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Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30 – 2 Fl.oz

Protect against sun exposure with this brightening daily moisturizer containing broad spectrum SPF 30. A super potent combination of five botanical ingredients which help fade dark spots while lavender soothes and clams irritated skin. For normal to dry skin types.

Key features

  • Reduces inflammation and lightens pigmentation
  • Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and nutrients
  • Skin lightener and brightener

Honest reviews


I don’t get what the fuss is all about…

Loved the idea of this product being organic and still having a sunscreen. It was also a better price than my local spas…BUTIt’s listed as Prime for shipping and this is NOT the case. It took a couple more days and when I contacted Amazon, I was rudely informed that upon checkout, this fact was in the fine print. Lame! Why are you advertising 2-day shipping?!?! :-(As for the moisturizer itself, I thought it was terrible. When it first went on, it actually stung in a couple areas that I was broken out. OUCH! When it dried, I liked that it wasn’t all greasy but quite matte for a great makeup base. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just matte but it was drying and made my fine lines appear more visible. Seriously, I looked in the mirror about 10 minutes after applying and I looked like an old lady! I actually gasped. It also left me with a bit of a white haze, making me appear somewhat sick and pale. I just don’t get what all the hype is about. For nearly $50, I’ll go back to Nordstrom and buy something with chemicals in it, thanks!

Cecilia Old Ocean, TX

Leaves you skin feeling so silky

The Eminence bright skin moisturizer arrived ahead of schedule and was packaged securely. I have used this product several times and although I have not noticed a decrease in dark spots, it certainly leaves your skin feeling silky and refreshed. It is not oily and only a dab is needed to cover the entire face. It has a wonderful scent and leaves you skin feeling calm. I certainly hope that it works at reducing the hyperpigmentation, I am looking forward to good results.

Mariana Aiken, TX


I like that this is a sunblock and moisturizer. I love eminence products but the Bright Skin cleanser and moisturizer smell like Tide, so I would not buy again. It seems to work fine, but would not buy again purely based on the scent.

Marietta Taylors Falls, MN

No acne!

I have sensitive, acne-prone, sun damaged skin and this is just what it needs. I was at the end of my rope looking for a moisturizer with sunscreen that would not irritate. I tried most of the "better" ones…Nia 24, Skinceuticals, La Roche-Posay, Dr. Jart —they all broke me out in horrible acne.This stings a bit when you first put it on (I assume this is the brightening ingredients) but no irritation at all and I’ve been using it for several months with no increase in acne. I’ve noticed some slight improvement in sun spots and acne scars but I wouldn’t count on this to erase a lot of sun damage, more a of supporting character-not a lead role-in that department.It’s not heavy moisturizer it’s probably not enough for someone with very dry skin and the price is a little steep but one jar lasts around 4 months.

Brigitte Talmage, NE

Very good

After using Obagi for couple of years this product is all Organics and much better for your face. Im really enjoying it and see results

Kirsten Woodman, WI


I love the Emience line, but this moisturizer doesn’t prevent my face from feeling ashy. Nor does it brighten dark spots. It’s just a nice feeling moisturizer that I mix with a real brightener each day now for dark spots. I would prefer a nicer smell too.

Hillary Hillister, TX

I like the ingredients and what can do for the skin

I like the ingredients and what can do for the skin, but…I do not recommend if you have sensitive skin at a lll.. it may cause stinging and irritation

Jayne Cedar Grove, TN

More of a sunblock

I used this cream for over 8 mos. and saw no difference whatsoever in the dark spots I have on my face. Not only that, but I ended having to buy other moisturizers to compensate for the lack of moisture in the product, I actually even felt like it was drying my skin more than anything. I have tried a bunch of Eminence products and unfortunately am not impressed by any yet.

Dana Grayland, WA

Smells lovely. Not greasy!

This works great with my skin. It smells nice, gives some sun protection and really seems to be brightening my skin and sun spots. I get lots of compliments on my skin and how pretty and glowing it looks. I’ll be 50 next month.

Angie Knowlesville, NY