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Emu Oil Premium Golden – Set of Two – 4 fl.oz. each

Emu Oil 4 fl.oz Set of Two. Emu Oil is a traditional Australian Aboriginal oil and natural skin and hair moisturizer. Our emu oil is fully refined and contains all natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. Please note that some producers sell a manufactured emu oil that has been clarified. This clarification process eliminates some of the most active ingredients of the product. Our emu oil is milky white, and each batch is analyzed to confirm that all essential ingredients are present at the natural concentrations. This oil is highly penetrating to the skin, and thus fully effective as topical moisturizing treatment. InStyle Magazine featured actress Charlize Theron commenting on our product: “I’m not big into styling products, but I use this Australian oil to moisturize my hair.”

Key features

  • 1. Packaged in dark bottle to preserve all bioactive ingredients. Now also available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes. Outstanding benefits: provides radiant youthful and plumper skin.
  • 2. High Grade A 100% Pure, not mixed with other oils, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, undiluted. Reduces dryness, redness, itching, marks, and soothes sunburn and promotes hair health and growth.
  • 3. Always fresh: new batches released weekly. Each batch independently analyzed prior to release.
  • 4. Excellent skin moisturizer and hair conditioner, and with many more useful properties (aching joints, sore muscles, sprains, burns, wounds and scars)
  • 5. Sold under the Koru Naturals ethical standards: All reviews from real customers expressing unbiased opinions. Lifetime Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.

Honest reviews


Great for hair, okay for skin

I waited until after I finished a complete bottle of this brand of emu oil to post a review of the product. I purchased the product for use as described, as a simple skin and hair moisturizer.Actual use/life of bottle: One 4-ounce bottle lasted a little over one month (using -1 tsp. of oil daily – self and family).As a skin moisturizer: I live in Michigan and used it August 10-September 16, these are Michigan’s warmer months. I did not have a great need for a moisturizer but used this product on areas where I have dry spots (on ankle tattoos, and on the back of upper arms). I found that the moisturizer worked fairly well but it did not do anything above or beyond what a quality, more affordable lotion would have. The areas that I applied the emu oil to remained moisturized all day, but much like lotion, you must apply it daily. If I were to use this solely for skin moisturizing purchases, I would not purchase particular product again – maybe a more affordable blend.As a hair moisturizer: My hair type is normally at 4a/b, but I texlax my hair with a regular strength relaxer every 12 weeks for 5 minutes so I am somewhere between a 3b and 4b (varies & includes new hair growth). I tried the 6-drop method of emu oil as described on the product page but did not find that it was effective for my hair. I had to apply approximately one teaspoon of the oil to my hair in its dry state. As a hair moisturizer on dry hair it worked okay once I adjusted the amount to the needs of my hair but I did not feel like my hair was deeply moisturized, just oiled. *** I found it more effective to apply the oil on non-wash days hour before I shower. I applied about a teaspoon to my hair (dry) and stepped into a steamy shower. My hair absorbed the oil MUCH better and it was not necessary to reapply the next day if I wore a bun or protective style (although I applied to my ends anyway) ***I love this as a hair moisturizer but every hair type is different. My daughter whose hair is 3a (defined curls) naturally does not respond to this oil at all, her hair responds better to coconut oil on dry hair or water based leave in conditioner (aussie), wet or dry. My son’s 3b hair (curls, but slightly thicker and harder to define – in a short Mohawk) loves this oil. My son gets great curl definition and shine. My husband is 1b/2a (straight with some slight wave) only needs a small amount, and found it nice to mix with another product he uses when his hair must be styled for special occasions.A few words of caution: I had to make sure my hair was clear of this oil before I flat ironed. Flat Iron + Emu Oil, does not equal hair health and does not smell very good. I also would advise anyone to stop using it completely at least a week before any chemical treatment (even a 5 min. texlax). This oil penetrates the skin approximately 7 layers, you do not want a chemical treatment responding to/interacting with this oil. I would also encourage you to wait at least three days after a chemical treatment, AND after a follow-up wash for the same reason.This brand of emu oil is good. I have one bottle left from my two-bottle set. I will be trying another brand only because it was provided by my vitamin supplier and is slightly more affordable, but I definitely would use this brand/seller again. 4/5 only because I did not feel it was the best skin moisturizer and for hair, may not work for everyone. Hope this helps!

Dina Quakake, PA

Best I’ve found myself. IS there better even?

I have been using this for a few years and love it. I am in my 60’s and my skin is wrinkle-free, more or less, as it is constantly moisturized with this emu oil. I have wondered how–when I finally find someone to re-marry–I will use it at night as I do now, because you look like a greased pig with it all over your face; BUT, it WORKS!If there is another brand that is better I wish someone would tell me. I love, love, love this stuff!And the company is very conscientious, too! Excellent service, excellent product!

Karin Azalea, OR

Superb moistuizer!

