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Enjoy Intensive Hair and Skin Treatment Oil, 3.4 Ounce

An intensive, non-greasy, fry formula that instantly infuses and absorbs into hair and skin dramatically reducing drying time.

Key features

  • Smooth, condition, and seal with unparalleled shine
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity

Honest reviews


Smooth hair

I love this oil. My hair dresser gave me a sample. We live in a humid climate and it is hard to keep my hair not frizzy. This oil not only keeps the frizz down, it also makes the hair soft, and smells wonderful. It is a small bottle, but very little is needed when you apply it. After applying it I always use the left over on my arms. It makes for a great body oil too.

Judi Sumner, TX

My hair is so much softer

This stuff smells amazing. I use just a tiny bit in my super processed and color damaged hair every night. It keeps my hair from being uber brittle and dry. The bottle lasts me a long time and is totally worth it.

Carolyn West Blocton, AL

great for hair

I have thin dry hair and I usually apply a little bit of oil only on the end part of my hair, after i take a shower or whenever I feel like my hair is getting dry. I like this one more then the Moroccan oil because it does not contain sulfates, and since you do not rinse this oil out it is important that you do not put sulfates into your hair. It smells very good, and the bottle is cute. A little hard to get the oil out but no big deal. I usually put too much on my hand but i just rub in into my hands and even on my face and it makes your skin feel amazing! I have dry skin and dry hair and I wish I could take a bath in this stuff sometimes. I gave a bottle to my husband and he uses it on his hair as well, instead of the hair products. He used to have flaky skin on his scalp but this oil solved the problem! ENJOY!P.S. The only Con is that it’s not all natural, it does contain a lot of chemicals. I would like to try 100% argan oil and see how it works…

Allie Alvordton, OH

I love my hair!

I have pretty thick wavy hair and I usually straighten my hair with a flat iron about five times a week. For the past two years or so the only product I would use in my hair is heat protectant and then maybe some serum after I straightened my hair to fix any fly-aways.. and looking back my hair didnt always look “smooth.” So sad!I’ve heard tons of great reviews on a product called “Morrocan Oil” and when I went to my local Pure Beauty store I asked if they carried anything similar to it and the girl recommended “Enjoy Intensive Hair & Skin Treatment Oil” and I’ve been using it ever since instead of heat protectant and serum.What I usually do is after a shower is I towel-dry my hair and then after rubbing maybe a nickel-size (my hair is thick and goes down to just above my waist – I recommend less if you have less hair/lenght of hair) amount of oil into my hands I run my hands/fingers through the ends of my hair and work my way up until all the product is gone. Afterwards I blow dry my hair and straighten it – best part..It takes half the time it normal would take after I use Enjoy oil.. and my hair looks and feels soooo smooth! The only warning I would give is to use be careful how much oil you use.. use too much and your hair will be really stringy/greasy. NOT what you want :)I definetly recommend this product to anyone who wants softer, smoother hair!!

Callie Merigold, MS

Yes I Do (A)

I use this oil when I’m in the treat my hair/spoil it mood. This is a rich product that nourishes my hair…well made/smells great. Yes it’s a little pricey but definitely in lines with the quality.In conjunction with the rest of my Enjoy products that I use I have nothing but great things to say. The gold star oil is a little cheaper, and does a great joy too. I order via best deal at the moment between the two. The red star is thicker though…you can tell the difference, but both worth the $.

Katy Caldwell, KS