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Elite Serum. Defend. Protect. Rejuvenate

This eye serum formula is intended to minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness under and around the eyes. Elite Serum Elite Serum Syringe is a lightweight, fast-absorbing eye cream that reverses the signs of aging and instantly tones the skin. Infused with rich seaweed extract, peptides, oxygen and nutrients, it minimizes puffiness, dark circles, lines and wrinkles around the eyes within minutes.

Key features

  • First Ever use of Patent-Pending Dispensing Syringe for Precision Application
  • Scientifically Designed for Reducing the Appearance of Dark Circles, Puffiness, Fine Lines and Crows Feet
  • Contains a High Concentration of Potent Peptides – Argireline, SNAP-8, Haloxyl, Eyeliss, Matrixyl-3000, Syn-Coll
  • This Exclusive Eye Serum Formula was Developed by a Clinically Trained Cosmetic Pharmacist
  • Works in Areas Where Botulinum Toxin Injections Can Not Reach

Honest reviews


Nice eye cream

I haven’t noticed a difference with my eye bags since I started using this product. It does go on nice and smooth, absorbs well with no smells and may be helping out and protecting the skin.Not sure yet, but I would recommend if your looking for an eye cream

Lorena Fort Sheridan, IL

No results yet

I’ve used this product for almost a month. I have not seen any results yet. The application syringe is a great idea. I like that part because there isn’t any waste.

Elba Aubrey, AR

Elite Serum

I’m actually pretty surprised to see so many positive reviews of this product. I’ve now been using it since the beginning of December and have seen no changes at all. I contacted the company about this because I thought they would like to know how a customer feels with their failing eye serum and they just said that they have other things that I can buy from them that might work. I would tell everyone to save their money (Elite is so expensive) and find a company that stands behind their product. Trust me, it does NOT work! My wrinkles haven’t even slightly gotten better and the darkness under my eyes is still there.

Kathrine Copeland, FL

It works good enough

I would recommend this product to anyone willing to pay the price. I did use this serum around the eyes as that’s what it’s for, but found it to be even more successful above and around the mouth area.I think it’s too expensive for he actual amount that you get. I think there are other alternatives out there at a better price

Elena Arcata, CA

Wasn’t any better than Neutragena rapid wrinkle

Save your money just buy rapid wrinkle cream from neutragena for 14.00$. I personally went to NEURIUM and love it.

Desiree West Columbia, SC

It’s ok

I don’t really know about this product !!! I’m still using but didn’t see something major to be honest but , it seems working for the puffiness THAtS IT …

Madelyn La Push, WA

Does Nothing

This does absolutely nothing. the reviews must have been placed by paid people becaus ethere is no way real customers posted them. This product is like water in a seringe. Do not waste your money.

Lula Temple Bar Marina, AZ

Dries out my eyes and poor package

I bought this after my coworker was raving how great this eye serum was even though it was expensive I had to try it for myself. I been searching for the best eye cream/serum for the longest time so I thought I might as well try this one too. I used it for about 2 weeks and first application, I felt a lift on my eyelids due to the tightest it has after the application dries. Not much improvement on moisturizing or depuffing my eyes so other than lifting temporary effect, doesn’t do anything for me. After using it for 2 weeks, I noticed my eyes were dried than not using it at all. Also, the packing works like a syringe so it waste more of the product every time you close or finish using the product.

Tracey San Jose, NM

Amazing For Tired Eyes

I’m fairly young, so I have yet to be blessed with smile lines around my eyes. But nevertheless I have very very tired eyes. Dark under circles, wrinkles out of… sleepyness (I guess), and overall it makes me look unmotivated and exhausted. I bought this product after seeing some rave reviews online and thought I’d give it a shot. It was very easy to use, pretty much self-explanitory. And I saw results way faster than I had with any other serum I’d tried. My eyes look more awake and bright.I can put foundation under my eyes and by the end of the day it won’t be overshadowed with my dark tired undercircles. In fact there are NO undercircles! I’ve used this product for about two weeks now with constant success. I’m very pleased with it. I can’t speak on the behalf of most wrinkles and crows feet, but for under-eye wrinkles and dark circles this product has worked like magic. My eyes not only look more awake, they feel more awake. And I feel way more confident greeting the day when I don’t look like I just woke up.

Chasity Millsboro, DE

This does NOT work!

No improvement. A lot of money for no results. Have much better results from Roc products. Not sure about all of the positive reviews–maybe paid reviews????

