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End-zit Acne Control Drying Lotion

Conceals, dries, and heals unsightly pimples and acne break-outs faster than any other product available today. Clinically tested it is hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, dermatologist approved and recommended. END-ZIT drying lotions are extremely effective for use on acne breakouts, pimples, clogged pores, blackheads and oily t-zone. May considerably reduce razor bumps. Sulfur, and anti-bacterial and healing ingredient, is combined with drying agents zine oxide, talc and titanium dioxide to make END-ZIT acne control drying lotion a most effective treatment.

Key features

  • The most important step in any blemish care program. Salon quality, medicated, acne-formulation
  • Conceals, dries and heals pimples very fast
  • Four unique shades to match most skin tones
  • Hypo-allergenic, non-irritating and dermatologist approved
  • Non-comedogenic: will not clog pores

Honest reviews



I just received it a few days ago. Already, it’s clearing up my little breakouts. It blends pretty well, like a makeup. Of course, it’s more dry. I like to mix it with moisturizer or other acne leave-on lotions, specifically, one I got from my dermatologist: “sulfacetamide sodium topical suspension USP, 10%.” This is basically a sulfur lotion that is moisturizing, and it’s very good. Mixing it with this sulfur product, End-Zit, seems to make it stronger, even though the End-Zit is only 5%. The End-Zit is concentrated sulfur, and I think that’s what makes it so strong. Try it. I think you’ll love it for acne skin.

Margo Zimmerman, MN

Works great but has parabens

This stuff does what it says although unfortunately it has parabens which is a bummer. I’m going to keep it because it does work although will try not to use it to often.

Kerri Nunam Iqua, AK

Love This Stuff

I was using Mario Badescu drying Lotion prior to trying this one. I think this works much better and it is less expensive.

Angelique Maytown, PA

End Zit

EndZit does just that. It dries up a break out, very quickly.It is good for teens as well as Moms & Grandmoms.I highly recommemd this product.

Aline Fair Haven, NY

Good Drying Lotion

This sulfur will dry your skin out so it heals faster. I found this particular product doesn’t blend very well with my skin. It has a strange consistency to it too. It’s like whatever is in the bottle doesn’t mix well so you have the shake the devil out of it and apply it before it separates. Just seems weird to me. I prefer to use “Liquimat”. It is sulfur based and it blends better for me and doesn’t over-dry my skin. Anyway, you never really know about these things till you try them. So I can’t say if you should or shouldn’t try this one. It just didn’t do much for me.

Marcie Elmore, AL