.

Lisa Cadyville, NY

Tiny mirrors!

It’s so sparkly and lovely, it really looks like a bunch of tiny mirrors on my finger! It is a pain to get off but so is every glitter polish, this doesn’t have any tiny glitter pieces but really big ones, it took about three coats to get full-coverage.

Berta Fredonia, ND

Pretty and classy

This is a good quality nail polish. It stays on longer than most others and it’s such a delicate, pretty, pearly color.

Jodie Clearview City, KS

Beautiful Sparkle!

Love this nail polish. Looks great over nail polish or on its own. Lately I’ve been using this polish to do a gradient effect on my nails.

Leila Jonesboro, AR

Love this nail polish

I have misplaced my first bottle of this nail polish so this purchase was to replace it, I’ve familiar with it it’s beautiful with a light under coat of another pink or even white underneath.It does chip kind of easily though thats the only set back of it.

Elisabeth Pelion, SC


Beautiful and very useful for doing the tips of your nails like a glitter french. The brush makes it easy to create a medium thickness, even line of glitter. Any polish becomes more exciting with this effect – highly recommended.

Jacqueline Brooklyn, MS

Super sparkly!

This nail polish is super sparkly and shiny! Essie is a great brand and anything sparkly makes it even better (:

Candice Locustdale, PA

Nice color!

Essie is one of the best nail polish brands and this color is great. The color is simple yet shimmery. One of my favorite polishes.

Tameka Honey Grove, TX

One of my faves

I already have a Set in Stones but I use it so much I had to get another. This polish makes your nails literally shine like a disco ball. In the car, int he sun, I can actually see the reflection on the roof and doors. Ugh I can’t even think I love this polish so much,

Bertie Newllano, LA


I LOVE this glitter polish and the different shapes of silver in it!!!!!! I wish I knew about this particular glitter polish before, because it is great to use on my tips. LOVE IT!

Margret Scotts, NC

Glam in a bottle

I love Essie Nail Polish, so was happy when they came out with these nail polishes. I love to put this over light colors and do an accent nail or even over dark for a dramatic look. To take it off its a bit hard because of the chunks of glitter, but if you dip a cotton ball put it on the nail and cover with foil it does the trick. Instant way to glam up your nails any day!

Bobby Slaughter, LA


I bought this after YSL sold out of thier limited edition top coat. Perfect replacement. Easy to apply, beautiful finish!

Cornelia Kenyon, MN

love the pink

a great size of glitter it’s lovely. It’s chunkier pieces than a more misty glitter, great for a french tip or all over a neutral color.

Aurelia Hillsboro, NM

Stroke of Brilliance

I DID NOT think a simple nail polish could bring guy attention, but woah, it definitely did!!!!!! I swear! I’m not exaggerating!!!!!! This blue sparkle reminds me of sexy, or confident, or new years LOL. But I put this over black nail polish and wore it out a few times, and I noticed everytime I grabbed something guys would stare at my hands a lot…hehe. Then they’d stare at me a lot, hehehehehe. I guess they were wondering about my personality or something. It’s a really really pretty polish that I think every girl should own.About it being hard to remove, I didn’t have that problem, but then again I use acetone instead of regular nail polish remover (just because its the only thing I got on hand atm) and its like $1 or $2 at the beauty supply store. Its tough enough to get through nail tips so thats why it’s in my stash lol.

Michaela Dolomite, AL


Got this set in tones to put on top of opi alpine snow for my wedding ceremony on the beach!! Planning to put on flash nails, this opi doesn’t work well on my nails. Anyway this is beautiful, even my fiancé said “wow that’s awesome!” :DBtw I bought ALL THE OTHER LUXEFFECTS, to test them out for my wedding day nails. I love em all, but set in stones just seem to work better with my wedding dress :)Shine of the times on white works pretty well too, just not with my wedding dress. I really love them all. Can’t wait to try them on top of dark colors!!! Happy nails~ cheers! <3

Rosemarie Mannsville, NY


This will add spunk to your nail polish! I have girls and they love to put this polish over their color to make it sparkle.

Bernice Atwood, CO

very pretty

very pretty to layer on top of other nail colors. the glitter is hard to remove but that is true for all glitter polishes

Holly Shohola, PA

LOVE the color

I’ve been eyeing this polish for some time and finally gave in. Haven’t seen a rose goldish color before and thought it was just gorgeous. I love it so much and looks great with multiple colors! a MUST buy for your collection!

Natasha Glen, MS

Love this glitter polish

This is absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with this beautiful glitter polish! It contains glitter pieces of varying sizes.

Ester Shawville, PA

Essie is the best for the glitter & solid 1 coat polish!

I’ve been a Essie customer since i bought a bottle at CVS for a little over 10 bucks! But you do get what you pay for with Essie products, the colors are true, the glitter is beyond generous and I get so many compliments on all the Essie colors I wear, try it you will ove it and being able to get the great prices on Amazon has my nail polish kit turning into quite the Essie collection! This polish is worth the money!

Angelita Halifax, VA


This polish is made up of a clear base (instead of the usual greyish base that most glitter uses) and has small pieces of sparkling silver. I loved this so much I just ordered two more. I mixed this polish with another silver polish that was sparkly but didn’t have the POW WOW factor before I put in the 8304 nail polish.You can wear this with several coats or on top of any color to give it a ‘va va voom’ factor. It is shiny, sparkly and adds a touch of class whichever way you use it.TIP: When I use glitter polishes (and I mix them all the time with other glitter polishes or sparkly polishes) be sure to use two or three bottom coats of a dri-fast clear polish. It would take forever to take off this polish (or any glitter polish) and when you use the two bottom coats (I use Sally Hansen Insti Dry) you can peel off the polish when you want to. The clear insti-dry will become thick and that is better because then you have a little ridge by the moon on your finger to lift the polish off. You can use any top coat but I use insti-dry for that as well.Good luckSherrie H

Brianna Post, TX

I love this color

It looks good with almost all my other nail polish colors. It’s amazing. I love the glitter. Especially when I apply it over my silver nail polish.

Joanne Mackay, ID