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Envyderm Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Nighttime Serum, 5ml

EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement & Conditioning Nighttime Serum uses a specially formulated blend of ingredients to promote your natural keratin production in the lash line to help the follicle grow naturally stronger lashes. EnvyDerm’s latest Peptides technology is clinically proven to increase length and density of lashes by 25% and by as much as 72% in 6 weeks of use. In addition, Proteins, Vitamins and Moisturizing Oils nourish, lengthen and strengthen the eyelash hairs. Our product contains only safe natural ingredients that have been proven to grow and thicken eyelashes effectively. The serum has undergone clinical tests to prove effectiveness The Serum uses the leading peptide technology to induce keratin production in the lash line thus promoting longer, stronger enhanced lashes. Moreover the proteins, vitamins, minerals and moisturizing oils fortify, nourish and add shine to for beautiful enhanced lashes and brows. Lashes lose fullness due to everyday wear and tear, make-up removal and the aging process. Eyelash hairs are quicker to break, more prone to fall out, and slower to grow than other hair. This is why it’s so important to defend the eyelashes. EnvyDerm Eyelash Enhancement and Conditioning Nighttime Serum should last from 3 to 6 months depending on personal use. Expect three months of use on the upper and lower lash lines and brows and 6 months if only used on the upper lash line.

Key features

  • Conditions and moisturizes lashes. No Hard Chemicals. Prostaglandin Free and Paraben Free. Made in USA.
  • Prescription-like results without the cost, hassle, or side effects. Alternative to Lattise and other eyelash growth products with harmful chemicals
  • Safe, clinically-proven ingredients to stimulate and condition eyelashes with no animal testing
  • Great alternative to eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes, or to lengthen or thicken eyelashes
  • Apply once a day to eyelashes at bedtime for best lash growth and conditioning results. One tube will last up to 6 months

Honest reviews


Eyelash growth without irritation

This product review is part of my obligation to Amazon for accepting to be a member of the Vine program, a club of selected customers that provide opinions about “new and pre-released items.” We enter this club by accepting free copies of products but we promise in return to submit an opinion.The Envyderm eyelash growth serum is nicely packaged and results in thick, natural looking eyelashes. While not a person who uses much make-up, I tried this product and the difference on the appearance of the eyes is remarkable.No irritation experienced and the overall health of eye lashes has improved.

Wilma Brookesmith, TX

Must take time . . .

I would imagine it takes time to see ressults from this product, but for now I can say the product is easy to apply and ordorless. It is applied at bedtime and that makes it a little difficult for me to remember to put it on.

James Kirksville, MO

Warning – Please Read Before First Application!

I’ve never had a bad reaction to any makeup/medication but after one application, it burned – not a little – but enough that I panicked and washed it off and tossed it in the trash. I read reviews where other’s said it’s normal for it to burn but this was not mentioned at all in the directions (very little directions I might add).I would suggest if you buy it, try it only on one eye, and only on the bottom lash line – like a dummy I dove right in and put it on both eyes, upper AND lower as the directions stated.I see many favorable reviews – so this may work for you – but please – don’t be an idiot like me and put it all around your eyes before trying it in one spot! Much luck!

Allyson Huntley, WY

Recommended: With Caution

I hesitated to try another eyelash product because I had a mild reaction to another–and it showed up immediately. I had no trouble with this one. That may be because of a different formula, but it may also be because the applicator allowed me to more accurately apply the serum. I also liked that the packaging is appealing without feeling like an overstatement that only serves to clog up landfills. As for results, yes!! I already see a difference in both thickness and color of eyelashes and and eyebrows. And it’s only been a few days.

Neva Sundown, NY

Good product

I have definitely noticed a little growth and increased fullness of lashes, but nothing too dramatic. It’s a good product, but you can literally get the same effect with mascara at way under 50 bucks! Anyway, it’s a good product, but I haven’t seen any dramatic results.

Leanna Arapaho, OK

Another waste of money….

You would think by now that I would learn my lesson about trying cheaper products to save money but ultimately get NO results. This is the second brand I have tried that DOES NOT work. The ONLY brand that works for me is LiLash and I am going to order another tube as soon as I am done writing this review. Yes, Lilash does darken my eyelids ever so slightly but as I have learned, once you stop using it that issue goes away entirely. Besides, I always wear some amount of eyeshadow so you don’t see it anyway. Don’t settle for less……..this stuff is junk!

Andrea Grove Hill, AL

I decided not to finish using the product.

