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Enriching Eye Serum Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Regeneration Anti Aging Cream 30ml

Protect Your Skin From Wrinkles By Anti Aging Formula Contains Extracts Of Natural Plant Oils And Vitamin E – Simple Beautiful Enriching Eye Serum Anti-Wrinkle & Regeneration Anti Aging Cream 30ml (1.01fl.Oz)

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Didn’t help me much…

As I’ve matured, a family trait of sagging upper eyelids has become more pronounced and can cause irritation to my eyes. I have tried several products, and most do little to help this problem. I don’t have wrinkles around my eyes or dark circles, so my quest in trying this eye serum was very specific. I also had a small amount of tingling and irritation on my left eyelid, so I decided to stop using this product after a few weeks. Otherwise, it is very pleasant to use – light and creamy with a delicate scent – but it didn’t help much with my own issue.

Marsha Mc Gehee, AR

Made my eyes look worse

Me: Late 40’s, dry sensitive skin with few wrinkles other than some light crows feet. I’ve been patting this with my ring finger gently around my eyes for about a week. This is more like a cream than a serum. It must have some type of under-eye brightener in it because my under-eye area glows which I don’t like the look. Maybe if you have dark circles this would help you, but I don’t have those. The main reason I don’t care for this is I have more crepy skin under my eyes than I normally do. I can’t blame it on anything but this product since I’m getting enough sleep and I haven’t been to any wild parties recently. Review sample provided by manufacturer.

Brandie Newberry, FL

Youth in a bottle?

At 40, I am lucky that my skin has held up well. I don’t smoke, wear much eye make up, and stay away from the sun. However, my age is starting to show around my eyes.For months I have been looking for a good eye cream. I have used some but have not found one I really liked. I wanted to give this time before writing my review to make sure it was actually working.The first night I used it I could feel a slight ‘tingle’ under my eyes. After I washed my face I applied a few ‘dots’ right under my eyes. It was not until a few days after that I started to notice the difference. Under my eyes I have wrinkles, discoloration, and a few bumps. Ever since using this serum my eyes are already showing great results! My wrinkles have smoothed out, even the discoloration has faded and my skin under my eyes just blends in with the rest of my face. I was going to write my review last week since I had enough time to use the product but wanted to give it ample time so I could say without a doubt that I can see a difference and I now can say I can!I love that the serum is not oily; it has a great texture to it and is very easy to apply. The only thing I had to get used to, I sometimes rub my eyes at night and had to remind myself not to do so or the serum will get in your eyes. After doing this one night in one of my eyes, I did not make that mistake again.The bottle is slightly frosted and if you are concerned if you are running low and can’t tell from looking at the bottle, you can remove the lid and look inside to see how much you have left. Mine is about 85% full and I have used a lot of it. Like I said above though, a little goes a long way.I was given the chance to sample this product and am so glad I did. My skin is back to how it used to be and feels wonderful! I think this is probably the best eye serum I have tried yet!

Kaitlin Centralia, IL

nice moisturizer

I like this eye cream. It is creamy and provides nice moisture for the soft skin around my eyes. It feels good and is not greasy. Is it a miracle cream? I doubt it, bit it does make the skin soft and that will help keep wrinkles away, right?

Cherry Somers, CT

Goodbye and good riddance dark circles

I’ve been patting Enriching eye serum around my eyes for a few weeks now and have noticed a reduction in dark circles. The crows feet seem slightly diminished, but I don’t think the result was as dramatic as the dark circle reduction. The serum itself is a nice creamy consistency that pats on easily and absorbs well. I don’t have to use much so the bottle will last awhile. There is no overwhelming "cosmetic" scent, just a nice natural scent that quickly disappears after use.Product sent for evaluation.

Ester Witts Springs, AR

Excellent eye serum by Second Glance Beauty!

This serum, which is white and creamy (like a moisturizing cream), is a fine quality eye serum perfect for addressing the problems which have lately been cropping up for me concerning the skin surrounding my eye area. At 62, my eyes have now begun to get puffy in the morning, as well as to show more fine lines and wrinkles. As I have always had pretty eyes, I want to maintain them. This enriching eye serum is a big help! What a great addition to my beauty regimen! All I have to do is pat it on gently twice a day around the eye area, which is the area with the thinnest skin on your face, as we all know.I have incipient glaucoma in one eye (I use drops for it), and I have had an operation for a cataract in the other. As well, I have sensitive skin. I had no problems with the application of this serum. Nothing burned or bothered me.I cannot wait to see the ongoing results which I anticipate from using Second Glance Beauty’s Enriching Eye Serum Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Regeneration Anti Aging Cream! So far, I like it a lot!It is time to get proactive here, for me. I know that many other people my age are looking for serum treatments for their eyes. I can tell you that this is gentle and I anticipate that it will be effective if I use it regularly.What a relief to be doing something several months before I plan to be going to see some classmates I have not seen in over 40 years! This will keep me motivated to use this regularly. It is easy to use anyway. :)Second Glance Beauty’s eye serum will help me look my best. I have every confidence in it!thanks,jean

