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The perfect nail set for all your artistic need. This Nail Art polish set contains 50 colors each presents long wearing and chip-resistant nail lacquers. Colors include 1, Blue Glitter 2, Copper Glitter 3, Bronx Glitter 4, Armageddon 5, Crush Shell 6, Purple Glitter 7, Mermaid Tail 8, Cosmos 9, Pink Glitter 10, Silver Glitter, 11, Silver Glitz 12, Red Glitter 13, English Breakfast 14, Luscious Lilac 15, Lavender 16, Lover 17, Lock Down 18, Baby Blue 19, Bunny 20, Neon Yellow 21, Neon Fushia 22, Neon Purple 23, Evergreen 24, White 25, Funky Pink 26, Neon Orange 27, Retro Denim 28, Blue 29, Green 30, Sky Blue 31, Red 32, Love Plum 33, Socialite 34, Pink Lady 35, Barbie 36, Toyland 37, Black 38, Yellow 39, Sweet Sonnet 40, Copper 41, Silver 42, Mirror 43, Dream Girl 44, Cobalt 45, Atlantic 46, Brown 47, Subtle Flirt 48, Neon Green 49, Elegant 50, Vampire. Each bottle is 8ml/0.28 oz. Also comes with 3 Scented nail polish remover pads.

Key features

  • 0.28 oz each
  • 50 Color Nail Lacquer Set
  • Display Rack is NOT included

Honest reviews


Great variety

Love the variety in them so many possibilities and yes I did have one that came broken but I messaged them and responded quickly and will be sending me a replacement as you can see in the picture of my nails you have great percision to do a little palm tree or if you wish to paint your whole nail with them they have so many wonderful colors. Love this product if I ever run out I will be buying again and works great as a present for nail junkies like me 🙂 The nail polish pads work great they took of my other nail polishes just fine they work good and since its acetone free wont harm you and love the smell. This is a great buy for your money and no it does not come with a stand if you read carefully it only said the nail polish and the 6 containers of nail polish remover so you will have to get a makeup case or something to store them I store mine in a big metal makeup case with all my other nail art supplies.

Yolanda Duncan, NE

It’s ok…

I believe that this product is only made for nail Art… The description stated that you can also use it as nail polish… so I bought it. I not into doing my own nail art but only wanted a nail polish… I did not like the result

Antonia Mcdaniel, MD



Leticia Harwick, PA

Good selection…bad brushes

I just got my collection yesterday and was really happy with the vraiety. They bottles came in 8 boxes with 6 bottles in each and 2 individual ones. I haven’t really opened and tested all the colors yet, however, I have noticed at that I got 2 bottles of at least 3 colors (red, green and pink)! That was a disappointment as it means I actually got less than the promised 50 colors. I still have to open the rest and I hope I don’t get more repeated colors.The other thing that I really did not like were the brushes. I have been doing nail art for years and usually the brushes come in really thin so you can manage the art your drawing on a small area of the nails; however, these brushes were a bit wider and less manageble for finer lines. The brushes are also not well trimed so I would have to cut the ends of them…otherwise they would just give you messy lines.The nail polish it self seem to be of good quality and it drys fast enough, espaciaaly if you want to apply layers of drawings.

Johnnie Middle Point, OH

i like it


Stefanie Welcome, NC

good product

the manicure set is amazing. however, the brush are a bit … ghetto.i had to buy a separate set of design brushes for this.nevertheless, this is a great buy!

Marina Modena, UT


I’m very sad to have to say I am disappointed I was really expecting a lot different product there was so many of the same colors over and over I do not know what I’m going to do with them I plan on putting them in a yard sell I have no nieces to give away the rest and the colors were very dull and brown and taupe over and over and over there was only a few that were by bright colors a few that were glitters and also during shipment some of them cracked and leaking all over the product my main disappointment is there so many of the same color they were all supposed to be different

Jessie Grayville, IL

Its alright

Not all of the polishes are pigmented enough. When applied they look see through. Even after applying a line waiting for dry time and applying over and over the formula was still almost transparent. But shipping was perfect. Lost of colors to try and work with

Tamika Gibson, TN


I recieved this item ahead of schedule, the quality of the nail polish is decent (some can be rather thick.) packging was amazing, not a single issue, and no duplicate bottles.

Kimberley Vina, CA


Yes, it has a wide assortment of colors. However, the lacquer is dry, I have to use thinner to be able to use it.

Luz Mesa, CO


So happy I purchased this product. They all arrived unbroken and on time. I have used a couple and they work great. Only downside is some of these glitter based colors get gunky fast! So beware. Severa colors are similar, but thats ok because there are 50 colors and so you can expect to have different shades of the same color. Wish there were other cooler coolers but for the price I am very very happy I purchased this.

Laverne Waukon, IA

Great nail polish

They arrived in a timely fashion and they are fresh…not old polish. I purchased them for my granddaughers and they have done there nails a number of times. Hard to keep up with nail polish remover….but they sure are creative…thanks so much

Glenna Rushford, MN


These got here SUPER fast! The colors are great and the polishes were all wrapped carefully. These will bring me many happy manicures I’m sure!

Beverley Whitehall, MT

Petty Good

All of the pieces came on time. The shelf is not included and the brushes inside the bottles are a little thick, so I have had to cut some of them to make them decorate a little better. Great variety of colors.

Robert Chestertown, MD

Loooove it!

