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Episencial Babytime Sunny Sunscreen 2.7 Ounces

This broad spectrum, lightweight, non-greasy, moisturizing sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes of sprinkler –proof fun! Safe minerals work to protect the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, while aloe and green tea extract keep skin cool and protected from IR damage. Easy to apply!

Key features

  • Titanium Dioxide (Sunscreen) 10%, Zinc Oxide (Sunscreen) 4%
  • No.1 organic brand in hospital birthing centers
  • Silky smooth, non-greasy, pure translucent minerals
  • Petroleum, fragrance, harsh chemical and gluten free
  • Non-allergenic, no harmful nano-particles, no animal testing
  • Pediatrician developed, guaranteed effective for ages 0+

Honest reviews


Good application but not good enough protection ** UPDATE – new formula is terrible

I really do love the application of this sunscreen. It’s like a liquidy cream, and it smooths on very nicely. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy or tacky, or like I have a film on my skin. So I would give it 5-stars for application. Unfortunately, the new formulation of 5% Titanium Dioxide and 5% Zinc Oxide is just not enough protection. This product is listed everywhere with 10% Titanium Dioxide and 4% Zinc Oxide but the formula has changed. I purchased three bottles, one from Amazon and two from, and all three have 5% TD and 5% ZO. I bought them thinking that I was getting 10% TD and 4% ZO.I emailed Episencial and was told that they figured out how to lower the active ingredients (TD and ZO) by adding other supposedly natural sunscreen ingredients like beeswax or something… The previous formulation is rated by EWG as:Score: 2UVB: goodUVA: goodI was iffy about the good/good rating (I strongly prefer UVA: excellent) but I continued to use it because I liked the application and I have three bottles.I took the time to enter my own report with the new formulation on EWG’s website, and it only rated as:Score: 2UVB: goodUVA: moderateI would only rate the new formula at 3-stars for protection. As much as I love this sunscreen application-wise, I just can’t bring myself to keep using it with only a moderate rating for UVA protection.____________________________________________**Update May 2014Episencial reformulated again, and I now hate their sunscreen and have changed my rating to 1 star. The new formula is Titanium Dioxide 11% and Zinc Oxide 5.5%. I do not know the EWG rating on this new version. I bought a tube to try it out and it’s terrible. The protection level is probably better, but it is no longer the nice, liquidy cream that rubbed in quick and clean like I wrote about in my previous rating. Now it is like most other thick, pasty sunscreens that are hard to rub in and leave you looking purply white. The tub size has also been reduced from 4 oz to 2.7 oz. I’m just going to use it on my feet and legs to use it up. DO NOT put it on your face.

Lelia Colville, WA

Good but…

I read all the positive reviews here and bought this product for my face. Here is my input on it.1. I have sensitive skin, medium complexion, combination. This product didn’t make the sensitiveness worst.2. It definitely left a white residue.3. It was difficult to put on, because the white residue wouldn’t dissipate even after rubbing it a lot.4. That white stuff on my face made it sweat easily.5. Smell, no problem.6. No harsh chemicals added.You decide. But for me, unfortunately, it’s a NO.

Constance Daleville, MS

Maybe good for “baby”, but also good for me!

Just tried a sample of this and am ordering a full size. It applies so creamy and makes a wonderful spf makeup base. Absolutely no whitish/grey cast and I used on my face, neck and chest without pores being clogged.Love that it has no parabens too.

Antionette Rural Ridge, PA

This is my favorite sunscreen.

I have tried several mineral sunscreens for my kids, including California Baby, and I like this one the best. It rubs on easily, soaks in well and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Unlike California Baby sunscreen, it doesn’t leave my kids looking like ghosts. Their skin is soft after using this and works very well, no burns yet. I also like that it has no scent.

Tammi East Smithfield, PA

Like it ok

This is a great product, but it is hard to smooth in the white. It also left a lot of greasy marks on the stroller where my son’s legs rest. I am willing to look past these things to have a safe product to use on my kids.

Cortney Manchester, OH

White and Pasty on skin

The sun protection may be good in this sunscreen but the most effective physical sunscreen is one that you would use. This is not a sophisticated formulation, difficult to apply, does not glide on to skin and skin appears white and pasty.

Irene Sumner, NE