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ELMA&SANA® Organics Moroccan Rose Water

this is a set of 100% pure Moroccan rose water-4oz and 100% pure Moroccan lava Ghassoul clay-8oz Rhassoul Clay is an exceptional clay with multipurpose assets. It is mined in the fertile Atlas mountains of Morocco and has been used for over 12 centuries by population in North Africa, Southern Europe and Middle East. Rhassoul clay’s most impressive properties in skin improvement are its capacity of absorption due to its high level of ions exchange. Studies have shown that it is reputed to reduce dryness and flakiness, improve skin clarity and elasticity.It is rich in magnesium, Silica, potassium and calcium. It is used in many professional applications in Spas and it aids in rejuvenation, de-toxification and toning of the skin. It can be used in soaps, shampoos, facial hair and body masks and skin conditioners. Rose Water is obtained through steam distillation from Rosa Damascena. It is a gently cleansing and toning product for all skin types. Maintains the pH balance, stimulates regeneration processes, has a calming effect in acne and sunburns. As a result the skin texture becomes even and elastic. Excellent for nourishing and hydrating facial skin and hair masks; moisturizing the body after bath; dry and damaged hair; compresses in acne and skin irritation; Recommended Usage: warm compresses for 10 – 15 minutes; damp baths – once a week; after washing the hair; body moisturizing – mornings and evenings with wet cotton ball. Sprinkled on the face and body at the end of your cleansing process to refresh your skin and leave the fragrant smell of roses. Works Perfect with Moroccan khassoul clay as a mixture.

Key features

  • 100% pure Moroccan rose water-4 oz (120ml)
  • 100% pure Moroccan lava Ghassoul clay-8oz (225gr)
  • Mix Moroccan rose water with Moroccan clay to make mud for your skin or hair

Honest reviews


Great facial mask!

I had Khassoul clay recommended to me when I got a facial done for my birthday. I can really tell a difference on my skin and the few wrinkles I have begun to get really seem to fade away after using. It does make my face a little red afterwards, but it goes away quickly. Moisturize well afterwards! I love this product and will be buying it again.

Mina Basye, VA

Love this stuff

I’m on my second order of these products. Works great and leaves your skin irresistibly soft and smooth. You won’t be disappointed.

Sheree Watauga, SD

Great Products At A Great Price!

I have purchased Elma & Sana’s argan oil in the past and I knew they had great products. This is a great set at a wonderful price. I first tried the Khassoul clay through Shea Terra and loved it’s effect on my skin and wanted to try this because it included the rose water. This leaves your skin incredibly soft but tight with closed pores and not dried out at all. This is a fantastic way to get minerals directly deposited into your skin. Highly recommend this set. Thanks Elma & Sana!

Lorrie Georgetown, SC

Great product two thumbs up

I really like this product didn’t have my hair extremely dry like the amla powder the rose water is good the amla powder it burns my scalp I only put just a little bit this time around and it still burns

Sybil Ellensburg, WA

Great combo

Amzing value, and great quality. There are sooo many product to chose from, this is the best for me. It leaves my skin feeling tight and clean I love it

Joni Littleton, IL

quality product

Loved the packaging and love the product even more. Didn’t think I would be able to mix but its easy!The smell of the rose water is so nice!

Aurelia Lincroft, NJ

Smells amazing

I tried to apply the mixute of the rose water and clay on my face. For some reason my face turned red like after sunburn. I didn’t have burning sensation though. After about 30 minutes my skin turned back to a normal color and felt smooth and nice. I’m going to try it again. The rose water alone smells amazing. I wish the smell lasted longer.

Maureen Barton City, MI

Really works!

I dont use this as much as I should, but this really reduced the depth of the lines on my neck area with just one use. I can imagine how well it would work for someone with wrinkles.

Diane Jasper, AR