It has a warning not to get it in your eye. I have eyelid issues and decided that a product with such a warning was not one for me.Instructions: They are written on a silver foil box and the silver foil box is pretty difficult to read.Product consistency: It is an oil and it is not too heavy and not too light. I, however, was unclear where to put the oil exactly since the instructions state do NOT get the product in the eye.Results: I used it for 5 nights and saw no results. The information states it takes 2 weeks though so I could not hold this against the product.Growing up…people always told me that putting castor oil on your eyelashes makes them grow. I would suppose if you really had eyelash issues you could just use the castor oil.

Brandie Point Of Rocks, WY

No Magical Improvement; Not for the Sensitive of Skin

Envyderm eyelash growth serum comes to us costing a bit less than half of the expensive prescription product that has been fairly recently introduced, to great fanfare, as a way to grow eyelashes. Plus, of course, it’s available over the counter, rather than by prescription only, enabling an eyelash-challenged person to avoid the extra expense of a dermatologist’s visit. The manufacturer states the product contains hydroplant specialized peptides (peptides being the latest thing these days), and hydrolyzed keratin, to cause eyelash growth; also vitamins, minerals and amino acids to nourish the lashes.The beauty product claims to have clinical studies showing 70% growth after 6 weeks, with an average of 25% after 2 weeks. The manufacturer further claims that its non-prescription formula provides prescription-like results that will lengthen, thicken, and fortify eyelashes, as well as thicken eyebrows, by simply applying the serum once a day, preferably at night, after the face has been cleansed. The manufacturer’s literature further states that each tube of their product contains a 5-6 month supply. The product’s packaging states that it has never been tested on animals, a very important consideration for me. Finally, the manufacturer claims that it has studies showing the product causes no irritation.Years ago, as a younger woman, I had for many years the nervous habit of plucking out my eyelashes; this led to my spending a great deal of time with bare eyelids. But it was a time when many women wore fake eyelashes, and furthermore, my hands were adept enough to put the fakes on, so I didn’t much trouble myself about it. I finally broke the habit, but the bare eyelids remained, and I can no longer get fakes on, so I’ve been looking for help in this department for years, and have tried many products. Including, I’ve come to think, some very expensive Vaseline sold under a fancy Italian name. And a fancy, expensive French product, Talika, supposedly developed to help World War II burn victims. Neither of these products helped me. The prescription stuff did, but required twice-daily application, and it is expensive. After the prescription stuff, I tried L’Oreal product, which seemed to help a little, in the area of retaining regrowth, rather than bringing any additional.I’ve now been using the Envyderm product for two weeks or more, and I do seem to see some regrowth. Also, such eyelashes as I have seem to be thicker and healthier. Mind you, there’s no magical improvement, gotta look pretty closely in the magnification mirror to see anything. I have also found that, like the prescription product, and the L’Oreal product, this product does irritate my sensitive eyelid skin. Perhaps I apply it too heavily, what with my no longer adept hands.CONSUMER ALERT: This week I had to go to the dermatologist for an ugly red rash around my nose and mouth, and ugly red lumps under my eyes, and each area is a little sore and painful. We agreed that timing says it’s gotta be this product, and I tossed it, and got two prescriptions, one for each problem. NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE OF SKIN.

Chelsey Solsberry, IN

Nope. Didn’t work for me 🙁

I don’t normally buy miracle elixers or promises in a vial, but I thought what the heck, it’s under $50. I used it as directed every night and have seen absolutly no growth, thickness or difference other than the occasional stinging sensation when it drips in my eye. If you don’t have $50 to gamble, just go get some real nice mascara that you can test and have the option of returning at Sephora or fun falsies.

Doreen Preston, MN

Worthwhile if you do NOT have sensitive skin

I’ve been blessed with many things, but long, luxurious eyelashes were not included. I’ve tried all sorts of mascaras, but all the lengthening in the world does not seem to help my problem: not enough lashes. What I do have is fairly thin.I was so excited to try this product. Within the first week, my lashes seemed a little thicker but not any longer. Within three weeks, my lashes looked noticably thicker and a smidge longer. At four weeks I had to stop using it, because I could no longer tolerate the eye irritation. Each night I used this product, I would wake up with crustiness along the lash line and a slight burning sensation along the eyelid. As the weeks progressed, the stinging worsened. I tried using it every other night but the stinging was still fairly bad. I do have sensitive skin as a rule, but it’s typically not a problem with make-up. By the end of four weeks, I decided that however nice my lashes were starting to look, it was not worth the irritation and burning. It made me wonder if there would be long-term side effects.I’ve been off of this product for one week now, and the irritation is much, much improved. I have not yet noticed my lashes returning to their normal size/length, but I am sure it’s coming.If you are looking for a product to lengthen and thicken your lashes, this might be just the one for you. However, if you have sensitive skin and worry about putting something near your eye, please purchase with caution.