I was prompted by amazon to leave feedback. I had actually wanted to wait at least a week as I have only been using the emu oil for four days. I purchased the oil to help me with a “nasty” moderate case of eczema. According to all of the information on the internet (that is backed up with very little scientific research, data or documentation) emu oil is a wonder oil. However, I personally put stock in what customers say about the different things that the emu oil has did for various conditions that they are experiencing. Scientific research on a product is very important to me. I gave the product five stars because it practically alleviates itchy skin on contact although I am having to re-apply 2-3 times a day. I am hoping that it can help the scarring from all the stratching that I did to my skin. Anyone suffering from eczema knows that the itching is unbearable. If you can get the itching under control that is more than half the better. The skin on my legs have been severely compromised from the scratching. I was hoping that this oil would help to eradicate the scarring and I know that this will take time “IF” it can do it at all. The oil feels good against the skin and is extremely moisturizing. This brand of emu oil is the only one that I have tried and does moisturize the skin. On the parts of my body that is not affected by the eczema it makes the skin looks so pretty. I am hoping and praying it helps with the scarring so that I can wear shorts this summer. I had to cut my short season off early last August due to my unsightly legs. Also, I am a black woman with natural hair and this oil is wonderful on my hair. Although I bought the emu oil for the eczema it makes the hair soft, manageable and shiny. Although it is still early in the game I believe that this oil is very beneficial to the skin. 100% unrefined shea butter is also an excellent product to use on skin condition such as eczema and drinking oolong tea. They are two other products that I am using and that has helped my situation improve dramatically.

Samantha Montmorenci, IN

First Timer Using Emu Oil

I purchased it because of bug bits I got from camping out. It is first time using Emu Oil it was quite effectiveon reliving ichy. It kind of smoothed my skin as well. I read other review and it seems this Emu Oil can be usedfor other things as well. Smell did not bother me like other review mentioned

Nancy Sacaton, AZ

Emu oil is the best for your skin and hair

A little goes a long way so you’re using too much if your face looks like a greased pig. People need to learn how to read and follow the directions on the label. I use a couple of drops for my face and I use four drops on my hair (after I dampen my hair first to help it penetrate and close my cuticles). My skin doesn’t break out like it use to when I was using Shea Butter and I no longer have dry areas on my face. My hair is shiny and very pretty.

Blanca Bay Village, OH

Great conditioner and moisturizer for hair and skin.

Emu oil serves as a good conditioner and moisturizer for the hair and the skin. The smell isn’t great, but the oil serves its purpose.

Antoinette Hutchinson, MN

Amazing oil!

This is my second order for this amazing oil. Its thick and easy to use. Neutral to no scent. Absorbs well. During psoriasis flare ups, this oil keeps my skin moist/hydrated. After a day or two, the thicker scales come right off revealing supple new skin that is easier to treat with rx topicals. Also keeps the cracking/itchy feeling at bay.

Haley Frederick, MD

Emu oil

I have psoriasis and generally dry skin on my legs. Between daily exfoliation with Simple Sugars body scrub and use of this emu oil I my psoriasis is 80% improved. I also use this oil on my arms and neck and it leaves my skin looking and feeling great! Love it and will buy again!

Serena Cheraw, CO


I bought this based on all the great reviews and I have to say, I’m not impressed. Perhaps I just have super high expectations but I have used another brand of Emu Oil in the past and it just seemed to work better. I won’t be ordering again.

Glenna Blythe, CA

Works Wonders

I bought this product to help my wife’s dry scalp. This product is truly pure Emu oil. I have had other types of Emu Oil and they were diluted. This was not. Very happy with this product.

Nadine Severna Park, MD

love this oil

This oil is awesome. I use it when my hands get very dry and it softens them immediately. I also use it once a week around areas prone to wrinkles (eyes, mouth, etc) and I am 38 without wrinkles. I also use borage seed oil with it. I don’t have any wrinkles out sunspots. I can’t say if it’s because of this or good genes, but I live in the desert where I send a lot of time in the hot sun.

Rachel Huntley, WY

Its good

Yes it is a good oil and thin as oil should be, Soothing bt as some said it I gea for your hair it has done nothing for mine. Perhaps old age, Bu happy with it

Vera New Britain, CT

Frequent customer

I use this Emu Oil mixed with ponds and my skin is great…always receiving compliments. Does not smell, use sparingly so your skin can absorb.

Natasha Pinellas Park, FL

Love it

Love it! Use it every day. Very soothing and penetrating. This is the real stuff.Have used for years and will continue.

Claire Thorndale, TX

Nothing Special

I was very disappointed in this product. it’s nothing special and I really gave it a try too. I would not recommend this product to anyone, what it does, many on the market product can do.

Lydia Experiment, GA

Good product

And priced very nicely – pure and gentle and always good to have in the house. Doesn’t make you feel greasy after you rub it in – and doesn’t irritate my skin which is very touchy.

Mellisa Liberty, IN

My skin is soooo sensitive! This stuff is awesome!

I love this stuff! I have acne prone skin and use just a pea size amount after a chemical peel. It makes my skin pliable and stops the cracking around my mouth which can be quite painful when I try to eat. I will purchase again if I ever run out of this batch 🙂 It really does last a good long time.

Sierra Ozark, MO