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Elma and Sana 100 % Pure Organic Argan Oil Cold Pressed Virgin, Golden, 2 Ounce

100% pure organic cold pressed cosmetic argan oil is the perfect long lasting moisturizer for all skin and hair types, nongreasy fragrancefree and organically coldpressed from the nuts of the Moroccan argan Tree, It is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, certified organic By ECOCERT Nongreasy fast absorbing Softens and nourishes Eliminates frizz and adds shine to hair Product of Morocco cold pressed Long lasting moisture.

Key features

  • 100% pure concentrate of the argan oil no bad odor/smell
  • Ideal for all skin and hair types, provides multibenefits to skin and hair
  • Nongreasy, fast absorbing, provides long lasting moisture
  • certified pure 100% Organic, vegan, paraben free, fair trade, no animal testing
  • imported directly from Ecocert certified women cooperatives from Morocco

Honest reviews


Golden Argan Oil 100%

This oil did work to disguise my split ends, but it kind of leaves them a bit sticky, and not easy to run my fingers through. I ended up chemically burning my hair and was putting this oil on the bottom half to try and repair it. Unfortunately, this oil can only disguise the fried hair, not actually repair it. It worked well, but I ended up getting fed up with my frizzy, damaged hair and cut it to my shoulders. It looks so much better now! I still use the oil on the ends, since I did not cut all of the damage off with the new cut (as that would’ve been way too drastic!) You have to watch how much you use, because it can give your hair this ‘wet’ look on the ends, extend blow dryer time if you use too much, and leave your hair feeling sticky, not silky. Although it’s not 100% natural, I prefer one ‘n only Argan Oil hair treatment which smells awesome.

Letha Marshall, MO


i ordered the .5 oz of josie maran argan oil and absolutely loved the effect it had on my skin. i went through it so quickly that i searched for an equal product at a lesser price. this stuff is great! its not completely fragrance free, there is a VERY slight odor (not bad) but when you apply it, you cant smell it. this has given me the same results as the more expensive oil, so i will order this again! its awesome!

Darla Humboldt, KS

Compared to other brands…

I love argan oil. Use it every day.I’ve used 4-5 different brands now, and this bottle is the least thick of the ones I’ve tried. The pros: it’s more spreadable, glides well, and there’s virtually no smell compared to other bottles. The cons: it doesn’t feel as nutrient dense, can leave hair looking a bit greasy. This oil is ‘shinier.’I use this bottle mostly as a supplement to body lotion. For my face & hair, I prefer another brand for it’s thicker, more elastic texture. For the price I paid here (2oz $17), this was one of the better deals I’ve found… worth while.

Lupe Sondheimer, LA

Not happy. Negative results.

It hasn’t done JACK! My skin felt dry and unhydrated and it caused the skin around my eyes to age and pull in a scarey way. I wonder if I really got 100% pure Argon oil.

Janie Elbert, CO

I love it!

I bought this and another argan oil from Ebay, which wasn’t bottled with a label and a barcode, but rather the lady supposedly buys it by the gallon and then pours in smaller bottles. After using both products, I kept this one (which does have a barcode and certification info). It not greasy, it’s not heavy, makes my skin very soft (on my face and face). I add 2 drops to my facial mosturizer each time, and I’ve even used it by itself. On my hair, I tested it after I washed it, and didn’t put anything else in it but about 4 drops that I rubbed on my palmes before spreading on my hair and then brushing it in. I have a curly hair and I’m forced to put product every time after brushing it, but this time I didn’t have to. I just sprayed my hair the next morning with some water to help the curls form and off I went. I even put a few drops in the water bottle for spraying my hair. My hair was super soft! So I just returned the other product to the ebay seller, and ordered one more of these for my cousin in Europe. If the second bottle is consistent with the quality of the first one, I’ll add that to my review. I read some people were complaining the same thing is actually totally different.

Carol Effingham, IL

Really nice!!!

