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Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer, 2 Ounce

A clarifying moisturizer for acne-prone skin contains cucumber juice to tone and purify skin while shrinking pores blended with yogurt for exfoliating and nourishing benefits loaded with tea tree oil to detoxify skin and balance sebum production plus an antioxidant calendula oil and an emollient shea butter to replenish moisture barrier reveals a clearer, calmer, softer, smoother, soothed and healthier looking complexion to use, day and night, massage a thin layer to cleansed face and neck.

Key features

  • Formulated with natural oils and extracts
  • Balances and improves skin texture
  • Calms and reduces inflammation

Honest reviews


Perfect organic product for acne prone skin

I have been introduced to Eminence line of organic skin care products in salon I went for my facials and body care. They exclusively carry Eminence line and use them on their clients. Initially I really enjoyed the aromatherapy these products have. Stone crop mist for example leave one relaxed long after treatment is done. My skin is occasionally prone to breakouts so esthetician recommended I use probiotic line moisturizer.Probiotic diet is so popular these days, that just the name of the product prompted me to use it. I was very pleasantly surprised. I used product in the evenings only (it does not have SPF so I did not use it during daytime). Product is very light and not greasy at all. Skin absorbs it immediately. Fragrance is also pleasing and one feels good going to bed with such cream on the face. For me, the best part is in the morning. In the shower, one can feel face so smooth and soft it is as if I just applied cream on the face. Not to mention that over time, my skin completely cleared and pores became smaller.I became devoted follower of this skin care line. Not only is it beneficial for one’s skin (it is completely organic), but the company that makes it cares about the environment. They package their products carefully and all of the containers can dissolve into the earth. They also plant trees. I have tried other products made by this company and enjoyed them all. One of the rare product lines that really made me happy every time I picked up anything to use.This product is not available in department stores and can be found ony in the salons that are authorized dealers for this product line, or on Amazon through online sellers. Amazon is definitely worth using for purchases of the product. Often times, price is better compared to the prices in the retail stores. Some Amazon sellers ship products for free. Seller I purchased product from was very generous and enclosed sample for Eminence eye care product (lavender), which I tried and it is sublime!

Jerri El Paso, IL

Wonderful moisturizer for acne prone skin.

I have acne from being on fertility drugs and this moisturizer has helped immensely. The acne was getting noticeably worse through time and when I started using this moisturizer, it seemed to slow the growth of new pimples. I would buy again! It has a tingly sensation when applied, which is refreshing. I only apply it during the day. Even though I have some ace, my skin is pretty dehydrated and this is not heavy enough for night use on my skin.

Millicent Shelbyville, IL

Non-oily moisturizer for acne

I have adult acne and oily/combination skin, so I was looking for something that would not clog up the pores. This is an outstanding cosmetic line that is not tested on animals (I am a huge animal fan) and still does the job of moisturizing and clearing the skin. I would recommend using it with the other probiotic products of the same brand to get the best results. Eminence is the only product I will use from now on.

Mayra Sisseton, SD

Great calming moisturizer for acne prone skin – CRUELTY FREE

I am pushing 50. When I am starting to get a little breakout I use this lotion and it gets it under control before it’s too late. I mix a little mineral makeup in with it to make a liquid foundation. Works great.

Erma Fairmount, IL

Like it

Really enjoy this mask. Leaves a cooling feeling on the face and makes my face feel clean. I have severely acne-prone skin, and while I don’t know if it helps, it definitely does not make me break out.

Ernestine Henrieville, UT

Really works amazing!

For being organic this really is the best moisturizer i have ever use! absorbs right away and keeps my face shine free all day! which is something i cant say about any moisturizer! I usually use products that are made for oil and this really is better than any of them! I would recommend this to anyone who has occasional break outs or oily skin, it gentle yet effective!

Jeanine Ozark, AL

Great product, rather light

This is a good, skin clearing product. It’s a little light for me, I layer a serum with it since i use this as my night cream. But anyone with oily skin (not simply combination) should find it to be a great weight. It doesn’t have the nearly edible scent of more eufora products but it’s also not offensive.

Nicole Lawrence, MA

didn’t do much for me

I generally love Eminence products – this moisturizer did nothing to improve my acne prone skin – although it does feel very refreshing going on – and still left it somewhat dry. I way prefer the Stone Crop moisturizer, although it is not expressly for acne prone skin, I find that if my skin is hydrated it isn’t as oily.

Lucinda Marion, KY