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Works Great! (for me)

I have been using this product for several weeks now. First of all, their customer service is stellar! I have never experienced a company like this before, it’s refreshing to know that there are businesses out there that still cater to the people buying their products. I should begin by mentioning that I have used so many different products over the last five years, (too many to list here), that have either done nothing, done very little, lost its effectiveness or caused so much discomfort that I had to discontinue use. This particular product does not cause redness, itching, stinging or irritation of any kind, (at least, not for me and I’m pretty sensitive), I have noticed new growth in my brows and a little in my eyelashes, but since both are sparse, the most I ask of these products I try, is that it helps me keep what I have and this seems to be doing the job very well. The four star review is for personal reasons because of the twice daily application. It doesn’t seem to matter how careful I am with my application, there are always white clumps and flakes in my lashes which makes applying eyeliner and mascara difficult. I am still fiddling with a solution to that. Rubbing it in with my pinky seems to help, but I feel more like I’m rubbing it off, not in, and that may be delaying my treatment results. I really do believe that this product is worth a try. I think the price is very reasonable and I absolutely LOVE that you can see through the tube so you can tell when you need to order more!Follow up: A few weeks later…….I am noticing lots more growth, especially in my eyebrows and my eyelashes look pretty good too. My review is now a five star review and I have purchased another bottle with the coupon given to me by the company, (bonus!). I am really happy with the results and I haven’t even used half of my original bottle yet. I have gotten good at the application before makeup and am no longer disappointed there. Glad to have found a new product that does what it says!

Heidi Gunnison, UT

New lash treatment

This lash treatment is new for me, and slightly different than the ones I’ve already tried. i like to switch out every now and then because I feel that after a while the particular treatment loses its effectiveness. I have no opinion about how well this works yet, although it is different in that you use it twice a day instead of once like the others I’ve used. It goes on smoothly, and here’s hoping!

Latonya Forest, VA

I says it’s works and I’am so far happy and so will you , plus came super fast in shipping great stuff ; )

I followed these directions for 29 days so far I have taken before picture and after as told this helps to see how my eye lashes have grown I followed these directions with only use of again only my eye lashes because those are my problem areas put it this way my husbands eye lashes are longer then mine my eyebrows are fine I didn’t use on them . I seen a tiny bit of growth on lashes I will update in 27 days if even more growth of lashes appear total 8 weeks it stats needed I did have a total of 3 missed applications FYI~ so try not to miss any applications ok and at least 2 times I washed it off eye and reapplied because it got in eye and sting a little but I went ahead and reapplied no problems with eyes are vision which is important didn’t write if anything occurred in that department if you know what I mean a tiny bit of white stuff appears when lashes were dry it’s not that noticeable and I wear mascara well again will be back to let know continuous growth process ok. It’s a 3 month supply tub and it’s noted my lashes will not fall out after I stop using for good because the follicles will be healthy and able to continue to grow more hair sounds cool to me : )Now it has 3 important factors which is listed on site of what they mean to benefit for you ( Follicle Repair~ Nourishes and Protect ~Thicker Fuller Growth~ Plus I like the see throw tube so I know how much is left after each use age . Now here are extras far as directions I followed Apply twice per day in the morning and evening to the upper lash line and brow area (if desired) . Only a small amount of product is necessary for each application, so please use sparingly. If using eye makeup remover prior to application, rinse the eye area with warm water to neutralize and wait until eyelashes are fully dry before applying the product. Putting it on the lashes themselves wastes the product.1. Close your eye and apply EmbelLASH directly to the upper lash line as you would a liquid eyeliner, sweeping from the inside of the eye to the outer edge and back.2. With the eyes still closed, apply serum directly on top of upper lashes sweeping from base of lashes to out toward the tip of lashes3. For brow application, swipe serum evenly across each brow.4. After application, allow the product dry for several minutes. Once dry, apply your normal makeup on top of EmbelLASH ~~ by the way they do have great customer service and followed up with me several times to ask my progress and concerns of item seems like a very caring company included a thank you card in delivered package and it comes with a nice pouch with a close adjuster string to store product and people they have a COMPLETE GUARANTEE With Protégé Beauty you have a money back guarantee for 365 days this is defiantly a bargain and courtesy of Protégé Beauty !Shipping weight 2.1ozUp date I came back on my birthday for you’ll early this morning of June, 21 2014 there’s been a tiny bit more growth of lashes since last update of review I been using for exactly 8 weeks today missed 2 total more applies to lashes : ( I’am about to put on another application after this review up date , plus happy to say still no allergic reactions for me : )

Odessa Baggs, WY

Oh my gosh, it really works!