Virginia Chagrin Falls, OH

It May Work….

I’ve tried other eyelash growth serums such as Talika with great results. Unfortunately, I only tried Envyderm a few nights. The days following application my contacts would bother, me as well as my vision. I can’t say if the formula will help with eyelash growth since I don’t feel like I should continue using it.

Marisol Womelsdorf, PA

Expensive dissapointment

My eyelids swelled and my eyelashes fell out. It is not for everyone. Sent it back to Amazon for refund.

Tina Warsaw, IN

Not A Product For Me

I attempted using this product for a week but my eyes got so itchy I couldn’t stand it. I cannot say it is the serum as I do have sensitve eyes even when I do wear mascara.(however not the intense itching as I do with this product) Washing my mascara after I am home is something I do immediately.I hope it works well for others and they don’t have my complaint.I appreciate getting to use the product but it just wasn’t something I could tolerate.

Thelma Adams, NY

Gilding the Lily…Don’t Bother

I normally wouldn’t review a product of this type so soon after starting to use it but the hype claims that a difference can be seen in as little as two weeks. Fortunately, the changes in my lashes after two weeks of nightly use of Envyderm Eyelash Growth and Conditioner Serum aren’t apparent to anyone but me: quite a few of them fell out within a few days of each other, something that has virtually never happened to me prior to this. Coincidence? I think not.Due to my mom’s primitive grasp of eugenics, she married the man who she was convinced would endow her children with blue eyes and great (albeit semi-invisible) eyelashes (thanks, Dad!). Okay, we’re not talking about Elizabeth Taylor’s lashes but good enough that they’re remarked on even though they’re behind glasses. My point is that I have lashes to spare and even if those I lost don’t grow back, I’m still in good shape. But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it–who wants to lose a bunch of lashes? At present, they don’t look as good as they did.I often use Double Cils (Mavala) because it seems to do a nice job of keeping my lashes in good shape. Unlike Envyderm, I don’t think Mavala promises that use of their product will result in longer, thicker lashes which is good, because it doesn’t. However, Envyderm Eyelash Growth and Conditioner Serum was offered through Vine, i.e., it was free (its list price is much more than I’d ever pay for a product of this type), and I figured “why not?” Could my almost weirdly long lashes actually be encouraged to result in the human equivalent of a Wheaten Terrier’s lashes? And who wouldn’t like thicker lashes? So I bit the bullet.FWIW, use of this product has not resulted in discolored or reddened skin, despite my being extremely fair and pale. And since I use it as directed, I’ve yet to have it seep into my eyes and so can’t complain of any irritation. But it does result in a kind of drawing sensation on my lids and despite its being a runny product, my lids feel heavy as well after application. It’s also somewhat drying but the fact that I’m 57 and have rather sensitive skin may contribute this–it’s correctable with virtually any moisturizer that contains petrolatum.I’d like to rate Envyderm Eyelash Growth and Conditioner Serum well but my call, based on experience, is “possibly harmful/essentially useless.” I hope those who actually paid for it have better luck than I’ve had. And incidentally, it’s just as useless for eyebrows.

Marie Altoona, FL

Useless – Use at your own risk

Received as part of the Vine Program. Thank goodness because if I had purchased this I would have been flipping out about now. Having used this product for well over two weeks now, faithfully every night, I can honestly say I see absolutely no difference in my lashes or brows (been using it on my brows, too, as they are thinning and I thought this would help). In addition, I find my eyes burning periodically throughout the day. Not sure what harm, if anything, that I did to my eyes, but I have stopped using this. I don’t recommend this to anyone.

Esther Atwood, KS

Eye irritant. Not recommended.

Despite the fact that the product description says, “Irritation study showed no irritation caused by product,” I found that this product caused my eyelids to become slightly inflamed and irritated upon initial use. I was not willing to try it again. As I received the product free through the Amazon Vine program, felt no reluctance in throwing it in the trash.In the past, I have foundThunder Ridge Emu Products 100% Emu Oil 8 Ozto be highly effective in fostering eyelash growth and thickness, with zero negative side effects.

