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Eskinol Naturals Calamansi Facial Cleanser 7.6 Oz – 225 ml Bottle

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cucumber for sensative skin

I use the cucumber, its awesome! Reminds me of when my Mom used to use sea breeze on my face when I was younger.It smooths your skin like a toner too. Not drying either.Don’t use the calamansi if you have sensative skin. Its more harsh, for oilier skin.

Tamara South Heart, ND

Really works

I take my makeup off with cocoanut oil, then wash face with Roc cleansing pads and then I use this. I use instant tanners and this combination of cleaning my face really works now that I have also added this which does show make up left on skin still. This stuff smells amazing and I only need to use one cotton round to finish the job. Very surprised that this is not sold at Walmart and so forth.

Kelli Eugene, MO

No zits or breakouts.

My skin isn’t prone to breaking out to begin with, but I do get the occasional pimple. Not when I use Eskinol! I’ve tried the different varieties, but I still go back to the Whitening kind because I go in the sun often and get tanned. It really does scrub the dirt off my face and keep it clean. Though I have to admit, the chemicals do feel harsh on my skin and the smell isn’t too pleasant – but it is effective in it’s job at cleaning my skin!

Susan Leblanc, LA


I can’t say how happy I was when I saw this product on amazon !! I ordered it right awayI use it to clean my face after I remove all my make up and right before moisturizing my face , it removes the oils and dirt leaving ur skin breezy , smooth , Fresh and Clean .I also use it on my hubby’s forehead and back ‘ Most Oily spots ‘ and he loves itit has really strong smell but I’m used to it and my hubby says that the smell is strong but nice and kind of fruitythis product was my teenage friend and still Is , So glad I found it in the US .

Pearl Roberta, GA


When I hit puberty and started getting breakouts, my mom gave me this to start using daily. I used it as a toner, applying this with a cotton ball after washing my face. It has a great lemon smell, and it didn’t dry out or irritate my skin at all. It removed a lot of dirt, excess oil, and makeup. It certainly helped a lot with my blemishes.

Antionette Secor, IL