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Essie Good To Go! – Fast Dry High Gloss Top Coat 0.46 OZ/13.5ml

The Good to Go (0.5 oz) is a non-yellowing protective finish that is chip resistant. It is a fast drying top coat for any nail.

Key features

  • Fast Dry
  • High Gloss
  • Top Coat

Honest reviews


It’s FAST!!!

Good To Go is a top of the line top coat it has everything one could want. Not only is it fast, it doesn’t bubble, doesn’t yellow (especially with over exposure to UV light), and it doesn’t start to get thick like other fast drying top coats tend to do. Compare it to lippman’s fast drying top coat they dry about the same time side by side but Essie’s doesn’t yellow and it stays smoother longer (so it sustains a longer shelf life) Lippman’s tends to get thick after awhile and it’s harder to apply. Not to mention Lippman is more expensive. Essie’s Good To Go never disappoints!

Iva Arcadia, MI

Love it

It really works, takes no time for the nails to dry. I will continue to use this product and have suggested it to friends..

Monica Catoosa, OK

Lives up to all its promises!

This top coat is truly the holy grail of nail polish! I can promise you it doesn’t get any better than this.When I apply my nail color, I apply two coats and then I give it about a minute to settle before I apply this top coat. It really does dry in less than 30 seconds. And it’s good to touch. I always give myself an extra five minutes for the whole polish to harden in case I accidentally scrape my nails against anything.For whatever reason this takes a bit longer to dry over OPI polish, but I find that brand has a slightly thicker, goopier consistency.I love this stuff!

Alyssa Chinook, WA

A Mommy’s Best Friend

All Essie Polishes are so amazing but this top coat makes them even better because it literally dries in like 30 seconds (probably more like 2 minutes for hard-core dryness) which is FANTASTIC considering I have a 2 year old and I still like to reconnect with my former adorable self through home manicures. The hubby appreciates it too even though he has never actually said it but I can tell. Now I can paint my nails more often because this top coat’s name speaks for itself- you really are "Good to GO!"

Pansy Justice, IL

good top coat

So far so good. It really gives off a high shine and dries within a minute or so. It wasn’t gloopy or anything like people have described before, no shrinkage or yellowing. I find that it works best with Essie polish. It has the same effect with other polishes but it chips a lot faster with other brands.

Katina Wayan, ID

Meh… it’s not Seche Vite, that’s for sure

I *LOVE* Essie nail polish and that’s the only kind I’ll buy – so I thought I’d stay true to the brand and get this as well… but it doesn’t really work. I mean, if you’ve never tried Seche Vite, then well maybe you think it works… but after being a steady user of the Seche Vite, nothing compares, and this just seems like it’s a top coat – it’s definitely not fast drying in comparison. So if you want a top coat, buy this. If you want your polish to dry faster than lightning and have a clear top coat that shines and lasts over a week – get Seche Vite.

Rebekah Potomac, MD

High Shine Top Coat

Note: Usage 2 times review observation based on seven days with polished and mended chipped nail edges.The Shine on my nails is as glossy on Day Seven as it was on Day One. The edges began to chip on Day Two on a couple of fingers. Continual chipping on the edges of my nails during the week. By Day Seven only one finger looks presentable in public.I re-polished my edges only by first using a coat of the top coat, the actual color, and lastly a coat of the top coat. The nails look fabulous again.Contains Tosylamide Formaldehyde ResinMade in USA

Maura Mc Mechen, WV

My “holy grail” top coat

I have tried many top coats (Poshe, Seche Vite, Insta-Dri, etc) and Essie’s Good to Go is undoubtedly the best of the best. Here is why I love itIt dries FASTHas tons of shinePolish does not shrink on the sides/shrinks very little as it driesWorks well with Zoya brand nail polishes (Good luck trying to get your Zoya’s to not peel off in sheets with Seche Vite!)doesn’t have an overwhelming odorKeeps my polish on with minimal chipping for 7+ daysDOES NOT THICKEN CONSIDERABLY AS YOU USE THE PRODUCT.The last note is why I am willing to spend $8 on this t/c. Other quick dry top coats thicken so much by the time you are half through with the bottle that you have to start thinning it which greatly reduces the efficacy of the product. Good to Go thickens a bit but the product is still very usable til the last drop.If you haven’t tried this top coat yet, I highly recommend you buy it immediately.

Sandy Spreckels, CA

Works great while it works, then it doesn’t

This is a fantastic top coat and goes great over Zoya (and other) polishes, but once the bottle gets down to a bit more than half way full, it gets so thick it becomes unusable. I have read that thickening top coats is a common issue and Essie is not alone in this. This product is super smooth and glassy and dries incredibly quickly (the latter being my favorite characteristic), and as far as shrinkage it is okay and not too bad. But any product that is sold with you having to throw it out when it’s not even half used up, is not a good product, in my eyes.I purchased the Essie Fluid-E thinner, and have used up more than half the bottle now, adding dropper-full after dropper-full into the Good To Go, and the top coat is still thick and unusable.Another thing I don’t like is that the brush doesn’t go all the way down to the bottom and once the fluid gets to about half way down, you have to keep precariously tipping the bottle to get the brush dipped. Wish they would tweak this. I don’t want to think they’re trying to force customers to re-buy their product unnecessarily soon.I’m moving on to other top coats now, and will compare. Those reviews to follow.

Nadine Stinesville, IN

Works fast

It really does penetrate the coats of color to dry the nails faster. Best fast drying top coat I have ever used.

Annmarie Eaton, TN

Pretty good quick dry top coat

I did a comparison between this an the Insta dry brand and Insta dry chipped after one day this lasted almost 3 days.

