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ELMA&SANA® Golden Argan Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -4oz

100% pure organic cold pressed cosmetic Argan oil is the perfect long lasting moisturizer for all skin and hair types, nongreasy fragrancefree and organically coldpressed from the nuts of the Moroccan Argan tree. It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, certified organic By ecocert nongreasy fast absorbing softens and nourishes eliminates frizz and adds shine to hair product of morocco cold pressed long lasting moisture.

Key features

  • 100% pure concentrate of the Argan oil no bad odor or smell
  • Ideal for all skin and hair types, provides multibenefits to skin and hair
  • Nongreasy, fast absorbing, provides long lasting moisture
  • certified pure 100% organic, vegan, paraben free, fair trade, no animal testing
  • imported directly from ecocert certified women’s cooperatives from Morocco

Honest reviews


Not the Best

I wanted to try a different brand of argan oil just to see if there is really a difference between the rather large selection of oils available on amazon. And there is a difference. Of all that I’ve tried, this is the least effective for me. It is of thinner consistency than others, has a very faint scent of generic vegetable oil and is colorless. From all accounts, the natural scent of argan oil is similar to olives and the color is slightly brown with consistency being a little on the thicker side. My favorite brand, Watts, has all these qualities and works great. I have used this one now for about two weeks; the oil does not absorb into my skin as well as the others, and skin feels dry again the following day whereas with Watts I can shower every other day and my skin stays smooth and moisturized even by the third day. Honestly it feels like sesame oil or jojoba oil which does not mean that’s what it is – maybe the method of processing takes away from the argan oil’s integrity. All is not lost, however; I can use it to remove eye makeup and will continue using on my body until the bottle is empty, but I won’t buy it again and will reorder the Watts which still can’t be beat. I understand that others like this brand very much but for me it is just so-so.*****ADDENDUM*****I just figured out why this is different from the Watts. The argan nut for this one has been roasted before the oil is extracted. Watts extracts their oil from the raw nut.

Dominique Colebrook, NH

Comparing 4 Argan Oils purchased on Amazon

I love Argan oil and am interested in purchasing the best at the best price so I decided to purchase the four organic ones offered on Amazon that interest me the most. This review is comparingELMA&SANA; Golden Argan Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -4oz(120ml),with100% Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil 100 ml BY AAA Shea ButterandWatts Beauty ArganGoldTM 120ml /100% Cert. Organic Cold Pressed Argan Nut Oil – Hair & Body -MoroccoandSlice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil. 100% Pure, Raw, Cold pressed. 100ml(3.5oz).Comparing color and thickness, the oils appear the same. The only differences I noticed are slightly different odors and skin sensations with these four oils I purchased at the same time from Amazon. The AAA SHEA butter has a slightly musky / musty odor. The Watts Beauty has a slight deodorized odor about it and increases my heart rate slightly upon application to my skin and appears to engage my immune system as my neck glands will swell shortly after application. The Slice of Nature and the ELMA&SANA; have the freshest odor of the four with the Slice of Nature having the stronger nutty scent of the two; skin application feels very soothing and calming in a quenching sensation sort of way. The Slice of Nature feels a little thicker and leaves more of a barrier on my skin whereas the ELMA&SANA; seems to absorb in better and be less noticeable upon touch and less sheen reflection. This particular EMA&SANA; Golden Argan Oil gets 5 stars from me every time. The differences are subtle and most consumers probably would not be able to tell the difference at all. I considered not posting the review since any difference was negligible, but decided there might be others out there wondering the same thing. If so, please click helpful below.

Laurie Cobden, IL

don’t like it

I used a bottle of Josie Maran’s argan oil and liked it. it’s expensive so I thought I would try this brand since it had fairly good reviews. Well for one thing it has a smell (Josie’s had no smell). It’s not the most horrible smell but still smells yucky, and thankfully I only notice it when I put it on. but it smells just like a bottle of grapeseed oil I have from GNC, kinda makes me wonder if it really is argan oil. But my main complaint is now the skin on my face itches all the time since I started using this a few days ago (and this is the only thing that changed). So I guess I’m going back to the expensive Josie Maran brand and I’ll use this up in some body butters I made. I’m bummed.

Ashleigh Steelville, PA

This stuff is awesome!!!

