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EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 85-Gram

Elta MD UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41 Sunscreen (formerly Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41) provides sun protection and lightly tints your complexion to enhance the skin’s radiance. The lightweight formula won’t clog pores and is fragrance-free. Gentle on sensitive skin conditions and may be used on the face and body. Apply under makeup as a base for added protection to the skin.

Key features

  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Mineral UV protection provided by zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
  • Softly tinted formula smoothes and brightens the skin’s tone
  • Dries to a water resistant, transparent finish
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Honest reviews


learned the hard way…Beware!

Nice color, good texture, doesn’t sting the eyes! It doesn’t smell funny. Provides good coverage and it’s almost like wearing a very light sheer foundation. I pat a little bit of foundation powder on top and good to go.UPDATE: It took me 4 months to realize that this was giving me the worst acne of my life. After 4 months of crazy breakouts I was desperate to clear my skin, so I bought a Proactiv kit to tend to the acne. I never use a toner and Proactiv comes with toner. I had no idea that this sunscreen was so difficult to remove. I had layers on my face from months of not getting it all off. It took me 7 cotton pads with toner to remove all of this sunscreen after washing my face with Proactiv. Imagine months of build-up that was being layered on my face. Yikes! I used the sunscreen the next day (the very last time) so I could wash with the Dove Soap to test out my theory. Yikes again!! It took 6 cotton pads with toner to remove the sunscreen after washing my face. The acne that I have is like no other in my life. Hundreds of clogged pores. Seriously! My skin feels much cleaner and smoother from just 2 days of NOT using this sunscreen. This acne is going to take time to heal. This sunscreen was a complete nightmare. I really hope I don’t scar.

Liliana Tabiona, UT

The Holy Grail of suncreens – physical blockers, acts as foundation, oil-absorbent

I got a sample of this product at a spa and instantly was wowed. Enough that i shelled out for the full size deal.Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41 is one of my top sunscreens because:1) it’s tinted with a good pigment level, saving you a valuable layering step in the moisturizer + foundation+ sunblock routine, and it’s neutral in shade. I vary between MAC NC 15-30 and i can totally wear this as tinted moisturizer.2) it’s matte and oil-absorbent—even if you have dry flakes, it won’t exacerbate them–i have retinol-treated skin which flakes like crazy, and this formula actually helps flakes ADHERE to the skin so you’re not peeling like a monster midday. i have fresh-as-a-daisy skin even at 5pm.3), it’s long-wearing, most likely due to the absorbency.4) it’s zinc and titanium sunblock at spf 40! how much better can you get, esp. with all the furor over chemical sunblocks. Quite simply, it’s a much better alternative to my previous HG of tinted spfs, MD Skincare by Dennis Gross.Physical sunblocks are the way to go. I’ll be wearing this all summer as my foundation + sunscreen.

Ethel Mount Pleasant, PA

Tinted facial sunscreen

This tinted sunscreen is my new make-up. It works best for light-skinned women, especially the freckled type. I put it on my face and neck right after my shower with a blotted dry but still hydrated face. After I’m done doing my hair, etc., I add a bit more to my nose, put on some blush and SPF lipstick and I’m ready to go. I live in Arizona, so this is important all year, but perfect for summers anywhere. If I’m going to be doing more than shopping trips, a quick in and out of the car, then I wear a hat, like theAdventure Hat by Sunday Afternoon HatsThis is a physical-blocking zinc and titanium product, so no need to wait 20 minutes to go outside.

Ashleigh New Market, VA

tinted? horrible idea.

Who the $#@! would think it’s a good idea to tint sunscreen, and a single tint at that? The shade of this stuff is far too dark for me and I would assume it would be far too light for a number of skin tones as well. A single shade that only matches a narrow range of people with medium skin tones is an incredibly stupid idea.

Laurel Printer, KY

Not happy

I thought that this was a sunscreen moisturizer with a slight tint to it. It’s more like traditional foundation. Not sure how well it prevents sunburns since I didn’t use it long. It made my skin really dry and I did experience a breakout.

Nettie Industry, PA

I’m a fan!

