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ENJOY Texture Cream

ENJOY Hair Texture Cream: For hair that needs extra strength, now there is haircare that’s gentle. The ENJOY Hair Texture Cream system contains ingredients, which defines waves and curls with shine. ENJOY formulas help fortify color-treated hair while optimizing color retention and providing optimal shaping and styling control. USAGE TIP: For a softer feel, mix with ENJOY Shine and Smooth. POPULAR NEEDS AND USES: BENEFITS: Detangler Cream, Hair Thickening Cream, Hydrating Cream, Strengthening Cream CLASSIFICATIONS: Natural Cream, Organic Cream, Color Treated Hair Products REPAIRING: Repairing Cream, Smoothing Cream, Moisturizing Cream, Hair Treatment

Key features

  • FLEXIBLE CONTROL: ENJOY Hair Texture Cream gives your hair texture, separation and volume without weighting it down; great for spiking, flips, defining and enhancing curls; easy to use on all hair types; contains no waxes or oils; rinses out easily.
  • ANTI-FRIZZ: This versatile, lightweight cream provides long-lasting, pliable anti-frizz control; the powerful conditioning formula provides a controlled, sleek finish to hair without stiffness or greasiness; use throughout the day for touch-ups, as well.
  • COLOR SAFE: Color safe formula for all hair types; for color treated hair; the anti-fade system for long-lasting color purity; protective formulas that help preserve and maintain color brilliance; color-treated hair requires special care.
  • STYLING: Shaping and styling cream for color treated hair infused with refreshing ingredients; this hydrating cream softens and adds shine and acts as a styling aid and treatment product in one.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA: Advanced haircare formula absorbs into hair to weightlessly smooth and add shine; gentle enough for color-treated or all hair types; most popular uses are: detangler cream, hair thickening cream, hair styling cream, hair spiking cream and smoothing cream.
  • Great for spiking,
  • Flips, and curls
  • Easy to use on all hair types

Honest reviews


Perfect for curly/wavey hair!

My daughter and I have curly hair, hers very long and curly. After years of trying to find the product to enhance these curls, we found it with Enjoy Texture Cream.

Emily Norwalk, CT

Keeps Hair Full

So I am going through this faze where I like to go back and forth with one day BIG hair and the next sraightened. This product works great for the big hair days.

Lidia Naval Air Station/ Jrb, TX

This is great stuff!

I have *very* fine, silky hair and it’s almost impossible to style it. I found Enjoy Texture Cream a few years ago and love the stuff! Not only does it hold REALLY WELL, but the frangrance is faint and not objectionable.

Chasity Tajique, NM

I Love This Product

I am a product junkie but this is really my go to product. I have been using it for over 9 years, am thankful they still make it and will not be without it. I have short hair and like the way it disappears but still gives good hold and texture without being greasy or stiff. My stylist advised to start with a very small amount and rub it between the hands so the heat could activate the product. Plus it also helps you to spread it evenly throughout your hair. A tube of this will last a very long time making it a great value as well.

Holly Piedmont, OK

Hubby Loves It!

My husband has been using this texture cream for years. He likes the fact that it gives great hold, while being non-sticky and non-greasy. It has a really thick, creamy texture and is easy to manipulate throughout the hair. The cream maintains hold all day, while giving the hair a soft, natural look…..not stiff. My husband tried several other hair products over the years before he finally found this one, thanks to the woman who cut his hair. He started using it at her recommendation and hasn’t looked back since. He loves it and highly recommends it! BTW, in case you’re wondering, this stuff usually costs around $20+ in the beauty supply store. I finally got smart and decided to check to see if Amazon carried it. Imagine my delight when I found it here for several dollars cheaper.

Diane Grant, AL