Elba Cokato, MN

No difference so far

So far, about one month, I haven’t noticed any difference in my lashes, but I haven’t been using it every night like I should. It doesn’t bother my eyes or make them sting, I thought it might just by putting it on. I’ll update if I notice an improvement.

Camille San Simeon, CA

Not bad, but nothing great

OK, like most products like this, don’t expect any magic. You aren’t going to go from skimpy little lashes to a butterfly face overnight. But it does have a noticeable, small effect.After three weeks of use, the small lashes are looking a bit thicker and longer, especially those on the edges of the eyes that are usually small and wimpy. It seems like Envyderm promotes growth at the roots, and eyelashes are thicker rather than really longer.It is easy to use, which is nice. It goes on cold, and that is about the only complaint. I think Envyderm was a fun experiment, but I probably won’t get more once this bottle runs out.

Camille Deshler, OH

Does it or doesn’t it? After a number of months…

Have come to the conclusion, it really did nothing for my lashes or brows.It also became an irritant the longer I tried using it.Believe I gave it a fair trial but could not recommend this product and would not purchase it in the future.

Lindsay Roscommon, MI

didnt work

I had used Rapid Lash first and it worked like crazy!..You could actually see my eyelashes growing in. They are so sparse from using an eyelash curler so much when I was young and it pulled so many out. I stopped using it for some reason..grrrr..then started again and it never did anything. So ordered another brand&this brand…neither did a thing..NOTHING…I used it faithfully too!..was so bummed!

Ollie Cato, NY

Pretty Happy with Eyelash Grow

After using this product for more than 10 weeks, my opinion improved the last two weeks. Initially, I was not impressed with the results, or lack of, in eyelash thickness or lash length. I have also used Latisse, a prescription product — and experienced much quicker and more significant results. I only began to see a measurable difference in my lashes after 7 to 8 weeks of use.I do like the applicator and the packaging. The product didn’t cause any eye discomfort like the Latisse, and I hadn’t used the Latisse for more than a two months before beginning the Enyderm Eyelas Serum. I hoped at least to see this product extend the results of the Latisse, but didn’t notice that it did anything to improve or extend the effects of the Latisse until the 8th week.I did begin to notice a thickening of my lashes, but still, now week 10, don’t see much lash lengthening. While I do like the product – if it was $25 (it is over twice the size of the Latisse, which is $125 for half this amount) instead of $49-$99, I would be more likely to recommend. It does definitely strengthen and thicken the lashes eventually, but not significantly enough to justify full retail pricing. (this review was written by my wife, I am not too concerned with the thickness of my eye lashes 😉

Janette South Greenfield, MO

Couldn’t continue use due to itchy lids

Can’t say for certain if this product will do anything for you long term since I had to discontinue use of it after several days. It was causing me severe itchiness and I was rubbing my lashes so much that I was caused some of my own lashes to fall out. I don’t think this product is necessarily bad, I just had a bad reaction to it and chose to stop using it.Please remember that anyone can experience an allergic reaction to a product, even products that claim to be hypo-allergenic. It’s your responsibility to monitor your response to anything new that you’re putting on your skin (I learned this lesson the hard way in my early twenties after a bad bout of contact dermatitis from a hypo-allergenic lotion that left me with weeping sores all around my eyes – thankfully no scars other then the memories). Just a friendly reminder to exercise some common sense, especially since this product description includes a very vague: “Irritation study showed no irritation caused by product”. This doesn’t mean that you yourself won’t/can’t experience irritation. Anyways, happy for those who were able to achieve the results they wanted with this product but I’m going to stick with my mascara for now.

Tamara Norris, IL

A bit worrisome…

Since this product isn’t FDA approved, it worries me to use it. I’ve tried it a few times, but it’s never made it into my nightly routine. The times I’ve used it, it has made my eyes burn. It’s not worth affecting my eyesight to improve the growth of my eyelashes.

Darla Buskirk, NY

Just okay.

First off I was very disappointed when this arrived because the applicator was bent all out of shape when I first opened this. Tried to straighten the hairs out and they came right out of the wand. In my opinion the price that is paid for this stuff – the wand should be higher quality! I still was able to use the serum using a different wand that came with similar product I had, but this was still disappointing. The serum does work, kind of. After about a month of usage there was a difference but it was barely noticeable.

Goldie Accord, NY

Iritating to the eyes for what little difference it makes

I started using the Envyderm Eyelash groth and conditioner system a month ago. While I have noticed some thickening and lengthening when using the product, I cannot get around the fact that it does irritate my eyes when using it. It gives a slight burn when putting it on and later the product makes my eyelids itch. I am of an age that I just cannot afford to be rubbing my eyes. That defeats the purpose of any eye makeup or eye area enhancement product.I have discontinued using the serum.