Leonor Edgartown, MA

excellent product

Simply Beautiful Enriching Eye Serum Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Regeneration Anti Ageing CreamI’m very neglectful of my skin, naughty really as I’ve very sensitive skin, but I’m lucky in that its pretty good for my age ( 40+). I’ve never used a specific eye cream, but have used this daily for three weeks now. I’ve not many wrinkles or lines anyway, ( thankfully!!) and applied this above, around and below my eyes. It didn’t irritate my skin – that was good, I didn’t want any wrinkles or lines smoothed out by red, inflamed and puffy, irritated skin 🙂 I’d rather stick with the few lines I have….Its in attractive packaging, and easy to use from the simple pump dispenser. I find those far better than tubs that you dip fingers into – the potential to spread germs in it is high. That then could cause spots, so pumps seem a far better idea. Its about the consistency of double cream, white in colour and easily absorbed into skin without any irritation. Its got very little scent too which I like, heavy clashing products aren’t a great idea and I love my perfume to smell as it is without competition from other products! It sinks into skin quickly and doesn’t “sit” like heavier ones do. Its odd but if face creams are too heavy and sit like that I always feel I can’t breathe…go figure? It difficult to tell what overall effect this has but it feels good, my skin feels soft and I’ll happily continue to use it. I’ve been using it along with the Age Defy serum and they go well together.Product supplied by sellers.

Abbie West Liberty, OH

rich and brightening

I’ve been putting this under and around my eyes for a few weeks now and I’d say it meets all my basic criteria for an eye cream or serum – except maybe price, but I was provided with this product in exchange for agreeing to review it, so that hasn’t been a factor. However, you do get a full ounce of this product and I do notice that many products provide only half an ounce (or less!) and can actually cost more when compared ounce for ounce (or ml for ml).The serum (more like a thick, rich lotion) comes in a bottle with a great pump. It’s nothing super special exactly, but I’ve had plenty of face creams and lotions that only dispense a full pump so if you want 1/2 pump or 1 1/2 pump, you end up wasting product. Not this one.The only thing other than the pump that really stands out to me is the eye brightening effect. I’m not really sure what does that, but it works with my very irish/english type skin tone. Perhaps not surprising since it seems like this company is from the U.K.

Mayra Fabens, TX

Perfect Eye Serum

I started using this product a couple of weeks ago, alongside the daily skin serum that goes with it. The eye area always needs a little bit of extra help, and I’ve noticed that the skin around my eyes has got more delicate with age, with quite a few lines and wrinkles appearing over the years.The serum is rich and smooth but very easily absorbed by the skin, and certainly gives the feeling of making this area much more moisturised. It is more lotion-like than the serums designed just for the face, but it is not thick or gloopy and you only need a tiny amount which gives great results.I apply this every morning and night, and it should be patted onto the area around the eyes, rather than rubbed in. This prevents the skin being damaged further by dragging it. The product smells lovely, very natural and not overpowering at all. It contains extracts of natural plant oils and also vitamin e, and these ingredients make the product seem very soothing.I have definitely seen a change in the skin around my eyes since beginning to use this product and will continue to use it alongside the regular face serum.The packaging is good quality, and looks very nice on the shelf.

Tessa Smith Center, KS

Deep moisturizing and plumps up wrinkles

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I’m very pleased with it. I had been using Second Glance Beauty’s Age Defy Serum for the last month or so, and didn’t find it to be quite moisturizing enough for my middle aged skin.This serum is more like a rich cream, dispensed one drop at a time from the pump. It’s so much more rich and moisturizing that I don’t need any other moisturizer after using it – and I’m all for anything that simplifies my facial ritual. I’ve also been using it around my mouth, where I have the starts of tiny lines.It plumps up my skin to make my wrinkles less noticeable, and it leaves my skin smooth and soft. It has a very faint, clean scent and the bottle is very attractive on my vanity. it makes my skin tingle a tiny bit when I first put it on, due (I think) to the starflower/borage oil in it. Starflower is an anti-inflammatory and helps regenerate skin cells. Starflower also is supposed to soothe and heal eczema and other skin conditions. I’m very happy with this product, because it actually does improve the condition of my skin and plump up wrinkles.I received a sample bottle of this Enriching Eye Serum for testing and review purposes.

