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Essie Cuticle Oil, Apricot, 0.46 oz

The distinctive combination of cotton seed and soybean oils seal in moisture and aid in rehydrating and revitalizing cuticles and nails while providing maximum nourishment.

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Its not greasy but moisturizing. Smells ok not the best but it all essie products. Would recommend to anyone with thick cuticles

Crystal Kaufman, TX


The product it’s self is everything it claimed to be, smells great and seemed to be authentic, however the moisturizing effect doesn’t last very long. On the ingredients I found alcohol, so right there you can see it’s going to dry you out. I got some l’occitane hand creme for christmas and it works much better.

Jillian Akeley, MN

Smells and works great

I use this cuticle oil several times a week, brushing it on my cuticles at night before bedtime. It’s helped soften my dry cuticles and keep them healthy.

Elsa Magnolia, IA

A nails must have !

This stuff is incredible it really nourishes and keeps your cuticles hydrated I use this everytime I paint my nails I basically use this as a top coat and it leaves them lookin better than I I would of put clear coat ! It really is worth buying and not to mention smells really nice :)))

Edith Edwards, IL

What I was looking for at a good price

Smells good and applies easily. The real test will be how it handles with directions followed. Apply twice a day it says. I have on my desk at work and plan to apply twice a day for beautiful nails. We’ll see!

Karla Markham, TX

Essie Apricot Oil

This oil is okay just like any other oil nothing special. I use it ant night and in the morning to keep my cuticles moist.

Terra Salem, IA