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EO Style Hair Cream, Lavender and Coconut, 6 Ounce

EO Style Nourishing Hair Cream is a thick rich styling aid that provides hold and control while eliminating flyaways. Ideal to hydrate and restore order to all hair types. This lavender and coconut style cream is formulated to condition hair during styling, while imparting smoothness and shine with light hold. Hair is left fresh, sleek and manageable without being weighed down.

Key features

  • Nourishing complex of papaya, evening primrose, alfalfa, and pomegranate nourish and revitalize hair
  • Hibiscus, rich in alpha hydroxy and amino acids, rehydrates keratin fibers adding luster and smoothness
  • Naturally nourishing organic jojoba, organic coconut and olive oils deeply hydrate hair while adding shine and softness
  • Panthenol aids in moisture retention, increasing elasticity and thickening hair
  • Quinoa protein, high in amino acids, fortifies, conditions and repairs hair

Honest reviews


Smells good, not too crunchy

This has a fairly subtle smell- pleasant, but not too perfumey. It works well as a de-frizzer that doesn’t make hair stiff, and a little goes a long way because it’s very slippery and easy to distribute. Minus one star just because I always prefer not to have to use my hands to apply hair product.

Randi Montgomery, IL

Smells great, not too sticky, controls flyaway hair, love this stuff

I’ve long been on the quest for something to put in my hair to keep it from getting too frizzy and keep it under control. When I saw this product, I liked the ingredients (olive oil, lavender, etc) and the reviews seemed good so I gave it a try. (As a point of reference, I find that gels don’t really last and tend to flake, and then at the other end of the spectrum, molding paste is just like glue…I wanted something in between). This stuff goes on really light and makes your hair feel smooth. A great scent – very natural- I smell more lavender than coconut. Lasts all day. Highly recommended.Hope this helps.

Marian Mohnton, PA

Smells lovely, works great!

I bought this product because of the wonderful scent, but unfortunately you can’t really smell it once it’s in your hair, which is the only reason why I didn’t rate it 5 stars.I have long, thick, curly hair and this worked well to condition my hair, tame the frizzies, and make it easy to style. I use my hands to run it all through my hair and then twist individual strangs around my fingers to create defined curls. This actually works as well as the “curl activating” creams I’ve tried before and makes my hair shiny, soft, and manageable. Again, too bad I can’t smell it unless I actually put my nose up to the jar and inhale.

Patrice Land O Lakes, WI


Smells okay. Doesn’t do anything great. Didn’t notice a difference in the health of my hair. Kind of feel like I wasted my money.

Lupe Marsing, ID

Amazing Product For Curly Dry Hair!!!

I recently read the book Curly Girl and have been trying out different organic/natural products for my hair that are free of sulfates (very drying), silicones, alcohols and parabens. This products is amazing! It smells fantastic, conditions beautifully and has perfect hold for my very dry, very curly hair. I purchased an entire line of EO hair products – shampoo, conditioner, pre-shampoo and gel for curly hair. I love every single product.It is so refreshing to find a company that offers AFFORDABLE chemical-free hair products that actually work extremely well. Thanks EO Products!!!!

Dolly The Sea Ranch, CA