Pat Culberson, NC

keeps the puffy eyes at bay

I’ve been using this product twice daily for a couple of weeks now. I typically wash my face, use a toner, use an all-over serum (at night), use a moisturizer, and then apply this cream under my eyes. It fits pretty easily into my (somewhat complicated) skincare routine.If you wear contact lenses, you would want to put them in before applying this product. I made the mistake of using this first, and then my lower eyelids were hard to pull down because my fingers slipped a bit.This has more of a cream or lotion consistency than a serum consistency, but it does absorb fully into my skin (i.e., no product remains on the surface of my skin). The product is dispensed from a metered pump that only gives you a little at a time — this is the perfect amount for my needs, and there’s little-to-no waste. One ounce is a lot of product, so a bottle will last you a long time.I have sensitive skin, but I did not have any allergy- or sensitivity-type reactions with this product. I did not notice an odor but I also did not attempt to smell it! A minute or two after applying, I did feel something of a tingling sensation beneath my eyes. This was not painful and was less intense than the similar sensation I got with the Skinfinite LOL Eye Serum.Now, on to the results! I realized after a week or two of using this that I wasn’t seeing a huge change. I could see some minimization of fine lines. But then I thought back on what had been happening in my life while I’d been using this. I had had a horrible cold with a chest cough that had been keeping me up half the night. I was getting very little sleep and I felt terrible. (The cold ended up going on for over two weeks.) I should have had puffy eyes nearly every morning, and I didn’t.So, for me, the main benefit of this product was keeping the puffy eyes at bay. At the time I am writing this review, the price per bottle is quite good compared to competing products from other manufacturers.Disclaimer: product provided free of charge by the manufacturer.

Susan Van Nuys, CA

Pack Your Bags! It’s Simply… Wonderful!

Using lotions and creams is somewhat of a foreign concept to me. At 32 I can count on one hand the number of times that I used makeup; my skin is healthy and thus far I have no wrinkles. With all of that being said, one family trait has dogged me since my teenage years, a trait that is exacerbated by my insomnia. Dark bags christen my face under my eyes and make me look exhausted (to be fair, I usually am…). So when I was given the opportunity to try out this eye serum, I jumped at the chance.Simply… Beautiful Enriching Eye Serum is actually closer to a quality lotion in texture. There is a measured pump that is the dispenser; the amount dispensed is the perfect quantity to lightly dab the serum under both eyes. Note that dabbing the serum is critical; rubbing the skin can actually result in darker circles!In terms of absorption the SBEES (for short) does take a few minutes to disappear from under your eyes, but not long enough as to pose a problem. After it has been absorbed the skin where it was applied feels soft, but there is no residue that I noticed. Other reviewers have indicated that they felt a slight tingling sensation; I never felt any. The product does not have a perfume; there is a slight smell that is similar to that of "unscented" and/or sensitive-skin formulations of lotions.Does It Work?This is something that I found difficult to gauge. While the skin under my eyes is definitely softer, the dark circles are still there. What I can say is that any "bagginess" (e.g. "bags under the eyes") did start to fade during the second week of daily use. By week three the puffiness was gone and the dark circles were toned down a bit, but still obvious. So while the serum is capable of reducing puffiness under the eyes, the bruising from lack of sleep will still show. Fortunately there is a thing called "eye concealer" that I can apply after using the SBEES to hide those dark circles!Final SayWhile I have only been using this product for roughly a month, I can attest that it will reduce puffy eyes. In terms of wrinkles, since the serum works by "tightening" your skin, it would logically make sense that reducing the bags under your eyes by pulling your skin taut would result in the reduction of wrinkles, also. If you have dark circles that grace your eyes, the serum will help a bit, but ultimately you will need to use a concealer product and/or other method to hide them.Finally, the serum does make the skin around your eyes feel silky smooth, doesn’t have an odor which could irritate the skin, and the pump on the bottle dispenses exactly enough product to use for both eyes. Since one pump provides enough serum for both eyes, the 1.01 fl oz. bottle will last you quite a while. As I mentioned prior, even with daily use over a month I have barely tapped the amount of serum that is in the Simply… Beautiful bottle. Thus, with everything taken into account, I feel confident recommending this product for you or as a gift for a friend. Then, in a few weeks time, you will see the marvelous change in the skin around your eyes!**Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the manufacturer at no cost to review. While I do not feel that this influenced me in any capacity, I am legally obligated to disclose this fact so that you can come to your own conclusions about the merit of this analysis.**

Daisy Mountain View, MO

effective, non-greasy eye treatment has whipped cream texture

Simply Beautiful’s Enriching Eye Serum Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Regeneration Anti Aging Cream 30ml (1.01fl.oz) is truly a beauty treat with its fluffy, whipped-cream texture! Rich, but non-greasy, this effective, eye-brightening cream soothes and smoothes the delicate area around the eye. After just a few uses, the appearance of the skin around my eyes has visibly improved, and this has “lifted” the look of my whole face. I have a new “glow”, and I look refreshed, allowing me to use just a light touch of makeup. This product has virtually no discernible scent, and it comes in a generous-sized pump dispenser. If you like non-fussy beautifiers that provide superior results, then you will love this product!Review Product Gratis Second Glance Beauty

Johnnie Ben Franklin, TX