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ELMA&SANA Golden Argan Oil ® 100 Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz

Elma and Sana golden argan oil 1 oz blue glass bottle with dropper 100% natural raw cosmetic argan oil is the perfect oil for the face, body, hair, and nails. Ideal for all skin and hair types, argan oil improves skin hydration. This non-greasy formula is fragrance-free and organically cold-pressed. Made from the nuts of the Moroccan argan tree, It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty ideal for all skin and hair types. Improve skin’s hydration. Non-greasy 100% raw organic cold pressed. 100% natural fragrance free. Benefits, Non-greasy, fast absorbing and moisturizes softens and nourishes eliminates frizz and adds shine to hair strengthen soft and brittle nails imported directly from ecocert certified women’s cooperatives from morocco.

Key features

  • 100% percent pure concentrate of the Moroccan argan oil, no bad odor/smell
  • Provides multi-benefits to skin and hair
  • Non-greasy, fast absorbing, long last moisturizing
  • E and S golden argan oil brand is certified pure 100% organic, vegan, paraben free, fair trade, no animal testing
  • Imported directly from ecocert certified women cooperatives from morocco

Honest reviews


An all-purpose beauty product? I think so!

Over the years I’ve paired down my skin routine quite a bit. Instead of multiple types of cleansers and moisturizers, I’m down to one moisturizer, one cleanser, and one occasional exfoliating treatment. When I heard about Argan Oil, I had to try it. It sort of makes sense that oil would “trick” your skin into thinking it’s hydrated enough so that the cycle of overproduction of oil would cease. Our hormones work the same way, so why not our skin? And the idea that I could use this on my hair, nails and body was intriguing.I checked out the Josie Maran line and concluded that it was WAY too expensive. I ended up getting this one and have been using it for about 6 months. Seriously: TWO drops moisturizes my entire face. I initially was mixing one drop with my regular moisturizer but slowly phased out my old moisturizer. I’ve had blackheads on my nose for 10 years that have never gone away until I started using argan oil. The acne scarring I did have has been greatly reduced. I use it around my eyes as well and my dark circles have been helped.I also combine this with my body lotion. Once every other week, I use an exfoliating mitt (hammam mitt) and put oil on my body in the shower and scrub away. When I’m done, my skin is perfectly moisturized AND exfoliated. I use it on my nails. I mix it with my conditioner.If you’re weary, get a small trial/travel size. Start with SMALL amounts and work your way up. Maybe you need 2-3 drops on your face. Maybe less. Try mixing it with your other products so you can gradually become accustomed to the texture. I think that rule of “too much of a good thing” applies here. While others have said it absorbs quickly, it certainly doesn’t for me when I apply too much. I appreciate a dewy look, but I definitely don’t want to look greasy!I’m trying to think of a downside to the oil and the only thing I can think of is it’s a little expensive. However, the fact that it’s a Fair Trade product and rather strictly distributed is a huge plus for me.One more thing: as with most products, it takes time (especially if you’re trying to heal old scars). You’re not going to see drastic results in a month. Scars probably take the longest to heal when using any product. Although, I’ve seen results in all other areas (moisture, acne, fine lines, etc) rather quickly.BUYER BEWARE: Look at the ingredients carefully. There’s a big difference between “100% argan oil” and “Contains 100% argan oil.” If it’s truly argan oil and nothing else, it will only have one ingredient listed! I looked at a lot of argan oil products before buying this one. Some add a fragrance to it (innocent enough) but some contain a whole litany of ingredients and argan oil is way down on the list.

Alma Somerset, VA

One of the best choices for both skin and hair moisturizer

I have discovered argan oil several years ago, and have been using it ever since both as skin and hair moisturizer… either as a stand alone, or better yet, combined with raw unprocessed shea butter.Shea butter (the raw, unprocessed kind) by itself is just a bit too hard to dissolve in hands, so I melt some shea butter in a bowl (for that I do not use microwave, I prefer placing the bowl in the pot of hot water).Then I add argan oil (sometimes also raw organic coconut and/or avocado oil) and a hint of organic lavender oil to create the best natural skin and hair product I have experienced so far.It also makes a great and unique home made gift for any girlfriend on your list, and I have reaped success with a gift like that repeatedly.What I really like is that both product (argan oil and shea butter) add a lot of moisture and shine to your skin or your hair without ever making it look greasy and/or feel sticky and oily.Also, I have used this particular brand of the oil and find it of a very good quality.Highly recommended!!

