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Essie Fall 2013 For The Twill of It

Medium brown with reflective green shimmer.

Key features

  • A chip-resistant nail polish.

Honest reviews



This color is so dark that it is hard to tell it apart from black. It applied horribly but that might be because THE BRUSH WAS FRAYED. maybe it applied so bad because of the brush, but the color is horrible. im contacting them for a refund or return. i hate it.

Alba Jacksons Gap, AL

Beautiful color

I only recently began using Essie polishes for my manicures. This color is gorgeous. While it is true you can’t see the blue/green tint on your nails that appears in the bottle, I still think the color that ends up on your nails is very pretty. It has a nice shimmer and multi-dimensional sheen to it. I currently own 20+ Essie shades and this is definitely my favorite so far.

Annette Elizabeth, NJ

Fun color for fall!

Essie products are very reliable. So many great colors to choose from when you want to change things up. Goes on smoothly and dries quickly.

Winnie Blanco, TX


The color, the formula… PERFECT! The application was flawless and the color looked great on myself (tan) and on a friend of mine with very fair skin. This polish is a one coater but I like to put on at least 2 coats of every polish I use. It’s become my signature color in between swatching polishes for my blog. I could be biased because I’m obsessed with Essie, but I will say that this color is definitely one to get for your collection.

Ann Lenorah, TX


I love this color its a beauty,Essie For The Twill of it,amazing color,Essie keep making more beautiful colors like this one

Etta Gowen, MI

Love the color

This was a great buy and a great color for fall. It looks like twill. I really like the Essie nail color collections it’s one of the best polish brands Ive ever tried.

Maria Ada, MN

Perfect new fall color

Love love love this color! Perfect mix of purple and pink for a new fall color. Dries just a touch darker then the bottle shows, in my opinion. Perfect.

Guadalupe Rancho Cordova, CA

Nice color, but

It’s a pretty color and I love the holographic effect on my nails. I wish it were more representative of whats in the bottle when it dries on my nails. I also enjoy that this color can work for other seasons too, but I do not see this color becoming a staple or reach for color in my polish collection.

Abigail Saint Paul, MN

Beautiful Polish!

I love this nail polish color so much!! The color in the bottle doesn’t do it justice. It’s gorgeous on the nails!!

Annabelle Woodburn, IN

Such a great color!!

Essie nail polishes are always fantastic, but this color… this color is phenomenal! It’s almost like a flip flop paint. Depending on the angle you look at it and/or the type or amount of light you’re in, the color can look more green, more purple or a lovely grayish silvery color. It always has a beautiful metalic look that is never too harsh. The color swatch of the bottle shown on is as close to actual as is probably possible. It really does give an actual portrayal of this unusual color. Pretty on fingernails, but is an absolute must have for toes!!!

Vicki Hansville, WA

Nothing special

It’s navy blue. No dimention or creativeness to it. Just plain old navy blue. Essie usually has a little something extra to make their polish stand out, and this one doesn’t. I think they just missed the mark on this one. If you need a quality plain boring navy blue this one fits the bill. It’s not really "after school blazer", its more "60 year old tax man blazer".

Marie Bremen, KS

It’s ok.

It came very fast. It came in like 3 days I think. I have dark skin so the color doesn’t look that good on me but it looks cool. This really is a winter color. I don’t know why I decided to buy it in the middle of summer lol. I may used it in the winter but not now. & the formula is amazing ! You really can get away with one coat !

Sophia Garland, PA

Pretty Color

The color chipped faster than I expected, even after putting high quality top coat on it. However, it is a very pretty fall lacquer and it looks great.

Cathleen Liebenthal, KS


This product came very quickly – faster than I thought it would. It is more brown than the picture. The picture shows a purple/blue color, this is more brown. A little disappointing but I’m sure I will still use it.

Edythe Tupman, CA

Great color, average quality

This was my very first Essie polish. I’ve only owned drugstore brands so I was excited to try something a little nicer for a change. I was looking forward to much better quality and less chipping/peeling.The color is fantastic. It shimmers and changes colors when you look at it with different angles. It goes on pretty thick and you could get away with a single coat, although I did two for good measure.Even when used with a good base and top coat…it still chips and peels the next day. Guess I’ll stick to my drugstore brands….but I got this for relatively cheap so I can’t complain too much.

Paige Copper Center, AK


I would reccommend this product to any one of my friends. I gave it 5 stars because it arrived extremely quickly (very happy about that) and the products appear to be brand new and untampered. Excited to try them out.

Elisa Wetmore, MI

Essie for the twill of it is great

For the Twill of it is a beautiful duo-chrome that offers two colors in one – purple and green. The formula is fantastic – not too sheer but not too thick, either. A good buy, with quick shipping!

Gwendolyn Vergas, MN


Beautiful color from Essie, and this brand along with Opi are my favorites. I am a lover of irridescent tones.

Rosella Iraan, TX

Terrific color/s/

This is one of those prism nail colors that changes in different lights. Hot pink/lavender/blue, really eye catching and shiny. It dries quickly and lasts and lasts. Sadly it’ll probably be discontinued, like all the colors I really love. But this is a good price and I hope to stock up before it goes away.

Gabriela Sacramento, KY

Perfect for fall!

Perfect for fall! It’s a nice grey with just a little bit of shimmer in it. I liked it so much, I bought one for a friend too.

Lily Heath, MA

Give this one a pass.

I don’t get the rave reviews for this. I was so excited by the hype I bought the full size bottle sight unseen – mistake! It looks much better in the bottle than it does on my nails. It’s just a grey polish with a teeny bit of iridescent flash, nothing special. Yawn.

Carolyn Eufaula, AL


It looks exactly like the color shown once you apply it to nails. I am very pleased. I bought this color to match an iridescent dress I bought and it matches perfect. Essie is a great brand of polish too. I highly recommend this product!

Carla Lane, SD

Very pretty

I don’t see what the sense is of paying so much for this polish in stores when you can get it at amazon for so much cheaper! It is ALWAYS wrapped very well. I have never had a problem with them breaking and they seem to ship immediately. You know you will get it fast! Sometimes the colors are hard to find in stores because the popular ones seem to go quick but I can ALWAYS find what I need here! Very satisfied customer!,

Ophelia Stoystown, PA

Looks mostly purple

This is a nice color, changes color with the light but mostly to purple and green. From all the hype I had hear about this color, I was expecting more.

Henrietta Wilbur, OR

Fabulous Fushia

a true fushia which is really hard to find. Very nice formular coverage is good and the color is WOW!

Ollie Birds Landing, CA