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essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

For over 30 years essie has been creating the combination to unlock the perfect manicure. Find your perfect combination with essie nail care products.

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Threw it away

I thought this was gong to work great for my dry cuticles. I used it twice and found my cuticles and edges around my nails became even drier. Have ordered some other brands but never this one again.

Veronica Elmer, NJ

Smells and works great!

I first tried this as a sample and fell in love! The smell is amazing; it’s light and fresh. I’ve been using it for about a month and my nails look remarkably healthier because my cuticles look so much better (funny how that works). I’m not the type who will ever get a weekly manicure but a routine of filing and this keeps my hands looks so much nicer. (Maybe now I won’t scare the manicurists when I show up once every 6 months! Seriously though, because I love the smell and feel of this this product so much, I actually remember to use it a couple times a day most days. ( I totally wish they made a handcream that felt and smelled like this.Price and shipping here was also completely reasonable.

Lizzie Hope, MI

works like a charm

wonderful formula! it really does make your nail bed healthy. I haven’t been having as much trouble with my cuticles since I’ve used this product…and the smell, TO DIE FOR! wonderful apricot scent!

Felecia Manning, SC

Best cuticle oil ever!

Oh, I love this stuff! It does wonders for cuticles! I use this all the time. It’s the best cuticle oil ever!

Janna Ontario Center, NY

Crystal clear with NO sediment or cloudy stuff!!!

Item received from America’s Beauty Supply was crystal clear and intact!Received bottles (from another seller) with milky white cloud of stuff at bottom, was told just to shake it, but trust me it’s meant to be crystal clear! I don’t know what that other stuff was, hate to think of putting something fungal on my nails…yuk!Reason for only 3 stars is the very strong scent! However, the product seems to work I just can’t use it often, I caved and bought a mini solar oil to try instead, the scent is way more mild on that one and it definitely works.So, I’d say if you don’t have chemically sensitive folk around go for the Essie!

Marion San Francisco, CA

Cuticle treatment

Not sure if it actually helps with your cuticle, but it smells nice and it’s not greasy at all. Nice!

Zelda Port Deposit, MD

Has stopped me from biting my nails

Originally I bought this with a few other nail products in an attempt to create healthier nails. What I didn’t expect was that this stuff would help me stop biting my nails. It tastes awful, which I know sounds obvious. It’s not for human consumption. As someone who has tried all the gimmicks to help you stop biting nails over the years and never had any success (my nervous habit has always trumped their effectiveness) I was super excited when realized after I applied this stuff I couldn’t stand the taste. I didn’t even realize my nails were growing! Also it does exactly what it says for my cuticles. Win-win

Francesca Aroma Park, IL

Essie Cuticle Oil Treatment

This product actually works as described. It is easy to use and has a very pleasing scent. A must-have for women (or men) to use and keep their nails/cuticles/hands looking well manicured.

Ernestine Chinle, AZ

Very nice

Shipping was fast and well packaged. I love how great it seems to work (when I have time to use it), and it smells very good!

Sheena Hager City, WI

Smells delicious

I love the smell of this product and have always favored Essie nail polish. It does a good job of moisturizing, but the results aren’t very lasting. I can put this product on my cuticles and 30 minutes later they look dry again. I wish it was a bit more effective.

Roxie Ezel, KY

This product is a must

anyone that polishes their nails on a somewhat regular basis know that cuticles tend to get dry … too dry sometimes… First you push them back then you polish them to end up removing the polish later on… this oil smells great and is absorbed quickly. Cuticles are softened almost immediately. Couldn’t live without it….

Germaine Gilman, IL

Good Stuff

This cuticle oil works and has a nice smell. I can’t remember when my cuticles have ever looked this good or been in such nice condition. Easy to recommend this product.

Gayla Montello, NV

Notice the Difference

My manicurist recommended this cuticle oil, I put it on my toe nails and finger nail cuticles and I can really notice the difference.

Victoria Dawsonville, GA