I tend to have combination skin that is prone to breakouts. This product doesn’t make me break out. It dries to a soft, dewy finish with just a light tint. (I have very fair skin.) I love that it’s oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and chemical-free. It’s a brand I trust. I would definitely reorder.6/16/13 update. I have reordered. I’m seriously addicted to this product. Still no drawbacks to use–no irritation or breakouts. I love that it doesn’t sting or irritate like chemical sunscreen can, and it does a great job protecting my skin from sun exposure. The only time I use a chemical sunscreen when I’m out running or biking for extended periods of time. The EltaMD says you should reapply after 40 minutes of sweat, etc. My chemical sunscreen gives me 80 minutes.

Therese Jacksboro, TX

Very effective and cosmetically appealing

Best purely physical sunscreen that I have found. Doesn’t clog pores and is very wearable even for my sensitive skin. Has a silky texture and can be worn well under makeup.

Melisa West Point, MS


Active Ingredients: 9.0% Zinc oxide, 7.0% Titanium dioxide.Inactive Ingredients: Aluminum Hydroxide, Butylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Dimethicone/Methicone Copolymer, Hydrated Silica, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Iron Oxide, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lecithin, Linoleic Acid, Octyldodecyl Neopentanoate, Octyl Stearate, Oleth-3 Phosphate, Perfluorononyl Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Polyacrylate 13/Polyisobutene/Polysorbate 20, Purified Water, Quercetin, Sodium Hydroxide, Thioctic Acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Triethoxycaprylylsilane.I love zinc since that is the best protection only if the size is bigger than 150 with ingredients that at least if not organic, certainly not with some of the top ten ingredients in health concerns. No need to put any ALUMINUIM, IODOPROPYNYL BUTYLCARBAMATE, or any zinc on any skin when such ingredients will soak in through the skin.

Jewell King Of Prussia, PA

doesn’t make me break out

this one is great because i always seem to have a problem breaking out when it comes to sunscreens, even the ones made for sensitive skin, which i really don’t think i have. you only need a tiny bit

Matilda Rowland, PA

Love this stuff

I am an esthetician and I loove this stuff. It’s not irritating, doesnt smell, isnt sticky or greasy. Plus it acts like a tinted moisturizer.

Carmela Marble Canyon, AZ

Best tinted moisturizer I have found!

I have very senisitve skin that used to break out at the drop of a hat, but not any more. I use proactive along with Elta MD and my skin looks great. This lightly tinted sunblock goes on nicely and blends well. I no longer use any foundation, just this and I am good to go. I have been using this about a year with great results.

Brandie Richland, MS

Really good sunscreen

I recommend this product. Worked for me. Not heavy with a light tint to protect you from the suns harmful rays. For me it was easy to remove. Then I used one swipe of my toner. No extra cleaning need or residue left on my face. Will purchase again when needed.

Janine Standard City, IL


the very best sunblock there is,,, medical grade also which I trust my skin to, non irritating and chemical free which is a plus for me..

Lorna West Brookfield, MA

No noticable change since use

Bought this because my dermatologist recommended the brand because it has Zinc or "physical blockers" which is desirable for sun protection. She said that although it has zinc which in the past ha been notoriously difficult to spread in and usually leaves white marks, this product did not do so. She was right it blends in smooth.I really haven’t noticed a difference in terms of how well it protect some from the sun but it has been wonder since I purchased it so I haven’t tested it out in harsh conditions much.I didn’t realize it was tinted when I initially purchased it and was disappointed when it arrived when I noticed it was tinted. I decided this was my error so I kept it. The tint doesn’t really match my skin tone and it looks weird when it comes out of the tube; kind of like the tint is separating from the sunscreen portion. I’m not sure exactly how to explain it but it comes out appearing like the bottle needs to be shaken well before use. I don’t know if this is because I got an old batch or something. I wont be buying this exact product again but I am not turned off by the brand in general since they are one of the few brands that uses blendable zinc and is reasonably priced. I think once this bottle is through I will break for Invisible Zinc.

Vicky Cedar Valley, UT

PERFECT makeup

This is truly the best makeup. The moisturizer works very well and keeps my face moist all day. What I really like is the tint — I put it on with some creme blush and I’m all set. I’ve been using this product for almost three years and I still love it! My dermatologist recommended it.

Serena Tullahassee, OK

Love this product for so many reasons . . .

A friend recommended this product to me. I did some research and read so many positive reviews that decided to try it. I was thrilled when I found it was available through Amazon, and at the best price I found. The product moisturizes without leaving any sticky feel, plus it is tinted just enough to act as a light foundation. I no longer wear any other foundation. I have foundation and moisturizer in one with the added bonus of a high SPF. Living in Arizona a high SPF is very important, so I believe I have found the perfect combination of moisturizer, sun protection and foundation. What more could you want??? I am thrilled with this product.

