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Enjoy Color Holding Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

ENJOY Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner: For hair that needs extra strength, now there is haircare that’s gentle. The ENJOY Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner system contains ingredients, which strengthens hair after just one wash. This hydrating shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses and nourishes dry hair to leave it strong and silky. Rich lather and natural aromatic properties help energize and invigorate the senses. The ENJOY Sulfate-Free color care shampoo treatment protects and conditions hair for long-lasting color purity. POPULAR NEEDS AND USES: SULFATE-FREE: Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Sulfate Free Dandruff Conditioner BENEFITS: Detangler Shampoo, Hair Thickening Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Strengthening Shampoo CLASSIFICATIONS: Natural Conditioner, Organic Shampoo, Color Treated Hair Products REPAIRING: Repairing Conditioner, Smoothing Shampoo, Moisturizing Shampoo, Hair Treatment

Key features

  • STRENGTHENING: Gently cleanse, moisturize and smooth while relieving stressed out hair and scalp; this advanced luxury shampoo and conditioner system was designed to strengthen, thicken and hydrate all hair types.
  • VOLUMIZING: Luxurious, 24-hour hair shine and volume that lasts; this shine-enhancing shampoo is specially formulated to remove dirt and styling residue that can make hair look dull; enhances hair’s natural light reflectiveness and enhances thickness; makes hair cuticles smooth and aligns hair fibers for amazing shine.
  • COLOR SAFE: Color safe formula for all hair types; for color treated hair; the anti-fade system for long-lasting color purity; protective formulas that help preserve and maintain color brilliance; color-treated hair requires special care.
  • SULFATE FREE: Sulfate-free, thickening shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair infused with refreshing ingredients; this hydrating shampoo and conditioner softens and adds shine while also fighting split ends.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA: Advanced haircare formula absorbs into hair to weightlessly smooth and add shine; specially formulated for fine hair to add thickness; gentle enough for color-treated or permed hair; most popular uses are: detangler shampoo and conditioner, hair thickening shampoo, hydrating conditioner and strengthening shampoo.

Honest reviews


Got my hair back on track

I had a stylist recommend this set to me and I’ve been using these products for over a year now. The shampoo doesn’t lather quite the way I’d like it to, but the end results with the conditioner are great! I don’t feel that I get any build up or residue and I now feel my frizzy and hard-to-manage hair is back on track and healthy. I also love that it’s sulfate-free, making my color last a lot longer. I have pretty straight har, but it’s coarse and frizzy if I don’t use good products on it. I also highly recommend the En Joy hair masque if you need some extra TLC for your hair. Love it!

Imogene Waltham, MA

Wonderful product

Just love this stuff. Leaves my fine, straight hair soft. The conditioner does not weigh my hair down. Arrived on time.

Molly Downey, CA


I read the previous reviews and thought, maybe I’ll get lucky because the real shampoo really works great. However, the shampoo from this seller (sold by APPEAL) is completely watered down. You can’t even pour it in your hand without it trickling through your fingers, and it barely lathers up. The conditioner, on the other hand, seems fine, smells as it should and does the job (which is why this review got an extra star). It’s hard to tell though if you don’t also have the right shampoo. I would not recommend buying from this seller.

Nora Evart, MI

Fantastic Shampoo and Conditioner

UPDATE (3/13/14): I have noticed more reviewers giving this product a lower rating because they are receiving a watered down version of the shampoo. That I can say is true because I myself have ordered a set and received a watered down shampoo that almost falls through your fingers. I was upset that I had spent money on this and the product didn’t meet my expectations. However, it really depends on what SELLER you choose to order from. The last time I ordered this set I purchased it from the seller: APPEAL. I received the watered down shampoo and was very disappointed because this set really is great for my hair! After I had run out, I decided I’d give them one more try, and if I received at crappy product again I would try and find this set at a local salon (even though the price would be much higher than here). I chose a different seller: NY Supply and this time the product I received was exactly how I remember the shampoo to be, nice and thick! It works just like I remembered it to and made my hair feel healthier after just one wash. My advice to anyone trying to purchase this product is to search through the sellers that carry this product and go with one that has a really good review. I can at least vouch for NY Supply, they sent me the product I was expecting without any disappointment.This is the best Shampoo and Conditioner set I have ever used. I saw the reviews online and decided to give it a try. I’m sure glad that I did because I will never switch products again. I have extremely fine hair which gets very oily and requires me to wash it everyday. This stuff is really great, I can now go without washing my hair for a day and it still looks fresh and clean without the oil. My hair has never looked healthier. Usually my hair just falls flat and looks very dried out and dull. This product brings your hair to life and gives it tons of volume. It may be a bit expensive by a little goes a long way. One bottle has lasted me a few months and I’ve used maybe half a bottle. It smells great and doesn’t leave a build up residue on your hair. Not to mention it’s made in the USA and doesn’t use the harsh chemicals other shampoos and conditioners use. I would recommend this product to anyone whose hair is flat and dried out. A must buy.

Summer Oakesdale, WA

Wonderful. Light smell

Wonderful. Light smell. A great deal for the size. I am allergic to sulfates so I am always hunting for a good deal!

Frankie Marysvale, UT


(I am a product junky. I have medium length, normal dyed hair.) I really like this shampoo and coditioner. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling clean and moisturized. My hair tends to get used to hair products within 2-4 weeks so I change them often to maintain soft silky hair. I have been using this product for over a month now and it still feel great! The shampoo is a bit thin, therefore it can slip through your fingers if you are not careful but a little bit goes a long way. Also the smell is amazingly yummy… a fruity smell. When you get a chance to splurge on hair care products, Enjoy is a must try.Follow the links to other great Enjoy products:Enjoy StraightenerEnjoy Enjoy Shine and Smooth 4. oz

Maureen Hull, MA