It’s a good product… Can be used by itself or mixed with any other hair product.Just don’t like the smell

Kristie Bevier, MO

Better than spending $50

this is just as good or I think better than Josie Marian I think that’s how you spell her name and its fabulous I love mine makes my skin softer than a baby best product for dry skin hands down I will buy over and over even getting my sister to get it instead of Jose’s love love love best price for best best price

Natasha Mission Hill, SD

Liquid Gold

I ordered Argan oil on the recommendation of a friend. She raves about it, so I thought why not? I am 30, and have no lines or wrinkles, yet, and would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. I also hate using chemical laden products on my skin, with exception of SPF (even then, I try to only use organic/natural blends like Badger).I generally use Coconut oil in my hair, about a pea size amount on damp hair is good for a little frizz free shine. I use the Argan oil in my hair last night, and this morning upon waking I can tell my hair is much more nourished, and the color is much more vibrant than normal. I also used this on my face/neck and chest area. Its says to use it then apply normal moisturizer. I used this under my Boscia Intensive Night Cream, and my face was feeling super moisturized and soft. This morning I can still feel the softness from the oil I put on my chest and neck.This is a great product, at a great price, I will be purchasing the 4oz bottle next time, and I will probably buy a few of these as gifts for my family members!

Alyce Harrold, TX

Moisturizing but too expensive

This was the first argan oil I have tried. I purchased it as an alternative to chemical-laden lotions. It does sink into the skin well and makes it feel soft and moisturized but it doesn’t do anything plain (inexpensive) lotion can’t do. The only added benefit I can see is that it is more natural than putting all those chemicals on your skin. However, because of the price, I will continue to search for a moisturizer that is both natural and inexpensive. Also, it says you can use this in your hair. I tried putting it in my wet hair and it was a disaster. My hair just never dried and looked very greasy. Then I tried just using a little bit on my dry hair. It did make it look more shiny and smooth but my hair felt very sticky. Hope this helps!

Lynnette Okreek, SD

So far, So good

I was hesitant to get this for my skin because I read that argan oil is acnegenic, but I needed something moisturizing and gentle for after I exfoliate, so I decided to try it. I figured at least I can use it for my hair if it didn’t work out.I can’t say it’s this big skin miracle, but I will say I was surprised that I have not suffered a breakout using this on my face. I use it to remove makeup and I apply it around my eyes mostly, or as part of my home facial regimen. I do not keep it on overnight.I have been watching to see if my marks fade faster using this, but I honestly can’t tell because I use many different products; it could be a combination of products including the argan oil. It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t count it out because of the vitamin E.I can say for sure that this oil has made my hair super shiny. Not oily shiny, just healthy shiny. I have pretty healthy hair, but now it has even more sheen to it. I try to apply some to my ends every night before I wrap my hair and right away when I brush my hair I can see the difference.All in all, I would say try it for your skin, but keep it for your hair.

Teri Manchester Township, NJ


I love argan oil! It is wonderful as a facial moisturizer! Soaks right in without feeling oily. I use sometimes on my hair too, you only need a small amount on your hair, use sparingly! Any brand that is 100% pure argan oil should work, I like this brand but I also like a couple others too. Just make sure argan oil is only ingredient, 100%!

Bobby Georgetown, TN


I have bought this several times. It is a good Argan oil. It has a mild nutty smell that I like, and it is golden. I would compare it to more expensive brands, like Josie Maran, but much less price. It is a good product.

Brooke Atwood, IN

Fantastic and Reasonably Priced!

I was sent a sample of Argan Oil from a particular online vendor as a sample. I had seen the product on QVC dozens of times but felt the price was pretty high. I loved the sample I had received from the online vendor (NOT QVC). So I came to Amazon, of course, and found this vendor and read the reviews and decided to order. Well, I have acne prone skin and red marks. Argan oil is really miraculous for healing skin and shrinking pores. I take really good care of my skin but this is really a cheap way to REALLY improve your skin. I’m almost 48 and most people think I’m 38-39. Argan oil will be a tremendous blessing in fighting the aging process. This is a definite KEEPER! Also, this vendor ships promptly and I received my products in just a few days. Thanks for such a great product!