Fay Puposky, MN

No Shine or Sticky Residue!

I was looking for an SPF product that contained a good amount of titanium dioxide for maximum sun protection.I then follow with a face primer to provide a little moisture (without shine) before applying my make-upEven though this product is slightly tinted I found that my foundation still needs to be a couple of shades darker as another reviewer mentioned.. .

Natalie Chester, OH


I really like the color and consistency of this product. It has a matte finish and helps even out my skin tone. I have fair skin ( irish polish Hungarian) It would probably not work well for an African American person or a dark Italian. I am just assuming because it matches me well. I use it on my face and neck everyday. I only gave it 4 stars right now because I noticed that I have some dry patches on my cheeks. This is the only thing I changed in my skin care regiment in the past month BUT I was in florida for a week and the water there is harsher than I am used to so I will give it another month and see if that is all it was. If it continues to dry my skin I am going to have to look for other options but I think this is a great sun block.

Janna Hufsmith, TX

lightweight non-greasy non-irratating

I have very fair and sensitive skin. Most effective sunscreens and tinted sunscreens are too heavy, greasy, and cause burning, and orange or yellow looking skin. NOT THIS ONE! It evens out any imperfections in your skin tone and does not feel heavy or cakey on my skin. It is the only one I have found that is not too dark, orange, or yellow looking on my skin. My husband even uses it to avoid the white sheen that he normally endures to have sunscreen protection on his face.

Benita Angola, LA


I never go out without sunscreen. I use to buy this from my Dr., was so happy when I found this on Amazon. It has a nice tint, so you can wear it and not wear makeup, goes on very thin and smooth. Love it

Sylvia Mc Daniels, KY

Great product!

This is like wearing a light foundation with the benefits of a very strong sunscreen. I wear Almay TLC light/medium pressed powder over the sunscreen. Its nice because i dont have to put sunscreen on, then liquid foundation. Real timesaver! The color seemed perfect at first, but now it does seem just a little light when i put it on but my pressed powder makes up the color difference then. I will definitely keep buying this.

Debora Leeds Point, NJ

Good Product, Wish it Came in a Daker Shade.

This is a really good quality physical sunscreen. Because it is tinted, it does not turn my face white like others of it’s type. I do wish it came in a darker shade. I have a light olive complexion and this is just a little too light.

Sophie Guys, TN

Best product!!!

Ive tried so many face lotions and love this one. It is so light and the tint is perfect. I use it everyday and love that it has sun protection!

Marylou Barnegat, NJ

Great sunscreen!

I really like this product. I rotate this with other EltaMD sunscreens depending on my skins needs and the look I’m going for. The tint looks very dark, but it blends well into my fair skin.

Bobbie Panola, AL

So far so good

I just got this and have used it 3 times. I like the look and feel of it and cannot see it on my face.

Debora Eureka, WI

Leaves a nice subtle finish

I use this after the gym. It soaks nicely into my skin without feeling chalky or greasy, it’s just pleasant. It gives me a light coverage to help even out my face (especially post-gym red face), and I appreciate that when I leave I’m also protected from the sun.My skin tone is between fair and medium but this blends so lightly that I imagine it working for a wide range of skin tones without giving you the look of wrong-colored foundation.Only need a small amount so it seems like it will last awhile and definitely give me my money’s worth.

Socorro Burlingham, NY


Love all the sunscreens from Elta, great price on Amazon. Wonderful for sensitive skin, I’m very fair and this does not show up darker on my skin, the slight tint from the minerals blends nicely.

Manuela Marshall, AR

physical spf good but too heavy for face

I like that this product provides a good physical barrier with a natural color (not white) zinc/titanium blend, but this is really heavy on the face. It looks fabulous on very smooth skin, but if you have any imperfections, it will crease and look shiny. I don’t know if this would work for people of color since it’s a buff color.

Jackie Belvidere Center, VT


Amazing light tint and perfect coverageNever oilyWill always useA cheaper drug store product cannot compare to it. They are orange and oily.Plus this SPF is better

Avis Irvine, CA

Elta MD is a top product for sunscreens

This is a great sunscreen but not as cosmetically elegant as other formulations. I have used EltMd for 8 or more years and I prefer one of their other sunscreen over this one.

Cecelia Yuba City, CA