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Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré 75 Ml

his 24 Hour Miracle Cream gets its name because of its many uses; it is a moisturising cream, a cleansing cream that gently removes make-up, an after-shave cream and a cleansing lotion for babies and children. It is a cleansing and moisturising cream that combines emulsifying and softening agents with active moisturisers while respecting the skin’s natural balance (pH, microorganisms) and encouraging the rebuilding of the hydrolipidic layer (the skin’s natural protection).

Key features

  • Effective
  • Moisturizing
  • Many daily facial uses
  • embryolisse
  • 2.54oz

Honest reviews


Oh so wonderful!

At times, you can find a good deal on this. When you do, the experience becomes a double joy. This creme leaves skin feeling velvety smooth. Use it first thing in the morning and before bed. You will see and feel a real difference around the eyes and throat. Your whole face will feel simply fantastic, truly a noticeable difference. I have used it for over a year and don’t want to be without it. No more dry skin for me. This makes skin look dewy fresh, soft and younger.

Madeleine Cedar Mountain, NC

Fantastic cream

I got a small sample of this product and after a week of using it I ordered a large tube of it. First of all, it spreads like whipped cream. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. The quality of my skin has improved after only using this for a bit over a week. It works really well as a base coat for makeup and I have noticed that my concealer blends so much better if I use this first. My skin feels so soft now in contrast to before where it was dry and scaly (ew!). I totally recommend this stuff!!One weird thing though–after every time I use it my skin perspires visibly, especially on my nose. It’s not a huge deal and I figure that it is cleaning out my pores a bit, but it is odd. After a minute or two of putting this one there are small little dots of moisture all over my nose. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this–let me know in the comments if you have because I am curious!Regardless of this strange quirk, I still give this 5 stars. Best moisturizer I have ever used! 🙂

Gina Calais, VT

Must have beauty cream

I have fallen head over heels with the Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré. I have very oily, blemish prone skin and I do not find this thick cream causes any breakouts or blockages. It is very soothing, and especially in the winter when you are battling dry, flaky skin this cream is a life saver. I love to travel with a smaller bottle because you can use this as an all over hydrating cream (great for dry air on a plane), but you can also use it as a cream face wash, an overnight hydrating mask, eye makeup remover, cuticle cream, hair pomade, and in a pinch you can use it as a shaving cream.

Gladys New Trenton, IN


Apparently, this a cult product in France so I was eager to try it. It seems to be an average moisturizing lotion. I don’t think it does miracle for me.

Francesca Cassopolis, MI

Nice moisturizer

I fell for the hype and tried this.PROS: It is indeed a very nice, rich, unctuous moisturizer. It feels delicious going on your skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and velvety for a long time.It only takes a minute for it to sink in. Very nice light smell.CONS: I dont get what all the hype is about. It is nice but nothing earth shattering. It is on the expensive side.I hate the metal tube because you cant get all the product at the end. I would prefer the cream in a jar.I do like this cream, but for the price, I dont know if I would buy it again as I think there are other creams for less money and just as effective. Maybe if I lived in France, I would use the line alot since it would be more reasonably priced.I find Alba Jasmine & vitamin E cream very effective and half the price if a little lighter.

Lilia Mount Zion, GA


Love this stuff, am on my 3rd tube of it and haven’t looked to another moisturizer since! Amen! Dont rub it in, rather apply on your face in upward stroke and let sink in. My face has never been healthier, dewier, or softer!

Kathi Vincentown, NJ