Nancy Liberty, TX


I have fine straight hair and I use Kerastase shampoo. My hair tends to go frizzly in the heat. After shower, I rub a couple of drops of the argan oil into the ends of my hair and it makes them smooth, shiny and less frizzly.Beside using it on my hair, I also use it on my face at night sometime. It’s a all around great product!

Alicia Krum, TX

Bummer =(

I had high hopes after the reviews because I love the reviews for helpful info. Sadly, it is not for me. It did break me out. I use emu and jojoba oils and really like them and have no issues so I guess I should stop looking for the next great thing 😉 In the hair or on my legs to make them shiny on a skirt day it goes.

Martina Winthrop, WA

I really like this!

I like this product, but I haven’t used it enough to tell if I love it yet. But it seems to show a lot of the description for what it is about and what it does…… .A

Leonor Brownsville, KY

argan oil feels nice on my face

i enjoy it. it’s not super oily. it balances everything out on my face. i don’t use it every night, but when i need it. i’ve heard it can lighten age spots and i’m hoping someday it will. i’ve been using this for about 6 months and would recommend it. no need to spend much more for this product.

Shelia West Olive, MI

good for now

I just purchased this few weeks ago. And i did notice a pleasant change on my skin. It does subside acne and leaves the skin smooth to touch. I’ve noticed a fresh glow the next day after every application. Would encourage anyone to buy this and give it a try.

Renae Jasper, FL

Great product!

I use this oil for my hair skin and nails and it is beyond awesome. I use it in my hair before I dry and flat iron it. It gives me less fly always a and helps protect from heat. For my skin I use it on my face and body. It leaves my skin very very soft. I’ve been using it for the past couple of months and when I go for my facials each month my skin has improved! They always ask me what I’m using and they always tell me argan oil is the BEST thing. I also use it for my nails, it softens my cuticles and help my nails grow. Anything the oil touches turns soft. A little drip goes a long way! It does make my skin look greasy for a while, it takes a little time to fully absorb. I love argan oil!!

Iris Clarence Center, NY

Doesn’t seem like Argan Oil

It has a slight rancid smell and doesn’t absorb like argan oil – stays oily on your skin like vegetable oil…(maybe that’s what it is). Other argan oils I have used have no odor; and quickly absorb. I won’t be buying this again.

Ollie Adamstown, MD

Smells Rancid

I’ve bought several other Argan oils from different sellers and this is one is by far the worse smelling one. It’s smells rancid, as if it were WAY passed it’s expiration date (if there is one, I don’t see anything on the bottle or box). Will try and return the item. I will not be buying this product again.

Dorothea Bannock, OH

Great oil and smells lovely.

This product is good, but it wasn’t enough for my dry skin. Had to use other oils with it, but other than that this is a good product.

Margery Tuskegee, AL

Good but haven’t seen a huge change

I have noticed that ever since I have used this product, my hair has become shinier and softer. However, I do not find that this is a "miracle" product, but it is very good. I like dropper as it can dispense a good amount of product. I’ve had this product for over three months, and have barely made a dent in this, and I use it every time I wash my hair.

Terry Chewalla, TN

Not greasy at all

I expected this item to be greasy, I’ve used cold pressed olive and coconut oil and experienced that uncomfortable heavy/greasy feeling until it absorbed.My experience with this oil is great and nothing like the above, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It even makes my adult acne go away when I use it regularly. It has a glass dropper which allows you to drop the oil onto your hand and keeps the contents sanitary.It also worked wonders on my son’s sunburn – all around a great product, definitely worth the cost. I’ll be purchasing the 4oz size next time as I find myself using it a lot.

Madelyn Oxford, ME

Elma & Sana

This is my second bottle of oil. It truly is wonderful. I used to pay three times this amount for my oil from another company . Now why would I ever do that again? This is just as good as the more expensive oil. I will only buy this from now on.

Marci Fombell, PA