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Equate Dark Spot Corrector Skin Lightener, 1oz, Compare to Proactiv Solution

Shipping Weight 43.9g as weighed on my scale.

Key features

  • With 2% Hydroquinone
  • Helps fade discoloration
  • WIth Vitamins A, C and E
  • For all Skin Types
  • Compare to Proactiv Solution

Honest reviews


So far so good

I waited a few weeks to review this product because on the package it states it will take that long to see results. I am showing results in clearing up my acne scars.So far so good.

Gabriela Concord, GA

Destroyed product

I received this is a bubble envelope and it was totally crushed with cream everywhere when I opened the package.

Fannie Colwell, IA

While it did lighten my spots a bit, the cost to my skin was too great

I used this product for about 3-4 weeks before I noticed a difference in the look of the dark spots on my face. They did lighten up some, they’re not gone, but hey anything is better than nothing. Probably around week 5 I noticed that the areas that I applied the lightener to were becoming sensitive to the touch. Over the next few day they became mildly painful. Then they started getting pink and eventually red over the course of another few days. My husband asked my what the little wounds were on my forehead. That is not what I was going for, it did seem like the skin was breaking down. My skin is very fair, but I’ve never had allergic reactions to any other products. Needless to say I threw it away and at least it was a cheap experiment.

Pamela Grapeland, TX

Incredible Difference

Been using this Product for the last two week. I’ve already seen a big difference. I use this in conjunction with Roc Daily resurfacing disk, and Olay total effects and C Powder. My face has never been so bright and soft. I’ve already stopped wearing foundation.

Leslie Plymouth, FL

Did nothing for dark spots.

Applied this product faithfully and saw no difference whatsoever. Waste of money. Only gave it 2 stars because it was mild and non-irritating.

Courtney Selma, IA

Didn’t work for me.

I’ve been using it for a month and I really see no difference. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Sheree White Mountain Lake, AZ

same as most but less additives n price is right

The bottom line the effective ingredigent (2% hrdoquines)is the same n most n all over the counter lighten cream. Its government regulated. But for price an not a lot of bs additives its not bad.

Ilene Loco Hills, NM


I have been using the Equate Dark Spot Corrector for about six months and I think it is slowly lightening the dark spots on my face. Since I can see some improvement, I will continue to use it.

Jerry Captiva, FL

Spots away

This fades spots just as well as the more expensive drug store brands. It is a lightweight product that won’t interfere with your other skin care items. Nothing will remove dark skin spots completely but this does a very good job of fading.

Leonor National City, CA

Equate Dark Spot Corrector

Even though I have only a few minor dark spots, I was seeking a product to lighten them. I have very fair, Swedish-like complexion and I was hopeful that this product would work for me. I used it in the AM and PM for 2 weeks and it did nothing. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Juanita Morganville, KS

I have only begun using it but already I can see a difference in some brown spots I have from having brain injuries…

I was given steroids as well as corticosteroids and they created some bad brown spots that were worsening over time. Now I can already see they are beginning to lighten. Thanks for the fast shipping!

Lauri Macon, VA

It is working

I tried the Ambi brand with no results trying to lighten my age spots. This seems to contain the same ingredients but this is beginning to work. I have certainly noticed the spots beginning to lighten. I only use it at night. During the day I am using a sunscreen on my face. So far so good!

Tina Black River, MI


Like all skin products, it depends on your skin type and this worked for a while but after a month or two, it didn’t work anymore.

Helga Suffield, CT

spot remover

This product is ok when you put it on it feel has if it does not have any moisturizer in it because my face was dry.

Rachelle Vail, CO

No results

I saw absolutely no results using this product. I regret making this purchase. I know it is hard to find things like this that work so I’ll just keep searching!

Gilda Susquehanna, PA