Ilene Edcouch, TX

Comparing 4 Argan Oils purchased on Amazon

I love Argan oil and am interested in purchasing the best at the best price so I decided to purchase the four organic ones offered on Amazon that interest me the most. This review is comparingELMA&SANA; Golden Argan Oil 100 Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz(30ml),with100% Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil 100 ml BY AAA Shea ButterandWatts Beauty ArganGoldTM 120ml /100% Cert. Organic Cold Pressed Argan Nut Oil – Hair & Body -MoroccoandSlice of Nature Virgin Argan Oil. 100% Pure, Raw, Cold pressed. 100ml(3.5oz).BTW I am not addressing a skin condition just wanting to maintain healthy skin with a youthful appearance.Comparing color and thickness, the oils appear the same. The only differences I noticed are slightly different odors and skin sensations with these four oils I purchased at the same time from Amazon. The AAA SHEA butter has a slightly musky / musty odor. The Watts Beauty has a slight deodorized odor about it and increases my heart rate slightly upon application to my skin and appears to engage my immune system as my neck glands will swell shortly after application. The Slice of Nature and the ELMA&SANA; have the freshest odor of the four with the Slice of Nature having the stronger nutty scent of the two; skin application feels very soothing and calming in a quenching sensation sort of way. The Slice of Nature feels a little thicker and leaves more of a barrier on my skin whereas the ELMA&SANA; seems to absorb in better and be less noticeable upon touch and less sheen reflection. The differences are subtle and most consumers probably would not be able to tell the difference at all. I considered not posting the review since any difference was negligible, but decided there might be others out there wondering the same thing. If so, please click helpful below.

Jaime Fairfield, VT

very good oil w/ slight scent

i bought both watts beauty oil and this one…both are very good, awesome w/ wrinkles and moisturization but this one has a slight smell and the watts one doesnt…so…i might just buy the watts one next time even though the smell isnt too bad. i think i recommend both but the watts a little higher

Shelly Amherst, NE

Great product.

I’ve been using Estee’ Lauder advanced night time eye repair for years. It is $50 for 1/2 ounce. I bought this little guy a couple of weeks ago and use it morning and night. My eyes look great and I keep getting carded for wine :). I read somewhere that argan oil was great for wrinkles/anti-aging. I’m glad I gave it a try and what a buy at $8.99 and free shipping!!! Goodbye Estee’ Lauder. This is also great for your hair. I put three drops in just after I wash and three drops after I dry. My hairdresser is getting all of her clients to start using this.

Annette Lismore, MN

Like it!

I read so much about Argan oil and how good it is for your skin and wrinkles. This is an oil, so I would recommend using it at night. It is great if you have dry skin and very hydrating for the summer. I have seen Argan oil on many other webs and they were much more expensive. Like all skincare there is mo miracle for wrinkles and aging unless you have botox or surgery. I want to avoid that as long as possible. I really like this and the fact that it is all natural is a plus. As far as my wrinkles at age 38, I feel it minimizes the appearance.

Sheri Martinsville, OH

Not worth the Hype

Just like all fads they come and go and I believe this to be among the fads that will soon be gone.

Whitney Panola, OK

No hydration!

I got this product a few days ago. My eyes burn and I see more pulling and wrinkles under my eyes than usual. The burning might just be me. I do find a lot of products burn my eyes and I go through a lot of Q-tips.The skin on my face feels tight and lacking of hydration so far with this product. It’s an oil so it’s not the greatest for wearing eye makeup and having my face look fresh. I mixed it with moisturizer this morning. Same results. Not a fresh look.My bottle came with a pump. One pump does the job to cover my face, neck and a little in my chest.I’ll probably just try using it at night with a night cream to give it a chance. Not around my eyes anyway. Don’t like the eye burn.