I mainly use this for zits, when I get up to three zits, they seem to take forever to go away. Before I would have to buy all sorts of acne creams and they still took forever to go away. Even the moisturizers for the face I am not really fond of, I found only one that I like. Then I was reading about organic argan oil and the many benefits. I really got this for my hair, I was going to just use sulfate free shampoo and then use this for leave in conditioner. Well the time I started doing that, I got a annoying zit and my t-zone was really dry. So I gave this a shot and started using it on my face. I started with the dropper, too messy. Then I used the pump that came with it, and I just use not even a full pump and spread this on my face, my ears and neck. The zits redness and pain go down right away, and then there is nothing!!!! I’m super happy!!!! Now I wont have to buy all sorts of face moisturizers, and just use this!!! Even my boyfriend uses it only when he gets a zit and he loves it!!! I got two other argan oils to compare, and so far I’ve tried all three that I bought, but I use this one a lot more. When I get done with this, then I’ll use another one to see and write a review on it, and then go to the last one. I’m sure I’ll be sticking with one of these!! I will never buy anymore acne cream ever again, just face wash then use this, oh and all my smile lines around the eyes have gone away!!!

Aurora Cambridgeport, VT

Great Product

I use this for hot oil treatment and to seal moisture in my hair. My hair shines now. I love it.

Carolyn Meriden, NH

Love this product

I ordered the smaller version prior to this one, I use it every night as moisturizer over my face , neck and chest area, use sparingly a little goes a long way, just massage in really good and nothing will rub off the pillow etc.I also think my skin really improved with it, I have much less breakouts or adult acne, as soon as you feel a little bump, dap a generouse amount just on that spot, repeat as much as you can after you washed your face thoroughly, I use lemongrass soap which I also purchased here on amazon. It all feels much gentler on your skin then the neutrogena products, which work well, but if you have sensitive, dry skin, that is sensitive against anything retinol, you definitely would want to try this.Don’t get me wrong the Neutrogena brand is very good, but Ican only use it a couple times a week , otherwise it dries my skin out way to much , and twice a week does not seem to keep my break outs under control.Only con for the 120 ml version here was for me , that I did not like the pump as much as I thought it did it does dispense way to much oil with one pump, so I actually kept my small tiny bottle and just refill with the larger bottles content.I can not say yet that my wrinkles , which I would describe of medium appearance for being mid 40th, mainly around forehead, side of nose going to mouth and above lip, but overall my skin feels wonderful.Will definitely stick with it for a complete year, and review accordingly.I did recommend this product to some of my friends.

Sharlene Tulsa, OK

Great Argan Oil for a Great Price!

I usually use the Josie Maran Argan Oil, but it’s so expensive. I took a chance and tried this brand. It’s totally the same thing with all the same benefits. Not to mention it’s a large amount (4oz). I personally use it for my dry skin on my face. About 3 drops in my finger tips, mix together and pat onto my face. I don’t rub it in as patting it in will help it penetrate into the skin better. I also love using this on my cuticles when I do manicures. You can use it in your hair to help with dry/damaged/color treated hair. It also helps prevent fly-aways. So many benefits of Argan Oil and this is a great price.

Darla Sedan, KS

Love It

I love aragon oil! Elma&Sana’s product is awesome, i used it every night and in all my lotions for that extra moister.

Dena Freedom, NH


Argan Oil, one of the rarest and most expensive oils in the world, contains numerous benefits as a miracle ingredient that not only protects and nourishes your skin, but reverses environmental damage, wrinkles and premature aging.The active substances called triterpenoids in argan oil offer amazing skin protection benefits. Not only are they both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, but also promote tissue and scar repair and healing as well.

Angel Bradford, IA

My wife likes it….

Got this for my wife as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time. Her hair stylist used a different Argan oil product in her hair a while back and it smelled really good and she liked it. However, looking at the ingredients, it had a couple of products that I read were silicone based and decided not to buy it. This was a much better deal (ounces/price ratio), but doesn’t have any real scent to it. However, my wife does like the feeling of it on her hands.

