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Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, 8.4 Ounce

Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser cleans and balances problematic skin, bringing clarity to even the most difficult complexions. Whether you suffer from acne or just deal with an occasional breakout, this clarifying cream-gel cleanser improves oily and problematic skin conditions for a smooth, bright, and balanced complexion. It does not just strip your skin of everything – it removes dirt, debris, and acne causing bacteria while leaving behind essential moisture and oils in order to improve the long-term health and appearance of your complexion. Cucumber extract calms and tone irritated skin while tea tree oil neutralizes bacteria that leads to acne. At the same time, astringent willow bark eliminates excess oil without dehydrating the skin. Yogurt and almond milk reduce the appearance of active acne lesions while providing a valuable infusion of probiotics and moisture. With this potent cocktail of all-natural, organic ingredients, its no wonder that Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic cleanser works so well. Clear Skin Probiotic cleanser is paraben-free, cruelty-free, GMO free, synthetic dye-free, and free of other irritating, harmful chemicals – it won’t irritate even sensitive skin and actively inflamed breakouts.

Key features

  • Balances problematic skin
  • Removes dirt
  • Paraben-free

Honest reviews



Update: This is NOT a good cleanser for my skin type I suppose. I felt my skin was looking worse but whoa, after a month of using this and changing nothing else in my routine, diet, lifestyle my skin is dull, dry, cracked, and wrinkled! I’ve NEVER experienced this before. I’ve returned to my normal cleanser and my skin is slowly returning to normal. I would definitely recommend using caution before buying an entire bottle of this!———————————————————————-I generally am a fan of most Eminence products, though I feel that I am always able to find alternative products that work even better for less and are still natural/organic.I don’t have severe acne but definitely get a few zits each month and while they are usually small and easily covered up they still are pretty stubborn and take awhile to go away (sometimes over a month even with application of zit cream!) They also always leave red marks that seem like they never fade!After reading the positive reviews I decided to give this face wash a try. I have to say it was over the price I feel comfortable spending on face wash (you can get pretty great organic brands at Whole Foods or Pharmaca for less than $25) but I thought it must be pretty good given the reviews and prices.I’ve been using it for a month now and it has done absolutely nothing. I suppose it isn’t making me break out more, which is positive, but it has done nothing to reduce the zits that I already do have.I use it 2x daily with my clarisonic and after I feel like my face still isn’t clean. It doesn’t get very foamy. I also feel like while it isn’t obviously drying my skin does seem to be a bit stretched and dry after using it. Wrinkles seem more visible. I think this is because it lacks moisturizers.I still have a ton left, so I suppose I’ll keep using it, but after I’m returning to something cheaper with just as pure of ingredients that I get at WF.

Annie Lewisville, NC

Very good face wash with a very natural smell

I would first like to start with saying that I am a 28 year old male that gets occasional white heads but mostly suffers from blackheads.I first came across Eminence products while getting a facial at the local spa. They used the VitaSkin Clear Skin Probiotic Masque and I loved it.Anyway, I have used this face wash for over a month and have noticed a slight increase in my face’s overall appearance. It is not too drastic, just a few less blackheads and little to no whiteheads. The product uses salicylic acid which is a popular anti-acne face product that is in many over-the-counter products. I like this particular face wash though because it doesn’t dry your skin out and it does use organic, natural ingredients. I also really like the fresh, slightly earthy scent of this face wash.Overall a good wash the only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is the price and the pumping mechanism. If the bottle is left in the shower in an area that gets hit with a lot of water you will notice that water seems to leak in through the pump and makes the product very watery. I would suggest keeping it at the far end of the shower or bath, out of the way of constantly falling water.

April Shady Grove, PA

Buy yoghurt instead

This product is a complete waste of money and does not work for combo/oily/acne skin. It’s not powerful enough to fight breakouts. It’s simply yoghurt put into a bottle with some great-smelling herbs. You’d get more results from a drugstore cleanser than wasting $ on this. I bought their complete probiotic line: cleanser, masque and moisturiser. I really wish I could get my money back from Eminence. This brand is only meant to be used at Spas to make you feel and smell beautiful at the time. It’d be great from someone who owns a spa but I’d never recommend for daily use, esp if you’re looking for results.