I approached this product with some trepidation since I wasn’t sure if a product could really enhance my eyelashes. I used it for 5 weeks and for the first 4 weeks, nothing seemed to be happening. Well, after the fifth week, I was surprised and pleased to see that it really does work! I have very pale lashes, so the results aren’t very dramatic until I put on mascara.I love the fact that the ingredients are mostly natural. Some of the key ingredients in this product:distilled watersoy isoflavonessaw palmettococonut endospermhorse chestnut.I only used it on my eyelashes and didn’t bother with my eyebrows. I also only used it at night.The one caveat is that you need to be very careful when applying this, since it’s all too easy to get it into your eyes and they will sting.You may just want to take a chance with this product if you want to see fuller lashes.

Anastasia Blooming Glen, PA

Hope for longer lashes

I only have been using the product for a week. I have yet to see good results. Hope this product will deliver. Thank you very much.

Tracie Branchton, PA

Great Product

Just started using and can’t wait to see the results! I like that it is not sticky and is easy to use.

Sheila Fortuna, ND

I love Embellash!

So far I really LOVE this product. I’ve been interested in learning more about how to thicken & lengthen my lashes- they’ve thinned as I’ve gotten older (after having lush lashes while young) & I further decimated them by over using fake eyelashes. It’s been gentle on my sensitive eyes so far and I haven’t noticed any side effects. I have noticed regrowth of lashes though! I’m also glad that this serum is made in the USA and has no harmful parabens! Thanks for the great product.

Jayne Sugartown, LA

Wife loves this!

I was looking for something in the beauty department to give my wife a little treat. She is into beauty, fashion and makeup. I came across this eyelash enhancement serum and it sounded interesting so I got it for her. She told me she never had something like this and would let know if it was any good. So I kept watch on her and low and behold I did notice the difference without her even telling me. Now folks I am not any kind of make up expert or anything but I got to tell you this little product really works. Her eyelashes light up her face and standout like she just got out of a professional make over artist. And it didn’t take long for the effect to kick in. Maybe a few weeks. Now she can’t walk past a mirror without looking. Now I know what product to get her when she runs out. 5 out of 5 stars!

Miriam Belgrade, ME


I have been using Embellash for a little over a week now and so far I am very happy with it. It is easy to use and doesn’t have a bad scent. My eye area is pretty sensitive so I was surprised that I didn’t have any kind of bad reaction . I am looking forward to great results!

Brandy Universal, IN

pretty good results on day 26….

June 21st, the evening I received the serum, was the start of my 9 1/2 days so far, of using Embellash.It is so easy to use; I dot in between my lashes, which is easier than using it as an eye liner because with lining my eyes, the excess comes off on my lashes.Sometimes I get too much on and get white stuff on my lashes. I get the point/splinter tweezers and ever so gently peel the stuff off.There have been no adverse effects from the serum.So far, I have minimal growth of my eyebrows. I had 1 area that thinned, but nothing major.My eyelashes…..can’t quite tell yet. My own lashes are not that thin, but I have high hopes for much thicker, more noticeable lashes…..too early to tell. Will update.UPDATE 7/16/14:————–My 26th day of twice a day use… will be the 4th week on Saturday, 7/19.My lashes have gotten thicker…rather than just 1 row of lashes, I have 2 rows. Length has not yet increased much.So that I wasn’t imagining things, I tracked an area on my 10X magnification make-up mirror, where the lashes were thin, on my left eye….the area has filled in.My eyebrows have filled in quite well at the 2 thinning spots on my right brow.I enjoy putting on the mascara now, as I have more ample lashes to coat.A slow, but steady progression. Overall, a happy camper.Will update if I see further dramatic changes.

Marguerite Dalton, PA


WOW , I am so impressed with this product!!! My lashes have thinned out significantly over the years and this product is the answer I have been searching for……it is working so far , just over 2 weeks , it is gentle and easy to use. My eyes are very sensitive and so far no problems there .Thank you so much!!