Melody De Armanville, AL


Did not really work for me. I get more results using coconut and castor oil on my skin. I get the glow, especially with coconut oil. This did nothing for me, except make my face feel greasy.

Esperanza West Boylston, MA

Best Argan Oil for the Price, Hands Down. Hair and Skin Love It!

Don’t believe all the hype. Like every other “new/old” thing out there that is rediscovered to be the best thing ever, argan oil has been purported to be able to do many miraculous things. I don’t believe that and didn’t base my purchase on that type of hype. What I did buy it for is for what it is supposed to do..and for that, this particular brand is absolute tops!Argan oil, which is simply the oil of the nut of the argan tree, is a lot like olive oil in many ways and the less high quality argan oils are more like olive oil than the higher quality ones. Where the differences are at between a good high quality argan and a lesser argan is in the very things that make argan superior to olive for the skin and hair.Cold pressed organic oil like this has a more delicate scent, greater absorbability, is a little thinner and works for a whole lot longer. If you’ve had an experience with argan oil where you looked at yourself and thought you would have done better to just rub cooking oil on yourself then you likely got some that was heated when pressed or came from inferior fruits.This particular Argan oil is just that…pure Argan oil with nothing in it. No fragrance. No additives. Nada. So it has a light, slightly nutty smell that I find heavenly.Where this oil really shows its benefits is in aging skin or very dry skin. It takes about 6 drops to moisturize my entire lower leg. Face…2 drops. Hair treatment..2 drops. Whole body, about 1 dropper full. It soaks in very fast and leaves a very slight sheen on the skin that isn’t an oily one, but rather a glowy one. It lasts beyond a day. Even after a day, including showering, you can skip it if you’re in a hurry and not get dry skin.I use it every day on my legs and arms. Every few days I do the whole body. Once a week I use it on my face after a facial and in my hair once a week to keep it sleek. If you’re a teen with unruly skin prone to acne and oily hair then I would test it first to be sure it is okay with your skin and hair. For everyone else, it is a delight and highly recommended.

Ines Glen, WV

I’m bleeding…

Just got this, opened it, and the metal sheath around the cap cut so deeply into my thumb that I’m bleeding quite profusely. There is no metal sheath on the image of the bottle. And there is no way to take it off. In addition, the oil smells rancid. If it were cooking oil I would throw it out or send it back.

Randi Siasconset, MA

Great product

I love the lightweight feeling of this product. I purchased it to complement my night skin care routine, and cannot get enough of it. I apply to my skin after my serum and to my nails, eyelashes and hair. I have sensitive skin and was afraid that it would react to the oil, but it did not at all.

Jodie Blacksburg, SC

Replace your silicones with this

Good for:Dry hairFrizzy hairWig hairLight weight non-shiny skin moisturizerMakeup primerScent: Barely detectable, slightly like raw almondsMy long fine limp hair can’t take most leave in conditioners without feeling sticky (wax coated) or even more dry (silicones block out the moisture over time), but this argan oil takes the frizz out of the ends with a single drop. I rub a drop onto my palms and fingers then run them through the ends of my towel-dried hair: no frizz, no clumping, no stringyness. The best part is that it won’t build up like silicones do, but it makes the dry ends just as shiny and smooth as any anti-frizz silicone balm or spray on the market. The most damaged parts of my hair feel like they’ve been freshly trimmed.I’ve tried almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and other moisturizer based sprays/balms/creams and none of them feel like this in my hair. This oil absorbs into skin and hair immediately which is different. On the skin, it doesn’t even leave you shiny it absorbs so well. A single drop is a great lightweight facial moisturizer and it spreads on with a finish exactly like makeup primer.As a theatre costumer, I have also used it on extra long bleached human hair wigs to keep the deep wave patterns nice and moisturized. It keeps the entire 28″ length smooth and shiny, even at the ends where it’s been brushed through. Every other product I’ve tried on dry wig hair tends to attract dirt and dust (leaving it feeling gritty soon after washing), but this oil doesn’t.