Elba Sharples, WV

I think it works!

Well I have to say that my eyelashes are not that bad to begin with. However, my left eyebrow is lacking. Actually, my right eyebrow could use some help too. My motive with this product was to boost my eyebrows more than my eyelashes. Every night I paint it on my eyebrow, in the full part, closest to my nose. Then I paint it along my eyelid next to my lashes, as it says to do in the directions. I have been using this product for about a month and a half and I have to say that I think my left eyebrow is starting to look more normal. When I apply my makeup I always have to fill in my eyebrows with dark brown, matte eyeshadow and brush it with an eyebrow brush a bit to blend it in. Otherwise I look tired or washed out. I do this even to go to the gym because I am so put off by the way it looks if I don’t do it! So I will continue with this product.But a warning. The other night after I applied it, I remember rubbing my eye because I was tired. Bad idea! I woke up with a pretty puffy eye. I didn’t know what happened, but later on I figured it out. When you apply this serum, it feels a little warm/tingly. In the directions it says not to get the serum in contact with your eye. Take heed! I know it was my fault, so I’m just warning you that my eye looked pretty bad for two days, and I didn’t use the serum in that time period.I think the amount that comes in this tube would last several months. You don’t need much, and you only apply it at night.

Alexis Frost, MN

It is possible…

As soon as I saw this product, I wanted to give it a try. I’ve never had thick, long eyelashes but have always wished my eyelashes were. I know it’s not always biologically possible because of the genetics a person is born with or other health issues so I will say I’m just a bit pessimistic about this serum working for me. For a little background, my father is Caucasian and my mom is Asian, and so I ended up with eyelashes just shy of being thick and long.I have only been using Envyderm Eyelash Growth and Conditioner Serum for two weeks. So far, I haven’t experienced any irritation from the serum and it actually feels nice and cool when applied, which I have been applying at bedtime. Applying the serum is very easy with it’s applicator brush. The serum itself is clear when applied and is unnoticeable when dried unless you apply the serum too thick then when it dries, the serum looks white.In this short time, I can’t really tell if there is any growth so I’m not in the group of 25% who saw growth during the initial two weeks. But I do plan on using this serum for a full eight weeks, longer if I can see that it works, and will report back here then with my results, hence the 3 star review as of today, November 16.Also, according to box that Envyderm Eyelash Growth and Conditioner Serum came in, this serum can also be used to help with eyebrow hair growth. I haven’t used the serum on my eyebrows because they are naturally thick and in constant need of plucking. Since I don’t want to increase my eyebrow hair growth I haven’t used the serum on my eyebrows so I can’t verify that claim.As a side note, I have found thatL’Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.34 Ouncedoes make my eyelashes pop more, actually making them look longer and thicker.ETA on 2/23/2012:I can now say without a doubt that Envyderm does work. After using using Envyderm for around three months, I have seen more eyelash growth, that appears thicker and my eyelashes have grown a little longer than what is normal for me. While I haven’t ended up with super long, thick eyelashes, the end results have definitely been a positive.I also noticed that after I had rubbed my eyes a lot one particular day (I have year round allergies so I do this a lot), I lost some eyelashes from a small spot but that spot filled in with new eyelashes quicker than normal, compared to when I have done this to myself in the past.

Tracey Fredonia, ND

No appreciable results

I have tried to be religious with putting it on am/pm, but there have been a few days here and there that I missed. I didn’t notice any growth or thickening of my lashes. Maybe because I missed a few days? If you are like me, and may possibly forget to put it on then it may not be that great of a product for you.

Dina Seaview, WA

Definitely longer, thicker lashes!

I have used Envyderm serum nightly for about a month now and my lashes are definitely more “lush” and full looking and yes a bit longer. I actually had lost a few lashes on one eye from excessive rubbing and now the lashes are more filled in looking on that eye as well. I think if you are very faithful and use it nightly, you will see a noticeable difference in your lashes. I used another brand of lash serum (not the prescription) that was almost double the price and this works as well.

Bertha Woodland, MI

Very slight difference

After weeks of use, I have noticed minimal difference in the length and thickness of the eyelashes. There is a slight sting right after application, but this disipates after a brief period. I wish that I could say that it made a huge difference in my eyelashes, but I can’t. According to the reviews here, it apparently works well for some people, just not in my household.

Lana Rotterdam Junction, NY