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EO Products Shower Gel – Grapefruit & Mint – 16 oz

Shower Gel Grapefruit Mint by EO 16 oz Liquid Shower Gel 16 oz Grapefruit Mint EO Grapefruit Mint Shower Gel gently cleanses with pure essential oils organic herbal blends to soothe nourish the skin. The proprietary EO Regenerating Complex channels the Isoflavones and key Active Components found in extracts of Iris Rhizome Papaya and Centella Leaf together these key actives work to promote skin renewal and regeneration. Our richly foaming Coconut Oil Cleansing Complex gently cleanses without drying. Glycerin Allantoin and Panthenol natural humectants and moisturizers hydrate and nurture skin. Cold-pressed Grapefruit Oil combines with Peppermint to tone and refresh. EO Regenerating Complex utilizes key active ingredients to heal and renew skin. Vegetable Glycerin a natural humectant attracts moisture to skin to maintain optimal hydration balance. Allantoin from the comfrey plant is renowned for its ability to soothe heal and regenerate skin cells. Naturally derived plant Panthenol (Vit

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Fancier bottle of Everyone Soap for Everyone and Every Body

The packaging was nice enough, but like another reviewer said the consistancy is not as thick as I had hoped for. The smell is incredible and authentic lavendar scent. If you like this product a lot, but want a less expensive, better value buy the Everyone Soap for Everyone and Every Body. I bought both of these products at the same time and compared the ingredients, they are exactly the same.

Lily Clemson, SC

Lathers well, makes skin soft

The soap has a great lather and makes my skin soft, but it smells tartly of tangerine. The coconut and vanilla are completely lost. I like to mix it with a pump of suave no scent soap to round it out.

Alison Arvada, WY

It’s ok – nothing spectacular

Smells pleasant, but it’s just another body wash. I advise buying based on price rather than fancy scents and extras.

Rosalind Manter, KS

wonderful product

I gave this to my mother and she loves it. The smell is so inviting and it really softens the skin unlike most soaps. I would definitely buy from this brand again.

Eliza Florence, WI

Smells great, and all natural!

I bought this as a gift for someone who requested an all natural soap with a clean, non-floral scent. This definitely hits all those marks – the ingredients are all plant based and it is scented by essential oils. There are no artificial scents or chemicals, and it does not contain parabens or any of those other nasty chemicals. The scent is great – although grapefruit and mint may sound a little strange, they go together very well and the scent is clean and fresh. A little pricey but definitely worth it if you want a good, all-natural soap.

Patricia Nuevo, CA

Smells so nice!

I have this shower gel to go with the lotion of the same scent, and I really love the coconut vanilla scent with a hint of tangerine. It is so soothing and lovely to shower with the shower gel. It is a very natural non-chemically laden formula that is great for my sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this product.

Maggie Penfield, NY

bath gel

I first tried this product while on a trip and loved it. It’s a very nice, unique smell and I use it everyday in the shower. Very fast delivery and excellent seller.

Colleen Poolesville, MD

This product smells nice and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

This product smells nice and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Using mainstream shower gels is out of the question for me because many of them cause me to break out into hives, but even many organic or natural body washes have given me rashes when I have tried them. My dermatologist said that was due to the fact that some of them, strangely enough, contain sugar as an ingredient. Yeast and other critters love to feed on that sugar residue and it can cause some people to develop rashes. This body wash does not cause that type of reaction and leaves me feeling and smelling clean without drying out my skin too much.As an added bonus, the container that the wash comes in is sturdy and has a handy pump. I enjoy using this product and would certainly recommend it to others.

Anne Tyner, IN