Elisabeth Underhill, VT

so far so good

I just received my Embellash. I applied it right away. No stinging, not sticky, goes on easily. I have very thin brows and lashes and have taken before photos to publish comparison photos along the way. I have wanted to do something about my lashes for a long time and am looking forward to sharing the results. I am an vitamin/herbal enthusiast and this product has a long list of wonderful ingredients, including herbs, amino acids, vitamins, to enhance the growth factor and improve over all health of lashes, brows and skin. It comes in a little pouch, which is a nice touch. Terrific customer service that stands behind Protégé Beauty products with a money back guarantee for 365 days. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you will immediately be issued a full refund. No questions asked. Don’t have to return. You risk nothing by buying Embellash. Very good price. Fast fast shipping.UPDATE: I have been using my Embellash for a month. I have to confess, I havn’t been using it both morning as night as directed, sometimes I have forgotten to use it…BUT..even given my inconsistency, my lashes are thicker. Before I started with this product, if I didnt have eyeliner on, my eyes had no darker distinction where the lashes are, very sparse and very pale. now, without eye makeup there is definitely a dark line. I am encouraged to see the results now that I have committed to using day and night..

Deirdre Burlingham, NY

Great Product

I have only been using this product for about 3 days now…I am very sensitive to new products when it comes to putting things on my face..I usually end up with some sort of reaction…This product has been great I have had not problems at all and would recommend it especially to people who are more sensitive to facial products…a must have:)

Michaela Manilla, IA

Been using for 3 weeks, no difference whatsoever yet …

Been using for 3 weeks, no difference whatsoever yet. Flakes and leaves residue when it dries. Not certain that this product is strong enough to make a difference. Will update later if any changes.

Beatrice Snowmass, CO

This is a MUST HAVE!

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and I am completely AMAZED. It says “Results Guaranteed” and it’s true. I’ve used other eyelash enhancers before, but nothing that guaranteed results or that even worked. If you want longer, thicker, softer lashes, this is the stuff to get hands down!! It is so easy to use, great for sensitive skin, and it works like a charm! My eyelashes have gotten so much longer, thicker, and softer in just a few weeks. I recommend this to all my friends and family and if you’re reading this, seriously, get it. You will absolutely LOVE it!

Colleen Abrams, WI

She’s love’s it!

I bought this for the wife. She took it thinking I was a little crazy but after some use she really enjoys it. She’s told multiple friends about it and she’s really enjoying the positive effects on her eyelashes. I’m sure she’ll be back for more once she runs out.Definitely a product you should consider if you’re not happy with your eyelashes.

Tonia Welsh, LA

First Impressions….from a contact wearer.

I received Embellish this week and having used Latisse before I expected it to be similar. This product has a darker color to it than expected; it will not be clear. However, it goes on clear. I wear contacts and did not find that it burned or bothered my eyes whatsoever. I put it on day and night; if you are going to wear makeup, be sure to let it dry before adding on shadow, liner and mascara (a few minutes should do). While, I can’t comment on the results yet, so far, so good. I’ll be adding to the review in 8 weeks to let you all know how it works. Maybe even some before and after photos. :)Customer service with Protégé Beauty is top notch. They checked on me to be sure that I received my product first and later to see if I was happy with my purchase.

Valarie Dayton, PA

So far so good!

my wife starting using this product about a week or so ago and she has already noticed thicker looking lashes…She’d been wanting to try a lash enhancer for some time but they were so expensive – she is very happy with the product and especially with the price.

Hollie Lemitar, NM

Luscious post chemo lashes

I lost all of my eyelashes and eyebrows due to chemo therapy. I was eager to help stimulate regrowth however possible and came across this product. It took about 8-10 weeks to regrow them.I posted before and after chemo eyelash pics. My lashes have always been long, but I noticed that I probably grew twice as many as I had before.I didn’t notice that they regrew any faster than they otherwise would have. Oddly, the lower ones came in first and very long and thick, whereas the top ones were thick but not especially long. I was concerned, but within a couple of weeks the top ones caught up. It’s an unusual thing, watching your eyelashes regrow from nothing!A concern that I’d heard about was that enhancements serums cause lashes to grow in straight and wild looking. It took a few weeks, but mine curl as they always have. They are long, thick and healthy.

Cathy Warren, ID

Fuller and thicker

I have thin short eye lashes. This product can be used for lash and brow stimulant, but I only need for eye lash. Only use a minimal amount on lash line. Thickens and stimulates hair growth. Applied similarly like a liquid eyeliner. Can use brush it comes with or a fine liner brush, I’ve had no irritation. Applied twice a day. Money back guarantee is a plus to try a new product!

Carol Greensboro, IN