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Eminence Organic Skincare. Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream

Eminence Organics Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream(2 oz./60 ml)Benefits For normal to mature, dry, dehydrated or devitalized skin types This age-defying, rejuvenating cream is designed to prevent free radical damage Reinforces collagen fibers in the skin to keep skin firm and toned All-natural ingredients offer relief to tired, dehydrated skin while soothing and moisturizing Features Blueberry Juice is high in phyto-nutrients and antioxidants Shea Butter deeply moisturizes skinNon-GMO Soy is a form a Vitamin BBlueberry Pulp defends skin against free radical damage Raspberry Juice is rich in Vitamin CBramble Juice is high in Vitamin A, C and antioxidantsEminence Organics is a highly effective, entirely organic skin care line. With all naturally organic ingredients these hand-made products are effective and extremely healing. Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and nutrients, Eminence products will give you immediate results that you will see and feel.

Key features

  • Age-defying
  • Prevent free radical damage
  • Reinforce collagen fibers for firmer skin

Honest reviews



I thought I would LOVE this, but could not get passed the smell. Not sure what "recovery cream" this one was suppose to do, but all it did for me was gag me and break me out. I had to throw it away.

Martina Sullivan City, TX

Eminence Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream

I couldn’t love this product any more than I do. Like spreading cool silk on my skin. I don’t have a lot of discretionary income, but this goes in the necessity column for me. I’ve tried many products on and off over the years, and I’m so grateful to Amazon for selecting and stocking this fabulous line from Hungary. I feel regal just wearing it. I discovered it when my daughter gifted me with the sampler collection last year. I am hooked. If I’m breathing, I’m wearing Eminence. And….I wouldn’t consider getting it anywhere other than Amazon.

Sybil Burnt Corn, AL

Very fruity/sweet smelling and rich

I am not sure about this product, maybe because I have been overwhelmed by an intoxicating grape smell on my face that feels like a heavy cream layered on my face. It just feels strange on the face.

Alma Miami Beach, FL

Love this Cream!

This is a great face cream to use at night (as it doesn’t have an SPF for daytime use). This item was shipped quickly and in the original package, brand new, unused! I love, love, love the smell of this cream and it works great! Leaves my skin so hydrated and smooth.

Beryl Bridgeville, CA

Effective and Smells Great

I’m definitely pleased with the product after trying a sample and plan on purchasing a full-sized product this week, despite being tight on funds. I love the smell, but I’m very much into fruity/foody type scents; however, I don’t think it’s overpowering and it smells natural.As far as its effectiveness, I was really impressed with what the product did. I do use other Eminence products, especially masques, but found this showed the fastest results. I also love mixing it with the Nasberry treatment, which has a smell I don’t really care for, but the blueberry masks the nasberry and the two combined really jump started my mid-30s skin. It doesn’t irritate my now-sensitive skin nor cause breakouts for me, and it’s not greasy whatsoever ( a rarity with natural products, it seems). I’ve even worn it under an SPF cream without any problems.I really noticed a difference in my skin after using it a week, especially when combined with the nasberry, but I noticed an even bigger one by the time I ran out and now I’m going through a bit of withdraw ha. So far, I have to say this is my most favorite, and I have quite a few so far. It really does feel like a nice treat at the end or start of the day–one that actually does something for once. I think I’ll be switching over to this for most nights in particular instead of the Eight Greens (also good, but I like this one more). I also like using it with the Bamboo Firming fluid underneath.I noticed a few negative comments on the product’s thickness. I wanted to add that Eminence makes their products concentrated so that you can add water to make the products a consistency that you prefer, but without losing the overall effectiveness of the product itself. They’re also designed to be mixed with other products, if so desired, which is something that the company encourages; you can even find videos on Youtube. If it’s too thick, just add water. I personally think it’s fine as is, but I don’t need a lot on, even despite having combo-dry skin. An entire dinky-sized sample lasted me more than a week, often being used twice a day. So only a small amount is necessary and watering down with a few drops of water or another cream/serum will make it easier to spread on.

Ellen Sun City, AZ

very good solution

Aging can not be defeated. But who really wants to show they got old? Well if you too are willing to look forever young this sure is a very good solution. (alsoZENMED- Omegaceramide+Extreme Hydration Recovery Moisturizer Rosacea & Acne Treatment, Redness 60ml).

Margaret Brimfield, IL

Love it

I love most all Eminence products. This product smells like a blueberry smoothie and feels good on my skin. My skin has not had any adverse reactions to this product and would buy again.

Susanne Elmwood, WI