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Empty Polish Bottles 1/2 oz. 6 Count

Premium glass empty polish bottle with brush inside. 1/2 oz size. Six bottles in the pack.

Key features

  • Premium glass empty polish bottle with brush inside and mixing ball
  • 14ml/0.5 oz capacity
  • Used by Professional Salons
  • Brush lacquered for protection

Honest reviews


Didn’t look new

This product didn’t look new – there was a white flaky substance on the brush. It made me wonder if they emptied a bottle of nail polish and tried unsuccessfully to clean it.I don’t plan to use these bottles, because I’m not sure what the white flakes are.

Phyllis Point Baker, AK

Exactly what I needed.

Durable. Brush is fine. I make my own nailpolish and these bottles were exactly what I needed. They are yhe size of standard nailpolishes found in the store or slightly larger. Thank you!

Kathrine Stetson, ME

Great for mixing colors!

I initially bought these empty bottles to use with PVA, to make application easier as a basecoat when using glitter polishes. I’ve since found joy in mixing some of my unused polishes to create new, and grand color schemes. I’m thinking that they’ll come in handy down the line when I get to the point of making my own indie polishes. At the price, they can’t be beat. Definitely a must have for anyone interested in polish.

Rebecca Bern, KS

These polish bottles are fine…

…but they don’t come with the ball bearing as pictured. I had to purchase those separately. I recommend dipping the brushes in some acetone and crunching them around a bit to soften the bristles and get rid of any residue before use (allowing it to dry completely before sticking them in polish, of course). Once I did that, the brushes were perfectly good.

Janie Elm Hall, MI

Durable bottles

I love nail art and these are one of the basic items required.I gave these a try and they are better than I imagined.Durable bottles and good brush.Will buy again if I need more.

Chasity Worthington Springs, FL

happy with order

i love my little bottles – service was fast and none were broken – would use this vender again and recommend to friends

Ofelia Wisdom, MT

“perfect little bottles”

Got these awhile ago,I have several uses for them.One is being used formula cuticle oil.The oil came in a squeeze bottle,but brushing the oil on my cuticle gives me more control.I have another bottle filled with resin.Resin used for fiberglass nail application.The resin also comes in a squeeze,brushing resin on also gives me better control of the resin application to my nails.I have two other bottles with nail polishes that I mixed myself.I made tinted sheer colors for top coats.The bottles came to me clean,and wrapped well.I have been looking for empty nail polish bottles for a long time, and now I found them.

Wilda Beaver Falls, PA