Christine Broadlands, IL

quick drying

this works great for all my nail needs, dries quickly, nice shine, happy with this product, I would purchase again,

Joanne Highland Lake, NY

My new staple topcoat!

For the last few years, all I’d used was Seche Vite… But I’d grown tired of the bottle getting goopy, lack of ready availability, and the "shrinkage". No "shrinkage", it dries fast, is durable, and has great shine! This is my new staple!

Coleen Lebec, CA

It’s simply great!

It dries FASTHas tons of shinePolish does not shrink on the sides/shrinks very little as it driesWorks well with Kleancolor brand nail polishesI have tried many top coats (Poshe, Seche Vite, Insta-Dri, etc) and Essie’s Good to Go is undoubtedly the best of the best.

Elma Lyford, TX

Good to go

Good and really fast drying polish. On the thin side of polishes, applies easily and does’t get that thick over time.

Lucinda East Springfield, OH

Different packaging!

So it doesn’t appear to be this exact version. Mine showed up in with pale pink/orange lettering. It appears that the Essie sticker on the front is a duplicate/copy as the E is off centered and the name of polish "Good to go" is in smaller print than the original and the original does not say "top coat/finition" under the name of the polish. It still does the job, though I think there may be a slight difference between the two in quality. However, Essie’s fast dry high gloss is the best!!! So if this is a diluted version and it cost me 40% less than the original…I’m "Good to go!"

Latisha Cleghorn, IA

dried quick

Really dries nails quick. Perfect for my little girl becasue she doesnt like to sit still to wait for them to dry.

Frieda Wedowee, AL


I’ve tried many fast drying top coats, out the door, cnd air dry, seche vite but I must say this has been my favorite. Cnd air dry close first as well. It gives a high shine finish and is the fastest drying that i’ve tried. Most dry the top but leave the polish underneath still wet causing smudging of the whole top polish layer to come off. My nail polish chips fast no matter what top coat I use so I can’t give a true review on its lasting power, however it lasted no less than the others so that’s a plus.

Adrienne Clifton Park, NY

Super Fast Dry

This is like magic it dries so fast. Even over 3 coats of wet polish all of it set quickly. [Thanks to this I threw out the all-in-one 3 way that takes forever to dry].I like it as opposed to love it because while it dries quickly, it does seem to chip after 4 days [3 way would get me at least 6 days]I recommend this for anyone who uses Essie colors and wants to paint their nails and then get on with their life.

Denise Hiram, ME

Not up to my standards

As a user of sveche was not impressed with this. Chips very fast. But on a good note the gloss makes your nails look better than just a dull regular top coat.

Deidre Lawley, AL

I can’t tell you enough how incredible this is!!!

It is THE best top coat on the market. Not only it’s affordable, you need just a little every time so it lasts a really long time. I’ve had mine for almost a year and I’ve used approximately 1/5 of it ( i change my nail color every week)What’s best about it is that it adds a gloss finish to your nails and they shine for at least 5 days without getting dull.Oh and it’s 3-free.I just love love love it. One thing to notice though, even though it can dry your nails in only 2 min, it’s better to allow 5 min to let the color set.

Evangelina Monterey, TN


this is a must have for me, for the last 3 years. The nail lacquer looks so well done with this coat, I do my nails myself and people always ask me where I do them and this is one of my tips.

Adela Youngsville, LA

Not fast drying

I have tried this top coat with Essie brand nail polishes and other brands as well, but this was disappointing since it didn’t dry fast even with 1 layer of polish. I think the polish by itself would dry faster if I don’t use this top coat. It does add a high gloss though which is why I am giving it 3 stars. I need to use my Sally Hansen insta dry drops with this top coat in order to make this dry faster. I would use up the bottle that I purchased, but wouldn’t re-purchased. China Glaze makes much better top coats than this.

Aurora Ethelsville, AL

Super Shiny!

This top coat is among the best that I have tried so far. I’m going to continue to buy it through amazon, so long as the it staysin the desired price range. I had very little chipping, but I take off my nail polish pretty frequently. The best thing about itthough is the shine from it. Love it!

Lashonda Jud, ND

Dries Fast & Nails Look Smooth

I’m terrible at keeping my nail polish looking nice without a top coat. This goes on smooth and dries fast. I rarely get bubbles unless I am going over the same nail repeatedly before the coat sets.Although it dries very fast, it does not set very hard until after about 30 minutes for me. Otherwise, the nail polish "pulls" from the edge that I accidentally touch to an object. Over time, the solution does become thicker, so I avoid leaving the top open longer than it needs to be while using it. My only other complaint would be that I am unable to use all of the top coat from the bottle. The brush is a tad too short to reach more of the product at the bottom. Even tipping and dipping the brush doesn’t work well enough.Either way, this is a very good product overall. I would recommend.

Mamie Providence, KY

its ok.

I don’t see that it drys as a fast as other quick drying top coats but it work OK. Much better than if you dint have anything over the top.

Aileen Saint Stephen, SC

Essie good to go Fast dry

This is the best item if you in hurry to get out and put some on your nails in hurry and dry very fast i love it.

Cornelia Kingman, KS


Great polish! Dries fast and goes on smooth. I like the clear a lot better than the colors from essie.

Minnie Tillatoba, MS

Great Top Coat

This is a great top coat but just make sure the other coats are try. Goes on easy and dries fast.

Patrica Lohman, MO


Leaves a GREAT shine. I use it with China Glaze’s Strong Adhesion base coat. Idk if it’s this product or China Glaze, but when my nail does chip, it comes off in a huge chunk. It’s made my polish last a few days longer though.

Rosella Concord, CA