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Essie Fill The Gap

Essie Fill The Gap 0.5oz

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  • Essie Fill The Gap 0.5oz

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I just couldn’t understand why or how I was developing a little crevice in one of my nails. Then I thought about the daily abuse my life puts my hands, and thereby, my nails in every way, throughout a day. This little jar helped to coat, cover, protect and eventually contain, and lead to the eventual elimination of said little crevice. It may not have been the cure, yet I am sure it was the integral aide in the travel.

Karin Biggs, CA

Makes my nails look terrific. I have “waves” particularly on my thumbs

Makes my nails look terrific. I have "waves" particularly on my thumbs. You’d never know it when using this. Thumbs look smooth as glass after adding my polish and topcoat. Very pleased.

Peggy Bowstring, MN

Perfect Base Coat

This is what I’ve been looking for…helps provide that smooth finish…Please couple this with the quick dry essie polish… that completes the looks with a shiny top coat.

Paige Thomaston, CT

Another great product from Essie!

First off the shipping was very fast! Secondly, works exactly as described, and then some! As always with Essie this is a super fast drying product! I absolutely love the Essie nail care brand!

Kathy Stevens Village, AK

Best Ridge Filler

I use this product every time I do my finger and toe nails. I do not have a lot of ridges, but putting this on the nail makes the nail polish last much longer then usual. It doesn’t matter what nail polish you use, either. Any nail polish will stay on longer if you put this on first. I do use a lot of Essie polish, but I also use Sally Hanson and other less expensive polishes. It works with all of them. I can get up to two weeks of wear with this product. Give it a try!

Alana Broadview, IL