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Elma and Sana Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Powder, Lava, 8 Ounce

Elma and Sana Ghassoul clay is an exceptional clay with multipurpose assets. It is mined in the fertile Atlas mountains of Morocco and has been used for over 12 centuries by population in North Africa, Europe and Middle East. Ghassoul clay’s most impressive properties in skin improvement are its capacity of absorption due to its high level of ions exchange rich in magnesium, Silica, potassium and calcium. It is used in many professional applications in Spas and it aids in rejuvenation, detoxification and toning of the skin. It can be used in soaps, shampoos, facial hair and body masks and skin conditioners Elma and Sana, LLC copyrights To see other products we sell please click on our name (Elma and Sana) under the title.

Key features

  • High quality 100% pure Moroccan (rhassoul) ghassoul clay powder
  • For all skin and hair
  • Skin detox, skin cleansers
  • Vegan, paraben free, fair trade, no animal testing
  • Fair traded ,imported directly from Morocco

Honest reviews


Ghassoul Lava Clay Powder

I really love this stuff! I mix with Thayer Rose Petal witch hazel and use as a facial mask weekly. You can actually see the mask pulling your face taut. Rinsing off is a laborious affair, but when you are finished…nice smooth skin. I follow with argan oil and my face feel delicious!Highly recommend for those who prefer the products on their face to be of a more natural origin. Seller was fine, quick delivery and packaged well!

Silvia Red Oak, IA

I guess it’s worth it

I like the clay the only thing I don’t like is the price for the weight. I feel as though I could get more bang for my buck else where but for the convenience of amazon I guess it’s worth it.

Leonor Oakesdale, WA

Great clay

Before purchasing this I was curious as to what was the difference between that other Indian healing clay (I think I got the name right) and rhassoul clay. So after all my extensive research (Wikipedia, lol) I decided to stick with this one. The say this one is more gentle and rich in mineral properties. I had random break outs because of environmental factors and this helped me stop them, I used this with rosé water. Perfect combination

Regina Mason, TX

Second Order

This is my second order so you know I must love it! I mixed mine with a little morracan oil before applying to my hair.

Rosemarie Fair Play, MO

Messy but a good value

As a skincare “junkie”, I would say that this is a good mask in general except for the fact that it is messy to apply and remove. It will discolor/stain your washcloth when you remove it and chances are it will spill when you are mixing it with water or applying it to your face. It is also very drying and will make your skin feel a bit gritty. Using a toner or facial mist afterward may reduce the feeling of residue on the skin. This is the best moroccan mud that I have used so far comparing it to other brands that claim it is imported from Morocco. A little bit definately goes a long way so it is a good value for the money.

Marisa East Smithfield, PA

LOVE, LOVE LOVE this stuff!

I just recently found out about this and thought I would give it a try. I also purchased rose water from this same company to mix with it. It mixed very nicely and was easy to apply. My face looked and felt better even after one use! I have pretty normal skin but my skin looked amazing afterwards! I am telling everyone they need to use this!! Will buy again!

Rosie East Montpelier, VT

Amazing stuff!

This stuff is amazing!!! Totally cleared up my face and made my skin feel amazing instantly. I mixed it with the Rose water I ordered from this same Co. I am picky about my products. This is the best clay mask I’ve ever used.

Katy Castle Rock, WA

highly effective in eliminating blackheads

I used rose water to make a paste and put it on my face to remove blackheads the other day. After a few minutes I felt my face was tighter and also felt increased blood circulation. This one time application removed blackheads and my skin felt so supple. Increadible product

Carey Redfield, IA

Makes my face soft

Makes my skin feel very clean and soft. I mix it with rose water and put on my face until it dries and then wash it off.

Natalia Chaffee, ND

Better than everything else out there.

This clay has a texture and property that exceeds all others. This is not Moroccan Red clay, which is very drying. I used bentonite, and kaolin, etc. Nothing compares. Leaves my skin radiant and clears blackheads. Superb!

Jessica Brilliant, AL

Very effective with Lemon juice

This is one of the best clay facial masks you could ever use. I add lemon juice to mine until the texture is smooth and mouse like. I leave it on for 20 minutes. I have sensitive skin so I get red patches after removing it. They disappear after 20 minutes.My face is way clearer and my pores pretty much disappear.June 2013 Update:I use this clay with apple cider vinegar in the warm months for my oily skin. It completely gets rid of my blackheads.

Daisy Castine, ME