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Elicina Crema de Caracol Snail Cream

Elicina is perfect for people with mixed or oily complexion. Elicina does not contain moisturizers, therefore we recommend people who use it for their complexion to use the new elicina plus, in order to avoid excessive dryness or tightness produced by the exfoliant action of the extract. Elicina products have been designed to be as natural as possible. Its composition is: 80% extract and 20% excipients. A small amount of elicina is recommended to be applied twice a day on previously cleaned skin. Please ensure avoiding eye contact as irritation will most likely occur, should this be the case, rinse off with plenty of water. Due to the fact that elicina is non-greasy and has a rapid absorbsion, people may wear make-up immediately after applying elicina.

Key features

  • Elicina snail cream, an original product from Chile, it is organic, natural and hypoallergenic. Elicina contains 80% snail secretion. It was discovered that the snail secretion would heal wounds, did not become infected, and would quickly heal scar-free
  • Elicina diminishes and softens wrinkles, scars, age and sun spots, stretch marks, acne and warts
  • Elaina is an organic cosmetologically cream
  • It has rapid absorption, It does not stain your clothes or skin if exposed to sunlight
  • No snails are harmed at all,People of all ages can use Elicina

Honest reviews


Cannot Live Without This Product for Acne & Skin Renewal

I have been using this exact brand and product for three years and have had cystic acne my entire life. I have been on Accutane four times before it was banned as well. This cream keeps my cystic acne at bay when I use it every single day. I am now 47 and my skin is firm and I do not have a lot of wrinkles because of this cream. I have very oily skin, especially on my forehead, nose area and chin. I use it on my neck and chest as well, and my sister (sorry, sis!) has a really wrinkled neck (she is 48)! I have none.This product does NOT get rid of hyperpigmentation! This product will NOT get rid of pitted scars, either. But your skin will become smoother after a few months of use.About every 28 days, your skin will get tight and develop a layer of skin and you will look a bit older, because that skin needs to exfoliate. You know when it starts to get harder and you start to get dry skin, in 3 days, it will begin to come off. I use a BufPuf and Clean & Clear Continuous Acne Control every day, too. When that skin comes off, your skin is softer than a baby’s bottom and you look 5-10 years younger. If you exfoliate too hard, as I do sometimes, your skin will be very tender. If you put it on when you took all that skin off, your face will burn some and start to build up again, so use a little less when you have fresh, renewed skin.This product significantly keeps my skin very firm and wrinkles at bay, and it forces my skin to renew and slough off once a month. This is important, especially for those who see sagging skin on their cheeks (mine are literally as tight as a drum when you pat them!).Be careful about using it close to the under eye area, as it might burn a bit and will turn harder and slough off as well. I don’t put it that close often, but once in a while I put a little bit there to exfoliate it (but I shouldn’t) and it helps.For those who don’t mind the build up of skin 3 days a month and amazing, soft, smooth and supple skin you get, you will love this product. Use it every day for 30 days, without fail before you make any decisions. You need to wait until you get that first exfoliation after one month, and you see that fresh, new skin. It’s just like having a mini-acid peel every month, but a lite version.I have used it for 3 years and hope they don’t ever stop making it, because there is literally nothing like it on the market over the counter or through a prescription. But give it time. Those who expect a dramatic result in 1 day or 1 week are unrealistic. The snails secrete glycolic acid and collagen naturally, and that is very pricey at any plastic surgeon’s office. You get those products naturally here, for thousands less over time.The cream turns clear and smells like absolutely nothing. I am oily already, so I don’t get the one with the lotion. Also, I put this on, blow dry my face for one minute, and then I put a light coat of Maximum Strength Clearasil over it because it’s a bit greasy for me. I might get a pimple once every few months and that’s it! I’ve bought $150 and higher products that do nothing for wrinkles and acne.I wrote this to help those with unrealistic expectations and for those who have patience and have spent a fortune like me who will know that in 6 months, you will look at least 5 years younger! And no, I am not selling this product, just using it 🙂

Lela York, ME

Good so far

I have been using this for about a month and i have noticed fine Lines Fading. it did nothing or a small Spot on my face- dare i say it? An AGE SPOT!! ?? i wish it would have worked for that. but the Fine lines around eys are Less- so for that I gave 4 stars! I have Dry Skin- it absorbs quickly and no residue for me. i then use a moisturerizer also after i Apply this. I dont feel it is Oily at all. i would reccomend it

Hattie Conway, MA

Good snails

This product really works BUT make sure you are consistent. Make sure you follow the directions because you can get good results. Hope it does good for you.

Sierra Hunt, NY

omg BUY in TONS..i used for 2 yrs and now usign again , it WORKS on acne, scars its AMAZING

