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EltaMD PM Therapy Moisturizer, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

EltaMD PM therapy facial moisturizer works to moisturize, restore and repair skin while you rest. Strengthens skins moisture barrier, improves skin color and tone, repairs and restores elasticity and vitality, safe for all skin types, paraben-free. Ceramides strengthen the skins natural moisture barrier. Niacin amide and antioxidants improve skin color and tone and speed the metabolism to maximize the nightly skin repair process. Rice protein peptides penetrate to stimulate cell growth and collagen formation, resulting in more skin elasticity and vitality.

Key features

  • Strengthens skins moisture barrier
  • Improves skin color and tone
  • Repairs and restores elasticity and vitality
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Paraben-free

Honest reviews


Very waxy, does not feel oil free

I use the Elta suncare line and really find the products effective. I have extremely sensitive skin and normal suncare products break me out, but the Elta never does. Not so with this moisturizer. While this product says it is oil free, it has a very waxy consistency that sat on top of my skin and left me with a breakout after only a couple of days. Going back to my Algenist night cream. Expensive, but very non-comedegenic for truly sensitive skin.

Clarice Goshen, NH

My go to moisturizer! For morning and night.

Tried this because my dermatologist recommended it. Loved it so much I bought some here for my best friend (and one for me too). I could see a noticeable difference. It is like my skin drinks it in. This is amazing stuff. I love it. I wash my face first with the facial cleanser….it is really something.

Simone Anton Chico, NM

BEST Moisturizer

I cannot say how much I love the EltaMD line. I use the AM moisturizer with SPF and the eye cream and love them all. This product is NOT greasy at all, which I find can often be the case with moisturizers for nighttime. My skin feels hydrated and soft after use and it never feels like I’m using a thick “night” cream. My dermatologist recommended this line to me and I’m so glad she did!

Jodi Moca, PR

I really love this product

I’ve been using Elta for 3 months now, and I have to say that the quality of my skin has improved as part of my new skincare routine.I use this at night with metro gel because I have rosecea and after cleaning my face with olay pro-x exfoliator. My boyfriend doesn’t really like the scent of the cream but I don’t mind it much. I like the feel of my face in the morning and I will recommend it to others that need an excellent moisturizer for their sensitive skin.

Ethel Hufsmith, TX

Great moisturizer

I purchased this to help with my sensitive, dry winter skin. This has a pump and administers a small amount so no contamination of a jar and is opaque so no degradation of antioxidants with light exposure. the thin moisturizer blends in well and leaves my skin feeling dewey. would definitely recommend.

Corrine Worthington, KY


Ive been using this moisturizer for over a year. It works really well, goes on smoothly and keeps my skin so soft.

Esperanza Fort Wainwright, AK

Great Basic for Anyone’s Skin Regimen

I’m an ex skincare therapist and I meet mostly women. My clients cannot believe I’m 43 years old. They think I’m in my early 30’s. Staying out of the sun has really been the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin second to not smoking or drinking, and then eating a large majority of raw foods-esp greens ladies! Anyway I love Elta MD’s sunscreens-and had such good luck with their spf 46 that I thought I’d try these creams. Am and PM. They totally work and make my skin feel moist without feeling heavy and they never make me break out . So many products do cause breakouts. This is what I appreciate most about this brand. I look forward to seeing what other engineered cutting edge products they come out. Their price point is also fantastic. I also LOVE that their product comes in a pump because that prolongs the integrity of the product.

Sophie Penokee, KS

This night cream lived up to all that it promised!

Feels great, no problems for sensitive skin, improves feel and look of my aging skin. My skin looks more radiant and firm. The quality is excellent and the price is excellent. More affordable than most that make promises and don’t deliver. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Pat Columbus, KY

Terrible on my skin

I love Elta MD products, but this one is terrible. I would never buy it again. It dried out my skin, and I have purchased other night cream.

Consuelo West Kennebunk, ME


I have middle aged slightly oily skin; this is a good product; does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin; absorbs quickly; you do not need to use a lot of the product. Will purchase again.

Henrietta Red Rock, OK

I adore all things Elta but this is better for normal skin rather than my really dry skin

First of all, Elta rocks in all things esp. sunscreen! If you are looking for a night cream and you have normal skin this would be super but I have really dry skin and this wasn’t enough for me.

Florine Moody, TX

I really like Elta MD products

Gentle and effective. I really like Elta MD products.

Lelia Ardmore, AL