Elsa Byesville, OH


Listen to all the good reviews on here about this oil. I have pretty bad skin, lots of breakouts, very oily and dry at the same time from using medicine for the breakouts. Usually every cream or lotion or moisturizer I try on my face breaks me out and leaves me VERY oily and does nothing for the dry parts of my face. This oil is completely different. I usually put it on at night since I can put a lot on and take my time letting it absorb. It doesn’t take too long to sink in though, maybe 5 minutes after rubbing into my skin (you really kind of have to rub for a minute or else it doesn’t seem as effective)It completely takes care of any dry patches I have on my face within a few days, and controls how oily my face is. I was using it in the morning before I applied my makeup as well, and it did not make my face oily throughout the day. The only reason I stopped doing this was because it took a little while for it to sink in enough for me to use a foundation over it, and I usually didn’t wake up early enough before my classes to deal with that! This product also NEVER broke me out, which is amazing. It also smells pretty nice too. I got the bottle a while ago, for Christmas I believe, and after using it probably 5 days a week, I still have some left! You only really need a tiny bit to cover your face.Anyways, I completely recommend this product for any skin type!!

Colleen Tintah, MN

It’s okay.

Works the same as jojoba oil. Jojoba is less expensive so I think I’ll stick to jojoba when this is gone.

Virginia Riverhead, NY

Great Product

I liked this it works very well, a great moisturizer for hair and skin. this also mixes well with other oil and moisturizers.

Ina Damascus, AR

Did nothing

I had heard so much about this stuff I had high hopes and really wanted to try it. I broke out a little but that was it. No big change in rinkes in fact no change at all.

Sallie Hancocks Bridge, NJ

Changing my tune… (Update)

Most RECENT review:I was having issues with my bottle of argan oil which smelled awful. I contacted this seller and had an exchange informing them that I was not happy with their product and believed it to be defective. They tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with their product and didn’t try to resolve the issue until I told them how disappointed I was in their product AND their customer service. They promptly sent me a new bottle and I was right all along about my bottle being off. The new bottle they sent me does not smell as rancid like the first bottle. It doesn’t smell like roses or anything pleasant, but rather nutty. It does still smell a bit off, but I’m going to just assume this is the way it is supposed to smell. Slightly nutty, a little off, but definitely should NOT smell rancid.I used 3 drops of the new bottle in my damp hair, dried it with a blow dryer, and my hair looked wonderful. As far as the customer service, I give it a 4 out of 5 because although there was a rough exchange between the both of us, they did end up sending me a new bottle which I am more satisfied with.2nd review:Hmm, I’ve been using this for the past week and I can’t get over the smell of it. It’s smelling OLD and rancid… This is really upsetting because I don’t want to put defective products on my skin.It seemed to be working on my dry spots, but there really isn’t any more difference than what I saw before. I would suggest experimenting with other sellers due to this.1st review:I’ve used this oil for 2 nights in a row and have seen a slight difference in my skin.I have a dry spot on my cheek that hasn’t been going away thanks to the crazy weather we’re experiencing here in California! I tested out effectiveness of this oil by using it alone on my whole face. So far, I wouldn’t count on this oil alone to take care of extremely dry skin. I’m seeing some improvement such as softness, but no miracle.I have 1 question to any Argan oil aficionado: Is it normal for the oil to smell slightly… rancid? I mean, it doesn’t reek, but I’m very unfamiliar to how fresh Argan oil is supposed to smell. So please let me know what it’s supposed to smell like. Thank you so much!

Jennie Dennard, AR

really nice dry oil

Really nice oil that is drt and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Smells nice enough too. Soaks into skin nicely. If you use on hair just a couple drops is needed. I use it on hair at night before bed and then wash out in morning.

Kristi Mayville, ND

No Difference

I have used Argan Oil from 3 different companies now (the first was Josie Maran, which is outrageously expensive) and all three products are exactly the same from what I can tell. I see no difference between this and the more expensive brand.I use Argan oil on my face as my moisturizer and I love the results. My skin has definitely improved in appears, fine lines, and overall health since switching from my regular cream moisturizer to this. You would think putting an oil on your face in the morning would be crazy, but this absorbs so quickly and really hydrates my face without causing it to get oily or greasy right then or even later in the day. I love it and will continue to use this.

Janna Mountainburg, AR

Great buy!