Lydia Flatgap, KY


Don’t get the hype, really did nothing for me. I’ll keep using till gone, but will not buy again. Still looking

Terrie Lansing, MI

Didnt do anything

What the heck, I’m a mixture of Mexican, black and Irish. My dark circles didn’t diminish I assume since maybe there hereditary it doesn’t work as its supposed to.

Elaine New Windsor, NY

Skin Pro Elite Serum

So far I really like this serum for my eyes. I have noticed a little change around my eyes. Thanks

Lois Glenwood Springs, CO

Didn’t work for me.

I used this product daily until it was all gone. Unfortunately, the product did nothing for me. I liked how it easily glided on my skin and had no smell, but that’s about it.

Merle Paintsville, KY

Actually Works

I am not a big fan of rejuvenation products, but I do recommend Elite Serum to anyone who is sick of people asking “are you tired”? I work two jobs, have a kid, and all that jazz so I don’t have time for make up to hide bags under my eyes or the sleep that would prevent bags under my eyes. I decided to buy something for my eyes after I went with a friend to get make overs and saw how dark the shadows under my eyes were even with professionally applied make up caked on my face.I started using the serum about a month ago and the dark shadows and lines under my eyes are gone. I put the serum on at night after I wash my face. I know you are supposed to use the serum twice each day, but I usually forget in the morning. I probably would have noticed improvements sooner if I’d followed the instructions but it still worked so I am happy.

Petra Ash Grove, MO

Works for Fine Lines and Dark Circles

I’ve been looking for a product that works for dark circles and fine lines and this product absolutely works for my skin. My skin has never felt so much better and smoother since I’ve been using the elite serum. It made my skin look younger than most of my friends who don’t use serum on their skin. The serum has eliminated crows feet and puffiness underneath my eyes. I liked the fact that the serum goes on my skin very smoothly and I also like that the product doesn’t feel very heavy on my skin as well. I would recommend anyone to try the elite serum that wants to see results like I have seen.

Adrian Se Ree, KY

Happy with product

I have been using for about 3-4 weeks and think I notice a significant difference in the puffiness around my eyes. I’m 60. A young sixty but have had puffy eyes off and on for several years. I thought I looked awful, started using this product and I see a definite improvement.

Mary Bent Mountain, VA


NO DIFFERENCE after 2 months!! Bought FROM SKIN PRO too I wish I had bougth here so return would’ve been easy to do!THIS half tube of USE Has CREATED DARK BAGS Under MY EYES, I DID NOT HAVE ! I wnated to tRY for start of FINE lines at corner of my eyes !!! I AM SO SO ANGRY!! I NEVER HAD Dark Circles DUE TO USE OF HALF A TUBE OF THIS NOW I them!!. I am Caucasiona FAIR to LIGHT SKIN AND did NOT HAVE bags, I got this for start of fine LINES..after half tube of use fo this NOW I HAVE TO GO To Plastic Surgeon TO FIND OUT WHAT THIS did to me and what is IN THIS STUFF!!?? IT also puffed OUT my left Under eye AREA?!!I had taken some Pics for self Not knowing this would happeen and NOW those before pics taken the day before i got this in mail and used it, have now become my PROOF PICS to show my DR that this Product Caused these BAGS TO DEVELOP !!!THIS is quite Serious For ALL if it happens but to ME , being a working actress, IM A Horrified , and it will maek me lose WORK!My Green Eyes Are Signature BEST FEATURE and DUE TO THIS SERUM I WONT LEAVE THE HOUSE, IM SO DSIGUSTED and mad. THIS product I can RPOVE WITH PICS has CAUSED THESE SUDDEN Bags and DARKNESS TO DEVELOP!I am going to the local Plastic Surgeon that knows me and did some Botox on me 2 mos ago before i began use of the serum, and im Bringing this SERUM TO HIM TO FIND OUT what’s in it, that caused this AND how can it be REVERSED?The DR even told me 2 months ago how great my skin and eyes were and I only needed a bit of BOTOX!NOW I HAVE A NEW MAJOR ISSUE CREATED BY this so called miracle SERUM , that they say takes Away Circles , Bags puffiness and instead it Developed These issues on my EYES!! I Never had !AND I HAVE Pictures to PROVE taken day before I began using it TO PROVE , serum Casued this ! My DR and Agent know i NEVER had eyes with bags or dark underneath, before using this !Until DARK BAGS GO AWAY , I cant even work as an actor because its THAT MUCH A BAD effect the Serum CAUSED!!BE WARE , DONT BUY THIS !

Gay Bakerton, WV