i had trouble with my skin and break outs since teen yrs found this on EBAY in 2000 used it 2x day and then I got laser resurfacing for scars but the procedure scarred me in one area on my cheek in a line.Where I wasn’t scarred ! HE messed up!SO MAD. !!I thought I was doomed.I began using ORIGINAL Snail Elicina Cream 2x -3x a day , I rub it on the area affected AND on my forehead horizontal wrinkles and AFTER using this ALONG with my “NEVER BE WITHOUT “SMOOTHIE WRINKLE REMOVER Strips” SOLD HERE , 2 of 3 deep Forehead wrinkles ARE FULLY Gone!!!NO MORE trips for Botox for over 2 yrs now.FOR SCARs..i rub in cream, top it off with small amount of AHA 12% night soufflé cream sold here, wait till dry, then applymy Smoothie wrinkle remover strips on the scars or wrinkles i want to not get again and keep Smoothie on forhead each night though thye are gone so they don’t return.What it DOES IS LIFTS the SCAR or Wrinkle UP, from being de-pressed down in to the skin and brings it up to surface matching your other skin that is not scarred or wrinkled!IVE started back using this over a week and ALREADY the SCAR made by plastic surgeon from laser resurfacing is almost gone!!AND Forehead deepest wrinkles, 2 of 3 are GONE!That’s result of Using the “Smoothie Wrinkle Strips and using AHA ” before applying the strips on eye corners and forehead wrinkles.OH!!! AND I don’t have CROWS FEET ANY MORE.Whether I smiled or not I had faint lines at eye edges and have been using the SMOOTHIE WRINKLE STRIPS EACH NIGHT FOR 3 MONTHS, I wish I knew of in these in my 20s or 30s ,but at mid 40s, NO ONE believes my age and guesses me at 10-15 yrs less and im in mid 40s.Strangers too, not friends who try to tell you what you want to hear.I go by what strangers say when i get asked about what i use on my skin cause they say its FLAWLESSME the one time 20 yr old with ACNE filled Skin and scars, WELL NO MORE.Now im told i have AMAZING CLEAR FLAWLESS SKIN??? Makes me look around to see whom they are asking LOLl don’t need to wear makeup and use SPF 45 when out, I use the yellow jar of STRIVECTIN FROM QVC for THROAT and décolleté area.I just discovered that TRULY FIRMS and tightens neck , those that have neck bands or wrinkles in décolleté, bring the cream up to your jaw and a bit over and it does REALLY FIRM Jowl AREA if u have that starting .I use a 40% home Glycolic acid peel for 4 min for over 3 yrs now.I use what the Drs use in office adn charge 100 bucks a peel.I buy from SKIN Store rx, or google glycolic home peel, rnages from 20% to 50%, start at 20% as i ddi and you will flake off old dead skin and wrinkles and reveal new smoother skin.USE once a week then after bottle empty go to 30% then so on to 50 % adn go from 1 min to 5 minutes where im at now.AMAZING RESULTS.I use and belevie in ARGAN pure oil and use it after each peel adn skin sucks it in.Bought on QVC .I worked up to 50% and my Plastic surgeon CANNOT BELEIVE THE SKIN I HAVE WHEN I WAS THE GIRL ON ACCUTANE in HSCHOOL And suffered from cystic acne that scarred my cheeks.My acne continued as a late bloomer and then STOPPED.I got laser face resurfaced that took off 4 layers of skin and was painful YET I still had some scars left if you looked close,Then I saw it here again and thought HMMM??What would happen if I added SNAIL Cream I knew worked, into my Skin Regime of glycolic peels for wrinkles gone and AHA cream , while using SMOOTHIE WRINKLE LIFT STIPS on any visible wrinkles?WELL I found my REGIME GAVE RESULTS I NEVER THOUGHT i would EVER HAVE a Chance AT !You need to be Consistent and if and when you PEEL AFTER a treatment , use Derma new home microbrasion cream or the neutrogena kits to slough off DEAD SKIN .You need to get it off so it does not clog pores, your NEW baby wrinkle less is revealed , glowing , smooth and zit FREE and wrinkle FREE.KEEP AT IT, remember we didn’t get wrinkles or scars over night and cant expect ANY natural treatments to work overnight.I plan to now get Botox WHY?BECAUSE my wrinkles have diminished to the point that i don’t hardly have any so it will be to use it preventively to ward off muscles re creating what i just worked on removing naturally.Once the BOTOX stops muscles from creating those lines again, i wont get them back and can ease off some of what i use.BOTOX works best on new wrinkles forming or medium wrinkles, but i found a regime that naturally reduced my wrinkles and scars to almost not visible or invisible and to get BOTOX NOW will prevent muscle from RE creating those wrinkles again.ITs like a Re START Button back in time !GOOD LUCK!!

Erin Graham, AL

not suitable for dry climates

I live in Utah and the air is very dry here, so this isn’t moisturizing like I hoped it would be. I was hoping it would be more creamy and rich, but it feels much lighter and doesn’t moisturize my skin well. That being said, I think this is a great lotion to use in place of a primer since it feels like it covers pores and gives a nice even skin texture. Plus it isn’t greasy, and I think it has been helping with blemishes. Overall, I feel like it isn’t a bad product, but if you want to buy it for moisture, then buy something else.

Dixie Dragoon, AZ


it doesn’t blend in your skin and it feels really oily, i started using missha snail cream and i wanted to try it because it has more content and is less the cost, but it’s not worth it. It has parabens or whatever and it smells weird, and it makes me break out, doesn’t really do much else. I’m going to stick with Missha because it’s got a addicting scent and works better than this.

Lana Edgarton, WV

Lighten sunburn spot.

So far it’s good. It’s lightning sunburn spot in my face. I gave it 4 star because I don’t know if it’s organic or not. We will see.

Robin Chapman, KS

Good product!

This cream worked better than I expected and helped with acne too. It’s a very nice skin softener and helps remove dead skin.

Araceli Shannon City, IA

It seems to work

I’ve been using this product for over a month and my skin looks a lot better. It reduces wrinkles, but is not oily and you do not need to use a lot of it. I use it twice daily and I love the way my skin looks. I am 48 and trying to stay away from botox and other forms of surgery as long as I can.

Tracie Tetonia, ID

just so so

Buy a gift for my mother, but she spent a week to say to me. Nothing worked. Well, I listen to her. Perhaps it is differ from man to man.

Diane Piti, GU