Marianne West Rupert, VT

loved it

I’ve been using this product for almost 2 months nowI put a drop on palm of my hand and rub it then apply only on my hair endsit make my hair shinny, healthy looking, less fizzy without making it oily lookingWhat I love the most about this product that it is 100% pure ORGANIC Argon oil no chemicals no silicon added and for such pure organic the price is unbelievableThough during shipment I lost about 2-3 inches of the product :*_*:Recommend it

Vera Keswick, VA

Golden Argan Oil

It’s great for the skin and hair. It will soften the skin and give it a great glow in the process.

Rosalyn Ney, OH

This stuff is awesome

My hair is bleach damaged, and I was spending quite a bit on restorative salon products and treatments to get it soft and smooth. Everyone’s been on about argon oil, and I didn’t want to spend much on the Moroccan brand to try it because my hair is usually too thin for oil based products. So, I purchased this (much less expensive) alternative on a whim, and it’s replaced so many products!I use a few drops in my hair after showering when its still damp, and it styles smooth and soft. Long term use has shown drastic improvement in my hair’s over all health, strength, and texture.I use it on my nail beds to help with cracked, dried cuticles, and it’s done wonders there. It moisturizes my skin, and I even use a tiny bit on my face instead of a night moisturizer. It evaporates into skin really quickly, and is a really light oil so it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all. When you first apply it, there’s a little bit of a natural "nutty" scent that goes away after a couple of minutes. It’s by no means a foul smell, just a really light scent.

Casey Sharpsburg, KY

Amazing ‘!!!!!!

This oil is amazing I have very thing hair and it just adds volume and shine to it . My face is oily in the summer and dry in the winter . It nourishes my skin without being to grease . Perfect hair and facial oil . Definitely buying again .

Joy Twist, AR

good product

I bought this in a smaller size and liked it so much I bought it in the larger size. Now it is not the do everything for your skin it says it is, at least not for me. But it works very nice for certain things. I like to use it on my upper eyelids, it works better than anything else I have tried . But use only a tiny amount because if any gets in your eyes they will water for hours. I also like it for the fine lines around my mouth. Also great on hands……takes a few years away from the appearance and they feel like silk. Absorbs well and no fragrance to irritate my allergies. I’m sure it works nice for dry skin on arms and legs, but I prefer regular lotions for these. i would recommend it for these uses.

Cassandra Red Oak, OK


I’ve purchased this product a few times and this last time around, the product has a strange smell. It’s almost a sour scent of some kind. I can’t tell yet if it’s affecting my skin and I’ve been using it for about a week, so it’s probably OK, but it really makes me question the quality of the source. I’ve purchased smaller sizes in the past, so I’m wondering if that’s the issue? It shouldn’t be but you never know…

Staci Star Tannery, VA

Love it! 🙂

I Love this product. Leaves my hair and skin silky soft 🙂 goodbye dry skin and dry hair. i would recommend this product

Olivia Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Multiple uses. GREAT VALUE!

Wonderful for skin and hair. Noticed a difference immediately in texture. Applied to clean dry hair, a drop or two goes a long way to smooth, moisturize, and add shine. Just two drops after washing my face leaves my skin super silky and is non comedogenic (does NOT clog pores). I LOVE this oil.

Francesca Edgewood, NM

nice stuff

I’m not an expert on argon oil so I can’t really say if this is better then others. Reading other reviews makes me want to experiment and try other brands to be able to compare. I must say I do Like the bottle it comes in with the dropper. It seems to go on my skin really nice. I also put some in my hair for a treatment. No complaints.

Anita Clara, MS

average quality

This oil has different consistency compare to Josie Maran argan oil. it doesn’t worth the money, there is a lot of room for quality improvement.

Jayne Pinconning, MI

Best Argan oil for the Price!

I have tried several different brands of argan oil, this is the best value for the price ( $5 an ounce when ordering the 4 oz bottle ) . The Acure organics brand has the same golden color and nutty smell as this one, but they charge about $14 for 1 oz, you can get it as cheap as $10 for 4 oz from Essential Depot, but that one has the consistency and feel of vegetable oil and does not sink into your skin very well. I love everything about this one from ELMA&SNA..I even love the blue bottle haha. I use it for my face primarily so the quality is important, I also use it in my hand lotion and mixed with my hair products.. when using for you hair remember a little tiny bit goes a long long way!

Penelope Magna, UT