These nail polishes work great for nail art. And I absolutely adore the packaging because I’m a sucker for those things being in the Graphic Design major.Using my own nails as the testing ground, I tried out several bottles, and I must say they work extremely well at making the designs I wanted be it in thick or thin lines. It only takes a bit of practice to figure out how much polish and pressure to apply. I highly recommend these to anyone interested in doing nail art!

Queen Port Penn, DE

love all the colors

used product for nail art – stamping and it works great. colors are vibrant and thick consistency for nail art. great price

Florence Tehuacana, TX

Alot of orange and brown the color u see is not what u get

I got one red and 16 orange and browns it’s the uneven color selection that bothers me most, not as shown

Kristina Halsey, NE


Hands down the best amazon purchase I’ve ever made. A lot of reviews say they only got 48, I got all 50. Tons of colors and they even threw in some scented nail wipes for free. 100% recommend!

Kelley Ozark, AR

Beautiful Colors

I received this package the day after I ordered it! None of my bottles were broken and it was packed very well with lots of bubble wrap and foam peanuts. The paint brushes are very fine wich is perfect for painting nail art, but you wouldn’t want to use these to paint you entire nail. Great color range. Perfect for any nail polish collection.

Debbie Columbus, NC

Great products

I really like the assortment of this set, and that they are the nail art type brush. Makes for a lot of different combinations and fun.

Jennie Pollok, TX

Awesome Deal For Awesome Colors!

This was a great deal! The colors are really unique and I didn’t get a single duplicate. I love the fact that the brush is “nail art” style– although it’s a hassle trying to cover my entire nail. Luckily, I’m more of the type to use 2 or 3 different colors!I originally thought I was sent dried out scented nail polish pads, but after i rubbed it on my finger a few times more, it really did a good job of taking the nail polish off– and i’m very sensitive to acetone (although i use it all the time, i need to add lots of oil to my fingers so they dont crack and bleed shortly after) so the oil was a wonderful bonus. I’m not a real “floral-y” person, so I’m not LOVING the smells, but they do smell like real flowers and if you love flowers, you’ll love these pads. They definitely beat regular nail polish remover. :o)I’ve had an great time experimenting with the colors and came up with some really neat designs so far. I get bored easily, so 50 colors come in handy, especially for neat designs (now if only it would let me paint decently with my left hand, we’d be set)overall, an awesome deal, very satisfied with my purchase

Kristie North Spring, WV


I love all my polishes! It has all the colors i love and use! And it took only about 3-4 daya to arrive and everytjing was in good shape. I will definaetly buy this again!

Lorene Oxford, WI


This was so much fun getting in the mail. I really love all the colors and have no problems, the only thing I would say is the photo is misleading did think the stand can with.

Celia Durham, NC

lovely colors

Lovely colors. So many ideas I get for designs. Plaid and shiny colors make designs pop out more and my art work look amazing.

Cheri Derby Line, VT


I recieved my shipment yesterday (FAST, FAST SHIPPING, ordered item on Fri and recieved it on Mon) and couldn’t resist playing with them right away last night. The array of colors are amazing, I don’t think there is another striper color I would ever need (again these are NAIL ART STRIPER) polishes the kind with the long skinny brush for details. I didn’t get any repeat colors and really like almost all the colors. It does also come with a nice selection of glitter as well. The polishes themselves went on well and were smooth which is perfect for stripers as you want them to glide easily.My only complaint (not really a complaint) about the purchased product was many of the bottles were very difficult to open so teeth we’re involved…don’t tell my dentist. :-)As far as the nail polish remover pads that came in the package I guess I am a little confused about them as mine were all completely dry…I am not sure if they are suppose to be dry or not but I did use them with regular nail polish and I will say they did definately decreased the smell of the nail polish remover, it was not nearly as strong. It did leave my nails oily, maybe healthy for them???…I am not sure but did make sure to wash all the oil off prior to painting again.I would definately recommend this product for people who want a varity of nail art stripers with the THIN BRUSHES. So much cheaper then what you would have to spend at a retail store to get this complete set nevermind the fact you would have a difficult time finding this large array of colors. Do order if you are into nail art and have fun!!!

Angelia Smyrna Mills, ME


got the set but i had a LOT of doubles and the stand was broken. contacted the seller. seller was very nice and sent me a replacement set this time with all the missing colors. lol and this time stand was broken again.i didnt complain about just used crazy glue to fix it. a lot of colors! used most of them already for nail art. but i have to admit smell is a little too strong. first about 2 weeks kept giving me a headache. i seem to get used to it.have to trim the brush.

Minnie Carrollton, MO

Nice quality

Again, bought this as a gift for my wife. She has yet to use them but she says they look like they are good quality. I tried them out on a piece of paper and it dried fast and looked very bright and vibrant.

Eleanor Zacata, VA

Love it!

I love all the different colors. It makes painting a design fun. However, the brushes are a bit too thick and the polish does start to goop up rather quickly. Otherwise, I was very happy with my purchase.

Harriet Gallion, AL

brushes are not even

great price but brushes are mostly uneven. Made it difficult to create nail art because of the random brush strokes that would appear do to the uneven bristles. It was quite annoying. I still have them but I think I will throw them away cause then the polish does not dry well and smears with top coat even after waiting 10 minutes.

Ofelia Cherryville, NC

these paints are great, easy to use…

Great item, I do nails and they are so easy and fun to work with, the fine tip is easy flow of paint. Would recommend to anyone…

Betsy Rouseville, PA