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Essential Argan Oil, 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed, USDA certified organic, 4 Fl.oz

As a cosmetic ingredient, argan oil is best for skin and hair care. Keeping the skin well nourished highly important, as other parts of the body rely on the skin for nutrients. When the skin gets its daily dose of protection and vitamins, it will help nourish other parts of the body as well. In addition to this indirect effect, Argan oil also has numerous advantages when applied directly to nails and hair. The traditional extraction method is believed to better preserve the chemical composition of the oil, particularly the specific fatty acids balance that is beneficial for human health. The strong nutty smell is one of the characteristics of the Cold Pressed Virgin Argan oil, which dissipates very fast as this oil absorbs in your skin fast. We also sell cold pressed Deodorized Argan oil which was produced by more industrialized, solvent-extraction technique, almost exclusively used to produce Argan oil for cosmetic purposes. It has no smell at all.

Key features

  • 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed, fast absorbing, non-greasy, Ecocert
  • Argan Oli packed in 4 fl.oz. plastic amber bottle with pump.
  • Argan oil is easily absorbable by the skin.

Honest reviews


not for cosmetics use, this is cooking grade oil only

Unfortunately, I’m finding that with argan oil, you get what you pay for. This is no cosmetic grade oil. You could probably cook with it, but I will not be using this on my face…

Katherine Spencerville, MD

Very Good Argan Oil

I read the negative reviews and tried this anyway — glad I did. This Argan oil absorbs well and I don’t smell any foul odor at all; it softens my skin well. I use it on face, arms & hands and all over. I would highly recommend this .

Kristie Muscotah, KS

Love it!

I did a lot of research about Argan Oil and read a lot of reviews about different companies. I went with this one because it is pure virgin cold pressed which makes a difference. With any oil whether it be flax oil or coconut oil its better to use it in the purest form. I am very happy with this product quality and the amount you get for the price. I will continue to use this product and order from seller regularly. I wish I could set up auto ship like other products I order.

Fannie Newburgh, IN

Good Price. Leaves Course Hair Soft & Healthy

Use a very small amount!! The first time I used this on my wet hair, I used too much and my hair was very weighted down and greasy. After that, I used only a few drops and it worked great. My hair is soft and I have thick, very course, dry hair. I am very pleased with this product and I will repurchase it.

Corrine Crayne, KY

Essential Argan Oil, 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed, USDA certified…

The 100% pure, cold-pressed features of Essential Argan Oil make this an extremely soft, wonderful high-quaility feeling product. It reminds me of putting some kind of actual vitamins/nutrients on your skin it is so nice. I use this w/2 sprays of TwinLab’s NaPCA spray on my facial skin right after using a 1.5 mm micro needle roller, and after doing Clarisonic facial cleanses using castille soap, a real good makeup and build-up remover. You have to apply the argan oil right after cleansing, with the face still wettened, and it soaks in really well protecting your skin from abnormal stretching due to drying unprotected. I also add it as a key ingredient for facial skin in my home-made moisturizer with NOW 100% pure moisturing avocado oil for collagen/elasticity, dermae’s Vitamin A with E Wrinkle Treatment oil, Now Liquid Lanolin, Giovanni D:tox System replenishing facial moisturizer, a little jojoba oil, & some spring or distilled water. All mixed together in reasonable amounts so as to get benefits from each. This Essential Argan Oil is a really, really nice wonderful product I feel lucky we get to have.

Roxanne Cordova, MD

Can’t stop using!

After starting to use oil , I got so much hooked-up on the staff! I think it’s working a miracle on my skin. I love it so much, that I started to use oil on my body too. And this particular oil, I think, should be advertised as a women’s best friend everywhere. Great and amazing staff.

Juana New Haven, WV


For the price, I am totally satisfied. I am mixing this with other hair & body care to give them the magical difference that last all day.

Willie Leesville, SC

funky smell, but nice for skin

I don’t use this product for straightening because the smell is so awful, and because it makes my hair greasy instead of silky. I use it for deep conditioning sometimes before I wash my hair, or as an under-eye syrum. It really does smell awful. I would recommend awapuhi oil over this.

Aileen Castleton, VT