I used Josie Maran Argan oil which is very good stuff. I saw this on Amazon when reordering and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. This oil seems almost as rich and is absorbed just as well. Bonus: this cost a fifth of the price as the Jose Maran Oil! Needless to say I will probably order this again. 🙂

Elaine Magnolia, MN


I don’t know, but I have asian hair, so it didn’t very do the job, I didn’t see any change, i would take some drop, rub it between my hands, then flip my hair and apply it, I did the routine after shower while my hair is near dry and damp, i don’t know if it moisture enough

Darla Coffeeville, AL

Quality Argan Oil

I am so happy I ordered this argan oil! It is great quality and has no smell. It quickly and easily absorbs into the skin and hair without any tacky or sticky residue left behind. I use argan oil every day on my face and in my hair. It is awesome at sealing out humidity and making my hair super soft and shiny. Love it!

Vivian Pleasant Valley, NY


I purchased this argan oil based on the reviews but with slight hesitation. After using if for 6 months, I am very happy with the purchase! I found that it did not fulfill all the promises made in the reviews but it came close.A drop or two provided enough coverage for my entire face. A few more drops for specific coverage (elbows, feet, hands) provided enough coverage for everything else. After a week of usage I noticed that red spots on my face disappeared, rough areas (elbows and feet) were smoother and overall, my skin had a much better appearance. I did use shea butter on my body as well.My face is a combination of dry and oily and very sensitive and this argan oil did wonders for smoothing out faint crow’s feet lines, soothing red spots and brightening my complexion. Best part? No irritation no matter where I use it.I can replace my very expensive face lotion with this much cheaper and organic product. Love that!

Crystal Garden Grove, IA

OMG! Great dupe for Josie Maran Argon Oil

This oil works just as well as the Josie Mara Argon Oil that is THREE TIMES the price. I bought a bottle for my sister and myself and we both have noticed a difference in our hair.

Kathrine West Haverstraw, NY

Try it

It really does what it says and your hair will absolutely thank you for it , meet my expectations and i will continue to use it as time goes by. a little goes a long way

Janette Harvey, IL

Great product, great price

I’m still figuring out all the things you can do with Argan oil, but I already know I love it. My skin is typically pretty well-moisturized, so I use this on my eye area and at the base of my nose (where I get a little dry). For the price, this is by far the best “eye cream” I’ve ever used. In fact, it beats or ties every brand I’ve tried. If you’re toying with the idea of buying Argan oil, do it. I promise you’ll find plenty of use for it.

Terrie Aripeka, FL

Great for combination and sensitive skin.

I’m in my early 20s and I’ve always had problem with clogged pores, blackheads, dry cheeks, and oily nose. Since switching from face creams to this oil my skin seems to be well balanced. I put a little on in the morning and it lasts me throughout the day. It absorbs quickly so my face doesn’t look greasy.

Lina Mc Lean, IL

Soft and Smooth

I use this since lotions make my skin sting and turn red after shaving. I used to use olive oil but this works better and soaks into my skin really quickly.

Carla Hayfield, MN

First aid for bleached hair

I am very mean to my hair. I try to avoid heat styling, but it is bleached white so this alone is abuse.Every other week, I use roughly 1-2 full droppers on my shoulder length, medium thick hair and massage it from root to ends. After it is massaged in, I lightly brush it through.Then I wrap it in a bun and let is sit in my hair for 2-3 days.I know that sounds gross, but this is what has stopped my hair from breaking. This oil and doing these sorts of long oil soaks is what have taken my hair from scary dry, to mildly dry, but strong.I prefer argan oil over any other oils, including jojoba oil. I mix a few drops of jojoba oil in my conditioner when I condition my hair, but the argan oil restores my hair to a whole new level.While my hair isn’t perfect, I’m positive if I keep using the argan oil, and perhaps a bit more frequently, my hair will feel soft and be healthy.I cannot wear this with my hair down because my hair has fine texture so it is too heavy for it. But it adds a pretty shine.I also use this on my face as a moisturizer once in a while, but have to be careful because my face turns into a pimple mess if I use any oil for too long.

Lorna Cadwell, GA