Ila Caret, VA

Good not great

I really like Eminence and the products they make…but unfortunately I am not loving this cleanser.If you are not familiar it is an all organic skincare line that makes great masks, moisturizers and a whole host of skincare products. Its primarily found in spas. The probiotic line is an all natural way of dealing with breakouts and acne. This all-natural cleanser relies on the soothing relief of cucumber and tea tree oil to cleanse and erase the signs of acne. Sweet almond milk and gently exfoliating yogurt combine with other botanical ingredients to give you a practical solution for problematic skin.I really do like the Eminence Priobiotic mask, but I am not in love with this cleanser. At first I really liked it and the way it made my skin feel (not drying but clean and very refreshed), but after several weeks I don’t think it was doing anything to help breakouts or keep my skin clear. If you suffer from breakouts or acne the cleanser you use is a crucial step in your skin care, and this just wasnt cutting it for me.I do like that it is not harsh, not drying and soothing. As many “acne” focused products leave you feeling dry and your skin stripped. However, it is not really enough to get all my makeup off and it doesnt deliver quite enough acne fighting power for my liking. If you just have the occasional pimple here and there and you are diligent about removing your makeup before you wash, I think this cleanser could be for you. So that the bottle doesnt go to waste I will continue to use this cleanser in the morning (not in the evening post makeup). But I would recommend saving the $32 it costs to buy this cleanser and putting that towards the probiotic mask, and use that 1-2x a week to treat occasional breakouts.My last small complaint is that I dont like when cleansers come in pump form because it makes them very difficult to travel with. This bottle is also quite large so I can’t really toss it in my bag for a weekend trip or vacation. And since I like to keep my face wash in the shower, you have to be careful about not keeping the bottle under the shower head as water will leak into the top.For more reviews check out pimples and wrinkles. And be on the lookout for the launch of our new site that will have treatment reviews, spa reviews and product reviews. See you at pimples and wrinkles!

Bertie Livonia Center, NY

GREAT product!

I love this face wash- it has made a huge difference in my skin! I also use the moisturizer and love both!

Liliana Summerlee, WV

Best cleaner for combination skin!

Really works great! I use it in combination with my prescription medication and it keeps my face oil free and blemish free!

Vonda Harrisburg, IL

smells great and works!

i have acne/problem skin and this product after only 1 1/2 weeks of use has made such a huge difference in my skin. i use it in conjunction with the mineral cleansing concentrate when my skin is really oily or i feel it needs a better clean and i can say i will absolutely be re buying this when i finish with it. i only use half a pump so i know ill be using this first bottle for a longgg time. it smells really nice, like cucumber and it feels cooling when i wash my face. my skin is looking so much better already- definitely buy if you have acne skin

Elaine Saint Anne, IL

Oh Dear… Not a good choice

I have been using the Eminence Vita Skin Probiotic cleanser (Purchased through Amazon) the product came from International skin care. the box it was delivered in was just a folded over piece of cardboard.. I thought not the usual standard for shipping? anyway, the bottle was fine (not damaged) I tried the cleanser, it was ultra foamy but it really smells more like strong shell fish, Not the cucumber smell that I am used to from the Mask. It almost makes me feel sick with the fishy smell.. not sure if this is the genuine product as I have been really satisfied with the Eminence cleansers so far.. I see in the product spelling it says Priobiotic instead of what I assume should read Probiotic. Guess I might throw this one away and check out others…

Faith North Rim, AZ

Eminence VitaSkin Clear Skin Priobiotic Cleanser

I like this cleanser because it’s very gentle, natural and has a very mild scent. It doesn’t perform miracles, but is a great natural every day cleanser.

Jewell Cantril, IA

Great cleanser!

I love this line! This cleanser is awesome. It keeps my skin from breaking out and feels awesome. It is hard to find in stories so I love that Amazon has it. It is all natural as well!

Miranda White Cloud, MI


This product makes my face smooth, feel moisturized and it does help my oily/dry combo skin type that I have. Also, I live in an area that we experience all types of temperatures throughout the year… (cold thru hot). I also had issues with acne and I am in my mid 20’s so this was really exciting that I was noticing fewer break-outs on my face. In addition, it has been healing the red marks on my face from previous break-outs. I would highly recommend this product.

Bobby Cascade, MD